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Teach Me: Homeschooling Foodies

There is a new site in town for "homeschooling foodies"!

Homeschooling Foodies_2

The Homeschooling Foodies blog is an ever changing recipe resource in collaboration with homeschoolers across the globe.

If you would like more information on participation please visit the "about page".


♥ Gabreial

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Mary Carroll of New Jersey

Please help me in welcoming our newest guest for our My Vintage Pad Home Tours, Mrs. Mary Carroll photographer and blogger from New Jersey.


Can you tell us a little bit about each room that your share with us and your most favorite details?

In the library (above photo), I like the sofa in front of the big window. The morning sun streams in there, and it is a marvelous place to sit with morning tea.



In the kitchen, I like the painted cabinets, especially the plate rack.


Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

Inspiration -- in books about English country decorating, and about classic decorators such as John Fowler, Nancy Lancaster, Roger Banks-Pye, Sister Parrish, Bunny Williams.


How do vintage things play a role in your home?

I collect many vintage items, including monogrammed silver plated flatware, gravy boats, transferware, antique books and milk glass.


Any advice on creating your look?

Choose classic upholstered pieces. Add somewhere to put up your feet, a warm throw and beautiful old tables and lamps. Find accessories you love in thrift stores, flea markets and antique shops.

Thank you Mary for sharing your home with us. Visit Mary at Little Red House as well as her photography shop Dear Little Red House.  

Images Copyright 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Little Red House

Plan Ahead Events: Come Junk With Us March 5 & 6th - The Collection A Vintage Inspired Flea Market


The Collection 

A vintage inspired flea market
Bothell Knights of Columbus Hall
24323 Bothell Everett Hwy
Bothell, WA 98021
Saturday March 6th
$8 entry
Friday Night March 5th
Early Bird Shopping
$10 entry
Gift bags for the first 30 people through the door on both days
Door prize drawings
17 vendors
Lunch by Kathrine's Folie
Kathrine is known at these events for her spectacular food. It's not a lunch you want to miss.
Below is a coupon for a $5 entry on Saturday for you to print off. 

Customer MUST have coupon for $5 entry.

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Also purchase tickets for The Farm Chick Junk Junket at this event!

Farm Chicks Poster

The Farm Chicks Junk Junket has lots of Come Junk With Us perks that are only being offered to us.  It's going to be super fun.  This business has developed out of how much fun I had on my first trip to Farm Chicks Show that Vintage Indie asked me to be a guest reporter on It was so much fun I wanted to take 40 other people to share in the fun!

Visit Come Junk With Us for more details and information.

What You Make of It: Farm Girl Fabric Organizer with Elizabeth Holcombe

Use your favorite fabric scraps to make this lovely “Farm Girl” fabric organizer!

 Farmgirl organizer 1

I began with a vintage piece of barkcloth fabric which I washed to get lovely soft frayed edges. I hemmed the top on case I want to slip in a dowel and attach string and hang from a hook.


Take six (or more!) rectangular fabric scraps and six small scraps. Fold the larger pieces (wrong sides together) to form a “pocket” and sew the cut edges together. Pink the sewn edges. Then sew the smaller scrap to the pocket. Sew the pockets to the large piece of fabric.

 Farmgirl organizer 2

Then cute scraps of paper, write your labels, and use safety pins to attach them to the pockets. Then you can change the labels! Your organizer is perfect for sewing notions, art supplies, recipes, and so much more! Have fun!

Farmgirl organizer 3

Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.

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Teach Me: Franklin Springs Family Media - Measure Twice Cut Once DVD Review

Home schooling is starting to catch on and in a big way. Hip mama's all over the United States are deciding to take the reigns of their children's education by providing them one at home. Just this month in the winter 2009/2010 issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine they reported a whopping 1,739,000* estimated students are home schooled.

In our home school the opportunities to learn new things seem endless. I've learned so many new things and a lot of forgotten things since we've started. We've also focused on subjects you wouldn't have given much thought to without the opportunity. In this land of homeschooling I find that in the many resources provided (in the thousands mind you) that many of them fit in with any lifestyle whether you home school or not. One of those are that of educational videos. Just recently I had the opportunity to review a few movies published by Franklin Springs Family Media.

Franklin Springs Family Media is dedicated to providing quality family media. Their vision comes to a relief for my husband and I. It was starting to get to the point where we couldn't even turn on the television without something inappropriate being on there. As if the shows and movies presented weren't appropriate enough for my children, the commercials were starting to get out of hand just as much. With companies like Franklin Springs Family Media, I can feel confident in popping some pop corn and sitting down to a family movie night without the worry of the mute button or in a rush to turn the channel.Franklin Springs provided me with Measure Twice Cut Once: Essential Building Basics for Young Men


This DVD isn't your usual action packed, good guy versus bad guy that boys are most fond of, however it is interesting and educational on so many levels. The host Joey Valenti learned carpentry from his father who is a carpenter and general contractor by trade. Joey at the age of 16 leads his brothers and other boys 16 and under on a building adventure constructing a tree fort from start to finish. 

As my husband and I as well as our two boys gathered around the television, the idea of a building video seemed uninteresting to me, but it sure did bring out excitement in the guys. Just the looks on their faces learning about tools, teamwork, measurements and building was enough to fill any mamas heart. I was able to be open my mind and heart to the simplicity in the message being provided and I'm so glad that I did.  The movie wasn't fancy, and hyped up on computer graphics, but it was full of essential skills and enough information to make them want to learn more about building with their own two hands.

This DVD is probably not something I'll watch over and over, but I know the guys will. When we're ready to discuss measurements, tools and engineering this will be a great resource to cover some of the basics and open further discussion. When the snow melts and summer presents itself again, it will be a great tool to pull out and ignite that excitement to go outside and get creative.

Who knows if video games and network television would have ever ignited that passion to learn about building in my boys, but I'm glad I didn't wait around to find out. 

Thanks so much to Franklin Springs Family Media for providing this DVD for our review. Visit Vintage Indie again soon to learn about another fantastic learning adventure my boys and I had with another great resource from Franklin Springs Family Media. 

Disclaimer: I requested a few movies from Franklin Springs Family Media and they happily obliged in no cost to me a few of their videos for review here at Vintage Indie. I wasn't paid for my review and as with all reviews here at Vintage Indie. If you'd like more information about our disclaimer please visit our disclaimer page.

* National Center for Education Statistics Issue Brief (De. 2008), U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Services, http://nces.ed.gov/pubs2009/2009030.pdf,accessed July 2009

Through the Lens: Fresh

 Beatrice_6  Beatrice_5

I have some serious jonesing for summer fresh produce. As much as I love a cup of spicy chili in winter, I really adore the flavors of succulent summer. For now I'll have to be content with photography of Beatrice Peltre. I love how she captures the freshest of ingredients.

 Beatrice_7  Beatrice_4

A little bit about Beatrice Peltre - Having grown up in France and a family heirloom passion for homegrown foods, she captures the beauty found in natural shapes of her delicious subjects. I find her passion to be contagious and further my craving for fresh ingredients.

 Beatrice_1  Beatrice_8

Stay tuned, Beatrice Peltre freelance food writer, photographer and stylist will soon have her very own cookbook. Coming 2011. 


Copyright © 2005 – 2009 Béatrice Peltre

On the Road with Contributing Editor Elizabeth Young: Sugar Maples Antiques & Gifts Jeffersonville, IN


In the quaint downtown district of Jeffersonville, IN, one of my very favorite antique shops can be found.  Sugar Maples Antiques & Gifts is located just off the main street and offers a delightful mix of antiques, collectibles, primitives and gifts.  The mini antique mall opened in April 2006 and is owned by three friends.  A total of ten dealers fill 2000 sq. feet, divided into 12 booths and 3 sets of well lit showcases. 


The building is charming itself.  The original tin ceiling has been preserved and the vault from the building's days as the Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co now houses a booth appropriately coined "The Vault".  Classical music plays softly in the background.  "We're small but you can come in and relax, no one is in a rush, we cater to the customer in any way we can and we offer a variety of items that are affordable," states owner Diana Kircher.

Located just off 1-65, Sugar Maples is easily accessible whether one is coming from the Louisville, KY area or Southern Indiana.  Customers will find everything from cookbooks, vintage jewelry, crystal, china, linens, candles, primitives to furniture and architectural pieces tastefully displayed.


Location:  109 West Maple Street, Jeffersonville, IN  47130

Phone:  (812) 285-1616

Hours:  Tuesday - Friday, 10:00 - 5:00, Saturday 10:00 - 3:00, closed Sunday and Monday


 Special Events:  In the spring, Sugar Maples offers an egg drawing for a percentage off purchases and the Easter Bunny comes to each shop and passes out candy.  A Fall Festival is held in mid October and the street in front of the shop is closed off.  There are additional antique dealers, food booths and homemade baked goods provided by the Animal Protection Association. 


Trick or Treat Downtown is held at the end of October on a Saturday before Halloween.  Sugar Maples passes out candy the entire day. The store also participates in the Jeffersonville Christmas Walk which is held one evening in November from 6:00 - 9:00 PM.  Sugar Maples has an open house during this event, offering sales and snacks.  Other events include participation in the Jeffersonville Wine Walk and Art on Spring both held in July.



Elizabeth Young is a wife and cat mom who spends many an hour hunting for vintage goodies at her favorite  thrift stores, antique shops and monthly flea markets!  A collector of vintage toys, holiday decor and general store items, many of the found treasures end up on display in her Victorian home.  She also looks for vintage ephemera, fun supplies and kitschy decor for her Etsy shop Grandmother's Attic !  When not doing this, she works two part time jobs, wearing different hats at each! 

VI Headliner Sponsor Feature: Makers-Online

It is a new year here at Vintage Indie and we are excited to have sponsors who are returning with us for 2010. Please help me in  welcoming Makers-Online to Vintage Indie!

Mosaic33a0abcc18e4185031eb80a78f46abd3b49c7579 A few highlighted designers from Makers-Online above!

Top Left: Liz Hamman

Top Right: Kalicat

Bottom Left : Chocolate Design

Bottom Right: Timea Sido

Online UK based web-shop Makers-Online is proud to offer you handmade jewelry accessories and goodies for your home, all of which are handmade!

Thanks so much Makers-Online for support what I love to do here at Vintage Indie.


Teach Me: Enjoying Winter Snow

Winter 2010 Jan Boys

We're enjoying learning about nature first hand. We're experiencing it in a new way since our new found love of learning has touched us so. We're touching it, seeing it smelling it, analyzing and imagining, just by taking a step outside. 

Winter 2010 - Jan
The boys were excited when I laced up my snow boots to travel with them into their enchanting woods. The one where their pet snake and groundhog both live. We enjoyed sights of bits of green showing through the depths of winter.

Winter 2010 Jan Deer Print

 We took notice of deer prints and droppings, wasn't that exciting! Actually, it was fun to spend some time in the deers world for a bit. We imagined where they were or what they could be doing. We talked about how they survive the winter. 

Winter 2010 Jan
Looking up in the sky to a tall tree.

We talked about the smelly green onions, still bright green and still smelling strong despite the winter cold. Yesterday's blue sky was breathtaking and the snow reflection was incredibly bright. I wish I would have taken a picture of the sky for you. That's all for now, I'm sure we'll have plenty more snow to show you very soon.

How are you enjoying winter days?

Teach Me: How to - Chalkboard Wall

I've been meaning to share our chalkboard wall with you for awhile now. After Susan's chalkboard frame project it got me thinking that I should show you how we created a functional chalkboard wall in our home.  Last year when we decided to homeschool chalkboard paint was all the rage. I researched and looked and finally came up with a design that I thought was both functional and stylish.

Chalboard Wall Before
We primarily homeschool in our dining room so we chose the biggest and best wall for the job. We had recently painted our room, (paint color is Vintage Map, Martha Stewart Paint) so we felt comfortable with using that as our base. My sweet husband measured and drew a large square on the wall outlining where our chalkboard would go.

Chalkboard Paint 

After we decided on how big we wanted the chalkboard wall to be, I got to work painting. I used a sponge roller and highly recommend you do the same for chalkboard paint. It creates a smoother surface. I ended up painting four coats of black chalkboard paint. 

Finished Chalkboard Wall
After a trip to our local hardware store, we looked through several chair railing and trim pieces and made a selection based on what we wanted to frame the chalkboard with. Sadly, I don't have a photo of this before we stained it. We choose a stain color to match the baseboard that is flush with our brick flooring. My husband then stained each piece. After drying he measured and cut each piece to fit our wall. We ended up using liquid nail to apply the trim to the wall. After that she was all finished and ready to go!

Now if I can just tackle paining that table and chairs in a yummy creamy white we'll be set to go!

Chalkboard Message

We love our wall and the three sections make it easy to separate school work, dinner menus and a calendar. The lower part of the wall has become a great place for the boys to draw, sometimes they make me pretty pictures and leave sweet notes behind. That's an extra bonus!  

What about you? Did you join in all the chalkboard wall crazy last year? I'd love to see your wall!

Handmade Crush: I need these in my life.

Handmade Crush

I can think of a special place for each one of these handmade ceramics and prints from Ninainvorm Ceramics. I can imagine the artist sitting in her studio just smiling at all of the cheerful colors sitting on a shelf together. I bet it is a beautiful sight. 

Photos Copyright © Ninainvorm Ceramics

Organic Whole Living at Vintage Indie

  Whether you believe in global warming or you believe that our world is a fallen place because it is stated as such in Genesis the first chapter of the Bible, I believe that we do have some control over what we put in our bodies and how we take care of our world around us.

I started researching this organic whole living way of life over three years ago, and have since changed many products and foods that we used to use and eat as a family.   I realize that this subject is very hard to swallow for some, but I'm thankful to those who have opened up my eyes and were brave enough to approach me and say, do you know that this could be harming you? They gave me a platform in which to do the research myself if I chose to do so and I decided to run with it.  I realized that while I can't control everything, I can make better choices for my family.

My purpose for the Organic Whole Living addition to Vintage Indie, is to enrich your lives with knowledge. Maybe you didn't know that the very same sunscreen you use to protect your skin is actually doing more harm than good. Or maybe you didn't realize all of the chemicals found in everyday household products, even when the label says their "green". Either way, I hope to throw tidbits here and there and share what I've learned through research and experience. By no means is anyone looking down on anyone here. Trust me, this is a tough subject for families these days and swallowing the cost of some of these changes is often harder. I hope that you'll understand that motives here are genuine and in a caring approach, I truly think we can all benefit and learn from one another.

I watched this video today found via Organic Deals & Coupons, a fabulous resource for saving money when purchasing organic. I think it says a lot of what I feel. 

What You Make of It: An Old Picture Frame Gets a New Life with Susan Duane

Good morning dearies, I'm sorry I've been gone these past few days. Family life is first place around here and we needed some time.  I hope you enjoy this fabulous What You Make of It project from Susan Duane.

Have a great day,

I'll be back soon!


Old Frame New Life

With a few simple materials you can create a useful and unique chalkboard for your home.

Board 003
♥ You'll need:
  • Old picture frame can be wood or metal
  • A piece of plywood cut to fit the frame
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Chalk 
  • A piece of ribbon or twine for hanging the chalk 
  • Hardware for hanging the chalkboard or stand 

Board 005
♥ Paint your wood with 3-4 coats of chalkboard paint, letting each coat dry. 

Board 006

♥ Lightly sand between coats. 

Board 008

♥ Insert your dried wood back into the frame.


♥ Attach chalk and/or hooks for hanging.

My frame was metal so I would use this one on a stand like I have shown. I see pretty old frames at estate sales all the time. Keep your eyes open for that old picture that's not so great but the frame might be perfect! Often I add hooks with loops on the back and then thread with ribbon to hang them. You will need to wipe with a damp cloth every now and then to get the board completely clean.
I like to use these when we have company to write our menu on. Would make a fun house warming gift too!
Happy Crafting!


Featurebutton_05Susan Duane is a wife and mother of three young children. She is a home cook, aspiring photographer and lover of old things. She spends her days caring for her family, creating for Paperhill and in her free time chronicles her long list of interests on her blog Hometown Girl.