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House & Home: Need Some Sunshine?

Teach Me: Enjoying Winter Snow

Winter 2010 Jan Boys

We're enjoying learning about nature first hand. We're experiencing it in a new way since our new found love of learning has touched us so. We're touching it, seeing it smelling it, analyzing and imagining, just by taking a step outside. 

Winter 2010 - Jan
The boys were excited when I laced up my snow boots to travel with them into their enchanting woods. The one where their pet snake and groundhog both live. We enjoyed sights of bits of green showing through the depths of winter.

Winter 2010 Jan Deer Print

 We took notice of deer prints and droppings, wasn't that exciting! Actually, it was fun to spend some time in the deers world for a bit. We imagined where they were or what they could be doing. We talked about how they survive the winter. 

Winter 2010 Jan
Looking up in the sky to a tall tree.

We talked about the smelly green onions, still bright green and still smelling strong despite the winter cold. Yesterday's blue sky was breathtaking and the snow reflection was incredibly bright. I wish I would have taken a picture of the sky for you. That's all for now, I'm sure we'll have plenty more snow to show you very soon.

How are you enjoying winter days?


Lanette @ Cottage Elements

I love the snow in the early winter, now I'm getting pretty sick of it. And it keeps coming, and coming, and coming. I wish I'd see deer where we live more. We moved on acreage, but without a lot of trees, we don't see them much. Maybe if I was up at dawn? Nah. Enjoy the snow!

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