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Teach Me: How to - Chalkboard Wall

I've been meaning to share our chalkboard wall with you for awhile now. After Susan's chalkboard frame project it got me thinking that I should show you how we created a functional chalkboard wall in our home.  Last year when we decided to homeschool chalkboard paint was all the rage. I researched and looked and finally came up with a design that I thought was both functional and stylish.

Chalboard Wall Before
We primarily homeschool in our dining room so we chose the biggest and best wall for the job. We had recently painted our room, (paint color is Vintage Map, Martha Stewart Paint) so we felt comfortable with using that as our base. My sweet husband measured and drew a large square on the wall outlining where our chalkboard would go.

Chalkboard Paint 

After we decided on how big we wanted the chalkboard wall to be, I got to work painting. I used a sponge roller and highly recommend you do the same for chalkboard paint. It creates a smoother surface. I ended up painting four coats of black chalkboard paint. 

Finished Chalkboard Wall
After a trip to our local hardware store, we looked through several chair railing and trim pieces and made a selection based on what we wanted to frame the chalkboard with. Sadly, I don't have a photo of this before we stained it. We choose a stain color to match the baseboard that is flush with our brick flooring. My husband then stained each piece. After drying he measured and cut each piece to fit our wall. We ended up using liquid nail to apply the trim to the wall. After that she was all finished and ready to go!

Now if I can just tackle paining that table and chairs in a yummy creamy white we'll be set to go!

Chalkboard Message

We love our wall and the three sections make it easy to separate school work, dinner menus and a calendar. The lower part of the wall has become a great place for the boys to draw, sometimes they make me pretty pictures and leave sweet notes behind. That's an extra bonus!  

What about you? Did you join in all the chalkboard wall crazy last year? I'd love to see your wall!



cute! we did this not too long ago on the wall of my new shop.

kat (kats in the belfry)

beautifully done!

Jesse @ Good Girl Gone Glad

It looks fantastic! I want to do one so badly, but we are getting ready to put our house on the market.

Vintage Indie

Thank you! We're listing ours soon too, so hopefully the next owner will love it.

Account Deleted

great idea! it turned out perfect!


Looks great! I'd love to do this one day...what a great tool for homeschoolers too :)

LuAnn Smith

I absolutely love it. You did a wonderful job at catching that old school feel. Congrats on a job well done!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Fantastic finished project. I love this idea. Oh, now to find a suitable wall-lol.


Very cool!! It is lively and I'm sure it will come in so handy. I used to have a small chalkboard painted panel in my previous house, but now in this house I;m debating between a chalkboard or magnetic painted wall. Who knows- with the paints these days, my options are endless!!!

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