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Food Inc. You really should...

It is so funny. I'm not a big TV watcher. I rather be on my laptop, reading, baking, just getting my hands into something different than TV. Although I admit, we watch Chuck and The Office around here, oh, and don't forget Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, amazing show right (I usually catch it on Hulu)? Anyway, last night I decided to see what was on and turned right to the very beginning of the free showing of Food Inc. on our local PBS station.

I've been avoiding this movie. Mostly, because I've done the research myself and I kind of knew what it was all about. I just didn't need the visuals, you know? So my husband and I sat through the entire thing and I'm so glad we did. It was gross, sad, shocking, unfortunate and heart breaking. I'm not an evolutionist by any stretch of the imagination so I didn't agree with some of those comments, but that's not what this is about. It is about food.

The food we feed our families, our children and our babies! Like so many other hot topics out there, food seems to just go under the radar and the organic natural following is only grabbed by a few here and there. We continue to go through the drive through not really thinking why exactly is this chicken sandwich only a buck? I mean, how is that possible? What about the 99 cent burgers, just how do they get such a great price? Watch Food Inc. you'll see how they do it, and I bet it will change your life.  

The most heart wrenching part is most of the population thinks that they don't have a choice of this vicious cycle. They can't afford organic, natural much less veggies to feed their family healthy.  They don't realize they they have the power to control, to change what the stores and restaurants offer. The stores, the businesses, they rely on YOU the consumer. You shop, you pay for crap, they keep up with the demand of crap. You stop buying the crap, they have to move to other alternatives, good alternatives, healthy alternatives! You have the power! 

My Earth Day contribution, is to encourage you to watch Food Inc. Make a plan to support local farmers this summer. You have no idea how badly that they need you. Grow a garden, even if it is a small one. 

Official Food, Inc. Movie Site - Hungry For Change? - Trailer and Photos.

♥ Gabreial

Edited to add: My husband ate a veggie sub from Subway today! Way to go honey, I ♥ you.

Updated to add: I use this list often, as in MmePaulita's comment, it is a helpful list. 

Environmental Working Group's Shopper's Guide to Pesticides



Awesome movie. I watched it with my husband and two kids (12 and 11) a few months ago. Since then, we have limited ourselves to 3 meat meals a week, and when we buy meat we spend the extra $$ and buy the no hormone & antibiotic route. We have started experimenting with new proteins. We had tempeh pad thai on Monday. All of us loved it! I hate tofu. We also are buying our produce at a local guy rather then the supermarket. Go find yourself the clean 15 list. Its a great pocket guide on what fruits&veggies are ok not to buy organic (meaning they use a low pesticide)

Crazy Food Lady

Lovely review, Gabreial!

Be careful when utilizing soy as a protein alternative... it messes with your hormones!!

Michelle Adams

Well said and couldn't agree more! Glad to have found your blog!

Vintage Indie

I agree with you Crazy Food Lady! I'm not a big soy person and now you have to watch out for GMO's. They are in tons of soy products these days. Another reason to watch Food Inc.

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