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Organic & Whole Living: Household Product Challenge Part 2

Organic & Whole Living: Household Product Challenge

Good morning lovely readers! I hope you are having a wonderful week so far.

Today I'm writing asking you to participate in a household product challenge. More and more we are exposing ourselves to harmful chemicals and products that our body really shouldn't be trying to handle. A couple of years ago my eyes were opened up to harmful ingredients used in every day products including those in my children's soap. Today I'm encouraging you like someone once did for me, to create a product list of every single product you use in your household. This should include what you clean with to what you put on your body. Make a chart of these products. After you've gathered your chart, then visit the Environmental Working Group's website Skin Deep and look up each product. If you can't find a product, look up its ingredients. 

ROOMBOXES - Photography by Krista Peel

I remember doing this a couple years back and have since slipped into buying products cleverly marketed and packaged. Even though I know a lot of the chemicals listed in the products and some that sound very natural I've been duped once again and have let some of these slip back into our home. The companies who market these products are getting more and more clever with their wording.

You might be wondering, what am I supposed to do without breaking the bank after I dispose of all of these products. Well, here in the next couple of weeks I plan to post some helpful tips, links and alternatives for you. The goal is to make your household as chemical free as possible and remove the toxic load your putting on your body. Think of it as spring cleaning, without the bad stuff.

Are you up for the challenge?

xoxo Gabreial 

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totally up for it! i already try to do a lot around the house. i clean with a vinegar mix, only use (locally) handmade soap free of SLS and parabens, etc.

i can't wait to see what advice you will give :) this will be a great series of posts!

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