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Jonesing for Summer and a Vacation

Some days, I can close my eyes and hear the swishing of the waves. The warmth of the sun rays on my face and the sweet smells of the ocean. I need a trip to the beach. To me, nothing says vacation like sand between my toes, and a cool breeze off of the ocean. Maybe someday, anyone have a time-share they'd like to share?

Until then, I hope you you enjoy the beautiful artwork by Cathy Nichols. She seems to capture those summer feelings within her artwork, making me daydream.

Cathy Nichols_1 

Sea Dunes

Cathy Nichols_2

The Boys of Summer
Cathy Nichols_4
I also love this piece by Cathy titled 3 Little Birds.



Love this artwork. Thanks for sharing!


I love the beach (though Savannah's is a little iffy).

Have you ever checked out AirBnb? -(
There are some really good deals for vacations to little bed and breakfast-y places basically anywhere you wanna go. I'm looking into some places in Maui for my honeymoon.

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