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Swanky Swag Giveaway: Sparkle Power

Good Monday morning VI land!

Today I have a special surprise for you, a swanky swag giveaway!

It's been a long time since we've had a giveaway here. Anyway, SparklePower has just released a new poster and they're happy to be sharing it with you.

Check out their new Home Sweet Home print! One lucky winner will receive this poster & the one below.



Posters will be in winners choice of color!

To Enter: Visit Sparkle Power and tell me what other item you La La Love from their shop.

Earn an Extra Entry: By posting a link to this contest post here at Vintage Indie from your own blog, Facebook or Twitter if you have one (be sure to leave an additional comment with a link to your blog post). Direct links to your blogs main page will not count as an entry.

Deadline to Enter: Entries will close on Friday July 2nd! . A winner will be randomly chosen on Tuesday July 6th.  

Good luck!

Welcome to the Indie Wedding Guide & Directory

The Indie Wedding Guide & Directory is your resource to turn to when looking to minimize waste and create your wedding with the idea of using indie designers, a do it yourself attitude and those famous three R's: reuse, recycle and reduce. This guide has been brought to you by Gabreial Wyatt editor of Vintage Indie.

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Design & Style: Dining Room

Our house has been ever evolving, since we decided to sell, it has been hard not buying things for the house. We've decided when we move we'll be needing a new dining room table and something other than our pub style table. It's tall and has been somewhat interesting with the kids seeing how the chairs are so high. 

Of course, you know I love vintage and I'd love to find a vintage table, but I've also been finding some reproductions of styles that I think are very cute, like this retro one from Dining Rooms Direct. 

What about you? Do you think you could pull off a retro style like this? I'd love to see any photos that you may have.

Truth in Review: The above link is a promotional link provided by CSN stores. A gift card was exchanged for this feature and an upcoming product review of a CSN store product.  CSN Stores did require a link to their dining room store in exchange for the gift card.  All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and will be truthful in nature when I do the future CSN store product review. -   Gabreial Visit our Disclaimer  for more info.

Frugal Tips for Mama's: Mega Swag Bucks Today

Hey everyone, I just wanted to remind you that today is Mega Swag Bucks Friday!

Swag Bucks is a free rewards system. The concept is easy, you just use the Swag Bucks tool bar or search engine or their home page like you would any other search engine to earn free Swag Bucks and in turn cash them in for gift cards to places like Amazon. Amazon is great for us because we love shopping for organics, school supplies, books and the like. A $5.00 Amazon Gift Card is only 450 Swag Bucks and it doesn't take long to rack them up. 

Search & Win

Mega Swag Bucks details;

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If you'd like to get started, head over to Swag Bucks to find out more details. It's free to sign up and no strings attached. I'm saving my bucks up for something big I'd like to buy at Amazon. What will you use your Swag Bucks for?

xoxox Mamas! ♥ Gabreial

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What you Make of It Dime Store Chic with Elizabeth Holcombe: Birthday Wreath

Make this very easy “Celebration” wreath!

Candle Holder Wreath 1



I began with a whole lot of vintage and new plastic flower-shaped birthday candle holders (you can find them at party stores and on-line auctions), a foam wreath form, glue, a few straight pins, a roll of crepe paper, and a few scraps of ribbon and/or rickrack.

Candle Holder Wreath 2


Wrap the crepe paper around the foam wreath form, covering the form completely. Glue or pin the ends to the back of the wreath. On the front of your wreath, stick the pointy end of the birthday cake candle holders in through the paper and into the foam. You may want to put a drop of glue on the end of the candle holder to secure it into the wreath. Continue putting the candle holders into the wreath in random fashion so you end up with a pretty “garden” on the front of the wreath! Allow the glue (if used) to dry.

  Candle Holder Wreath 3

Take the scraps of ribbon and/or rickrack, stack them, and then pin the ends of the stacks to the back of the wreath at 10 and 2 o’ clock to form a hanger.


Hang your wreath when it’s time to celebrate or for every day fun!

Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.


Summer 2010 069
Wild Hydragea

I haven't made the most of Monday this week or the last Monday or probably, even the Monday before that so today, I'm going to make the most of Wednesday. I don't often find myself getting too personal here at Vintage Indie, but some days I simply must. I hope this is OK with you.

Some days I feel so full, that it overflows and I need to share it with you. I want you to know that there is a true real person behind this screen. A person who has dreams, aspirations, difficulties and tough situations just like the rest of you. A person who cares. A person who wants to do good for others. A person with a truly tender heart for others. There are so many people in my life, including people of whom I've never met who have truly touched my life. They have inspired me in various ways to be a better wife, mom and friend. They've inspired me to be true to myself and comfortable in my own skin.

I believe that God has placed these people in my life for a reason.  I truly believe that He has a plan for all of our lives and I have to thank Him, my Heavenly Father for the special path he's paved just for me. 

Today I woke up with peace and joy. Overflowing JOY. This isn't the kind of joy or happiness that you can buy, I'm talking about real joy. It's not even something that happens very often, but when it does it is some-kind-of-special. I wrote about it awhile back over at my church website. If you're in need of some uplifting real joy and peace, I encourage you to have a read. If not, it's no big deal. I just want to encourage you to make the most of this Wednesday, today, right where you are at no matter what your situation is.

Start today with a giving spirit and try to make the most of this day, by showing kindness and even love to others, even when they don't deserve it.

Have a great day,


The Farm Chicks Antique Show 2010: Guest Reporter Timi Weathers of Come Junk With Us


For years I have been making the five hour drive from Seattle to The Farm Chicks Show in Spokane, Washington.  As soon as I would leave the show on Sunday, I was planning my trip for the next year.  There was something about going there that had me on a Farm Chicks high for weeks afterwards. I was inspired to try something new, anxious to see my new friends that I had met there, and jonesing for more blog updates. It was crazy! My husband would be so sick of listening to me go on and on about The Farm Chicks show that eventually he was happy to see me leave on some other junkin adventure… for as long as I wanted to be gone.

Last summer, after attending The Farm Chicks show, I was having cocktails with friends and spreading the Farm Chicks word.  When all at once my friends started saying  “I want to go” “let me know and I’ll go with.”  Then I started talking with more people about Farm Chicks and everyone wanted to go.  So I thought “what if we take a bus full of new Farm Chick followers?”  So Come Junk With Us was born!

This year’s show was the first time I had organized that many people for 3 days. I was responsible for them having a good time, making sure they had everything they needed and getting all their treasures home safely.  This was a different show for me now. I didn’t leave with the same Farm Chicks high as I usually did.  This year it was more like a Farm Chicks hangover.

It’s been a couple weeks now, and I’m starting to get my Farm Chicks high.  I know you’re sitting there thinking “why now?”

I have figured out what it is about the Farm Chicks that gets me all “preachin the word” afterwards………..

It’s not the fabulous displays of goods by some of the most talented vendors that travel from all over, and it’s not buying a “one of a kind” item.  It’s the friendships that are made. It’s seeing my friends become friends with people they just met.  It’s seeing what evolves from those meetings.  Art retreats are formed, smaller shows are put together, business partners are made and the bringing together of people who have the same passion, love and artistic sole for junkin.   This is what I love about Farm Chicks!



Cindy and Ginny

Cindy and Ginny ended up introducing me to a few ladies that I soon will be working with on a little project.  I’m so excited about this project.


Donna and Shanon sharing a dessert.


Kay and Julie chatting. They knew each other from years ago, but had lost touch with each other and just happen to meet up again on the bus.


New friends Jill and Stephanie from Canada.



Even my Dad got sucked in to the whole experience of Farm Chicks. He’s still talking about what a neat lady Antonya was.


This was T R O U B L E!  These three clicked as friends before we even left the parking lot in Seattle.  On the way home I heard them making plans to get their families together and spend a weekend at Coastal Nest in Pacific Beach, Washington. 




More friends pictures


Two of my very favorite ladies Michele and Charity………. Are now friends.


Elaine of Tinker Verve  and I have really only talked on the phone and through email.  It was fun to spend some time with this very special talented woman. She and I will be attending The Creative Connection Event  together in September along with Amber  from Tres Birds Photography.


Me with Gladys and Celia of June Bug. I met these ladies last year and when I decided to plan a trip to Farm Chicks for 30 of my new friends I knew immediately these ladies where who I needed to get to help in planning my trip to Farm Chicks.  I was  soooooooooo right! 


One of my most very favorite ladies. We met at Farm Chicks 3 years ago. Joy is someone who inspired me, always told me to be me, and to do what I love.

If you have never met Joy of Auntie Joy , you need to make sure you do next time you have the opportunity.


Deb of Retreat Design  is another talented woman who I met through Farm Chicks and blogging.  She has been a source of encouragement, help, and just giving me an ear when I need one.



There is a reason Cindy of The Queen of Tarte and I live 5 hours away from each other.  We knew when we met that The Junkin Gods would prefer to keep us separated.   We don’t get to see each other very often but when we do we have a lot of fun.


This is Kal of Keeping it Bella.  She and I became very good friends 3 years ago at Farm Chicks over the purchase of a shopping cart from Lisa at A Thing For Roses.  I bought it, she wanted it, I let her admire it.  We ended keeping in touch from that day on and have become very good friends.  I also became very good friends with Lisa who sold me that shopping cart.


These were all my peeps!

It’s been fun for me over the last couple weeks to see them become friends on Facebook, asking me for contact information for one another, contacting me about projects, and of course, just seeing this group of strangers now great friends.


 Here ‘s to you Farm Chicks Show! 

The lines were long, it was crowded, you may have not got what you wanted as far as fabulous junk, BUT……… we left with something more valuable than you can put a price on……. Friendship!

Thank you to Tres Birds Photography for the great pictures

Vintage Indie Kids: Amelie Jo

I've had this submission for quite some time now. I've been meaning to show you the darling 20's inspired flapper styles from Amelie Jo. I think you'll find her fashions and layers of lace charming.


Amelie Jo

Art: Watercolors by GollyBard

I've always been a fan of watercolors. Today's artists of today are getting more and more clever with their mediums and subjects. I love these art prints from Golly Bard.


Fun Fact: Golly Bard is actually Holly Bard, a fun nickname given to her by her family growing up.


Visit Holly's shop Golly Bard on Etsy for more of her delightful watercolors.

The Daily Swank: Laptop Camera Messenger Bag

I love clean design and sleek lines. I thought this Laptop messenger Bag from Stash was simple, but classy.

My large laptop wouldn't fit in this case (it holds a 13")  but my laptop really isn't meant for carrying around unless I'd like a serious arm cramp. I'm sure if you're sporting a cute little mac or other 13" this messenger bag would do just the trick. It also includes space for your camera and lenses. How incredibly clever for photo shoots and business meetings.

Head over to Stash for this bag and many other styles and options.

The Daily Swank: Wrapped Pencils

If I've said it once here at Vintage Indie, I've said it twice. I'm a sucker for office/school supplies. I ♥ them. I think you'll like what I found for today's Daily Swank. Wrapped Pencils from Miss Isa.

Click to Shop Miss Isa!

{ SHOP }

Teach Me: Blockus


As some of you may already know, we homeschool at our house. With that, and my love of board games, there are plenty to play around our house. We have a few that are still in their packaging, but we're getting around to them with our new summer schedule. With the new schedule we are able to stay up a little later and enjoy more family game nights.

Just recently we played Blokus for the first time. It is a strategy game for up to four players, but I'm sure you could do teams if your family is larger. It resembles Tetris in a way because of the shapes, but I think it is a lot harder.  We also recently enjoyed a game of Score Four . I don't have a photo of this one, but my father-in-law deems this " the best game ever". It's very challenging and great for kids and adults.

Did you know game night can be frugal? Make homemade pizzas and pop some fresh popcorn for an easy dinner. Music ads another fun element and makes the kids feel like they're having a party.

Have fun playing!

xoxox Gabreial

That link is not an affiliate link. I actually purchased Blokus during the Christmas shopping season at our local grocery store for about five dollars cheaper than the Amazon price.

Through the Lens: Yann Pendaries

Good Monday everyone! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I'm feeling rather refreshed. I could have used just one more day, but don't we all feel that way sometimes. Let's start off this week with some inspirational photography from Yann Pendaries. His photos are dreamy, don't you think? I would love to go to Paris.

{ Through the Lens } { Independent Photography } {Inspired by Paris } 

SHOP Yann Pendaries prints at YannPendaries on Etsy.

The Farm Chicks Antique Show 2010: Guest Reporter Malia Karlinsky

Hi Friends!  Malia here, I'm back with more photos from the Farm Chicks Antique Show.  

The next shop I'm going to introduce you to made me swoon.  It literally glittered with sparkly beauty.  Jennifer Osner Antique Textiles (www.jenniferosner.com) had such exquisite and unique items.  Rolls full of sparkles, ribbon in delicious colors, and special vintage notions.  A really wonderful collection.






I had to backtrack to the front of the show for my next stop at "Poor Pitiful Pam."  The reason?  It was so packed with people when we first got into the show we literally couldn't find anywhere to stand.  This vendor had such a fresh feel and take on things.  Some ruffles for under a dress, a striking display with a vintage suitcase, an incredibly gorgeous halter top, a spare yet striking light fixture and (I loved this one) a lacy light source. Feminine and pretty all around.  This Pam person is definitely not pitiful!


Next I got to meet Cheryl Cook from The Basket Barn


Cheryl Cook


Cheryl is crafty as well as having a terrific eye for vintage goodies.  This slice of cake idea was adorable, the way she had her things displayed was so clever. 



Her repurposing of children's clothing was really fun.  As a matter of fact, I think Cheryl had a lot more pieces of clothing to sell at the start of the show-- but was happily wiped out quickly by shoppers.

Thanks for joining me on my adventure.  I'll have more for you later!



 Malia Karlinsky is a wife and a Mom to two cute kids.  She enjoys elegant upcycling, finding vintage treasures, sewing, photography and writing.  Oh and tap dancing which she isn't good at but really loves.  In her previous career, Malia was a television writer and producer. Visit Malia  on her blog Yesterday On Tuesday.

Guest Reporter Amber Strehle at The Farm Chicks Antique Show 2010: Farm Chick Style!

What a fun week it has been so far. There has been a ton of juicy Farm Chicks goodies. Today's doesn't lack in style either, please help me in welcoming guest reporter Amber Strehle to Vintage Indie.

Do you remember the first day of school?  During my school age years I prepared weeks for the first day of school. Shopped, planned and lastly primped. I’m pretty sure I had my favorite outfit laid out on my bed for days, shoes and all! Now, I know I was not the only (or the last!) girl in the school to do this, I also know that I witnessed maybe thousands of ‘ farm chic’ women do the very same thing last  weekend at the Farm Chicks show.  It was like the first day of school…Farm Chick style.


While yes there were beautifully designed booths and treasures as far as the eye can see. There were also the shoppers and vendors dressed so cute, so creatively you could not help but to stare, and maybe try not to act too much like a stalker and ask for a picture!



The two cuties from CampRoundUp.com.




Artist in all things rusty, birdy and repurposed, Virgina Shawver. Oh my, her booth was a little bit of bird heaven!





Not just vendors dress up for FC’s..These ladies rocked it!



Fun vintage glam from Kansas City Kitty (www.kckitty.com)



Cute and romantic wear from the ladies at Wild Whimsy (www.wildwhimsy.blogspot.com)


Most ladies would agree, an outfit is not complete without the perfect accessory.  FC is the place to find the perfect accessory, some vintage, some cute and crafty. 


Oooh bakelite.


Cowgirl and cowboy wallets from Orange Crush Exports.



Sparkly goodness!





More fun stuff from the Wild Whimsy girls! (wildwhimsy.blogspot.com)


The only sad part about the weekend?

I have to wait an entire year to go again..bummer.


Thanks so much Amber for giving us a fashionable look at the Farm Chicks so! That was so much fun.


*Amber  loves  (just to name a few)  Zach, her 4 children, friends, stacks and stacks of books, photography, God, junk, coffee and deep conversation. What she does not love is, dirty toilets, folding laundry and when the person in the Starbucks Drive-Thru does not pull up all the way.  You can find her on her personal blog Tres Birds or check out her work at tresbirdsphotography.com.

VI Headliner Sponsor Feature: Molly Wymer Cook of Southern Spunk

I would like to send a warm welcome to Vintage Indie's newest sponsor Molly Wymer Cook of Southern Spunk!

Molly's blog is that of a wife, mother, friend, artist, seamstress and heartfelt writer. Digging deep into her archives you will find a woman of strength, courage and faith.  Molly comes to Vintage Indie this month to share her blog with us, but that would also lead you to her charming Etsy shop Southern Spunk where she creates adorable children's fashions.

Southern Spunk

Guest Reporter Malia at The Farm Chicks Antique Show 2010: Interviews with Show Vendors

Carrie Berndt - The Cat's Pajamas and Michelle Goettle - Kitty Pie

Kathy and Jennifer - Unexpected Necessities

Kris Kirkpatrick - Hutch Studio


Malia Karlinsky is a wife and a Mom to two cute kids.  She enjoys elegant upcycling, finding vintage treasures, sewing, photography and writing.  Oh and tap dancing which she isn't good at but really loves.  In her previous career, Malia was a television writer and producer. Visit her on her blog Yesterday On Tuesday.

Guest Reporter Malia at The Farm Chicks Antique Show 2010: Interview with Jo Packham of Where Women Create

Malia Karlinsky from Yesterday On Tuesday is back with another great Farm Chicks show highlight!

 The lovely Jo Packham was there, signing her book "Where Women Create" and copies of her "Where Women Create" Magazines.  Jo also has a beautiful "Where Women Create" Blog 

Jo Packham and Serena

I was able to get a cute picture of Jo with Serena Thompson from Farm Chicks.  I also got to meet Jo and ask her about what advice she has for women who are inspired to create, but are having a hard time taking the next step:

Jo Packham Founder Where Women Create

Jo was so encouraging and kind.  She's a gorgeous person inside and out.


Malia Karlinsky is a wife and a Mom to two cute kids.  She enjoys elegant upcycling, finding vintage treasures, sewing, photography and writing.  Oh and tap dancing which she isn't good at but really loves.  In her previous career, Malia was a television writer and producer. Visit her on her blog Yesterday On Tuesday.

Special Weekend Edition: The Farm Chicks Antique Show with Guest Reporter Malia Karlinsky

Hey everyone!

Did you have a fabulous weekend? I bet if you went to The Farm Chicks show you did! For those of you who didn't I'm back with another surprise! This time from Vintage Indie reader Malia of Yesterday On Tuesday.

She's back from the show with all kinds of goodies and interviews to share with you. Would please help me in giving Malia a warm Vintage Indie welcome? Thanks so much, you're the best readers a girl could have.  xoxo Gabreial

Hello!  I'm Malia from Yesterday On Tuesday  and I'm fresh from Spokane with your Farm (Chicks) Report.  This was the best FC show ever in my opinion.  There were 193 spaces to stop by... be inspired... and of course *wink* buy some treasures. 


There were so many amazing things to see.  I am going to bring you along on my journey of bliss, starting with the first spot I stopped:  JOHNBob cooljunk (above photo).  The must have item?  Aprons going for $5 apiece.  They were literally flying out of the booth.


Across the way, I found Heather Bullard Home & Lifestyle, HeatherBullard.com  Elegance and charm are the words I'd use to describe Heather's space.  This designer uses lots of organic material in her work, as well as jewels and pastel tones.  I felt like I stepped into a beautiful boutique walking into her place.




Next up:  Orange Crush Exports.  They had tons of cool vintage leather belts, signs, pennants, show ribbons and my favorites, Skeleton Keys.  I wish I could have grabbed the giant box of them.  Orange Crush had all sorts of colors and textures... and I wasn't the only one who loved it.  I almost got crushed myself by the crowd at the table!

Orange Crush Exports 

Wow Malia, you found some great things at the show! I truly appreciate your time and effort to bring us these fabulous highlights. I can't wait to see what else you've got for us!

Please visit Malia at her corner of the web Yesterday On Tuesday, she offers a very charming blog another great addition to your reader!



 Malia Karlinsky is a wife and a Mom to two cute kids.  She enjoys elegant upcycling, finding vintage treasures, sewing, photography and writing.  Oh and tap dancing which she isn't good at but really loves.  In her previous career, Malia was a television writer and producer. 

Special Weekend Edition: Snapshots from Farm Chicks Show with Deb Kennedy

Good morning everyone! Deb Kennedy is back again with us today, with some fabulous snapshots from The Farm Chicks Show!

Farm Chicks Friday 070

Farm Chicks Friday 059

 Blue Canoe Reloaded

Farm Chicks Friday 064

Farm Chicks Friday 066

Queen of Tarte

Farm Chicks Friday 025


Deb Kennedy is a designer & decorator, and co-owner of Retreat vintage-style furnishings.
Visit her blog at http://hummadeedledee.blogspot.com and her business website at www.RetreatStyle.com.