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VI Headliner Sponsor Feature: Navare Jewlery

It is my pleasure to welcome another sponsor to Vintage Indie. Please help me in sending Navare Jewelry a warm Vintage Indie welcome.


Vintage trinkets, recycled finds and re-purposed objects are what make Navare Jewelry truly unique. Navare Jewlery's owner has a heart for giving and pledges to give twelve percent of sales to those who are less fortunate. Visit Navare Jewelry and support a small business today! 

I couldn't run Vintage Indie without sponsors like Navare Jewelry and I truly appreciate their support. If you would like to sponsor Vintage Indie, we would love to have you! Summer Sale has been extended until September and stay tuned for more details about our Holiday Market!  

What You Make of It: Upcycled Mail Organizer with Eleanor of Oh Louise! Personalized Stationery

One thing that Peter & I have been steadily bad at since getting married is being organized with our mail... the mail comes, one of us looks at it & puts it somewhere random & the other never knows that mail even came! Not good...

So when  my mother-in-law was cleaning her garage out and asked if I wanted an old basket that used to be brown & forest green, the shape instantly made me think it could be a mail-organizer that would fit perfectly on the ledge in our entry hall. And then of course I thought of spray paint & how easily I could jazz the old basket up.


Supplies: an old basket, box or container with sections, household cleaner, spray paint, sturdy white paper, computer & printer (or you could hand write your labels!), glue lines or double sided tape


First I cleaned the basket using household cleaner & a paper towel.

I then spray painted it with aqua spray paint & let it dry. I gave the basket 2 coats because of the weaving, to make sure I got all the nooks and crannies.


I didn’t even spray a protective coat on this one, but at some point I might if I notice a lot of chipping – that one’s up to you!


Lastly I printed out little tags to further organize us... One for each of us (so that the other knows where to stick the mail when its not theirs!), one tag for mail addressed to us both & one for magazines – we randomly get a lot of those! I attached the tags using acid-free “glue lines” – you can find them in the scrapbooking section at craft stores. They work great – much better than double sided tape!


The point of the mail organizer is not to store mail forever, but just to give it a temporary, happy home when we don’t have time to deal with the mail, but have already taken it out of the mailbox. So far it’s working like a charm... no more lost birthday cards and no more (or far less!) stacks of mail around the house!

Featurebutton_05Visit our guest contributor Eleanor Boynton at Oh Louise! for her line of personalized Stationery.

What You Make of It: Chalkboard Kitchen Cabinets with Eleanor of Oh Louise! Personalized Stationery

Good Monday morning lovelies! Did you have a great weekend? I know I've been saying this a lot lately, but time just won't stand still it is just flying by! Mostly because we're getting ready to start our new year (homeschool) and preparations are under way every day.

Today, I'm happy to have Eleanor back again with another great What You Make of It project. I've have really enjoyed having her and all of her fabulous projects. Please be sure to visit her business Oh Louise! 



Supplies: A cabinet you want to beautify, wood, a nice employee at a supply store that will cut your wood, staple gun, staples, primer, & chalkboard paint


I love having personalized touches in our house, especially in areas where lots of people hang out or walk by.  After reading lots of blogs & seeing how people use chalkboard paint on just about anything, I decided it would be fun to turn our cabinets in between our kitchen and tv room into a space where grocery lists & fun messages could be written.


My husband Peter took the wire mesh out of the cabinet door frames.  He then took one of the cabinet doors up to Home Depot and experimented with different widths of wood until he found the perfect match to fit inside of the space where the wire mesh was.  He measured the size of the space he needed the eventual chalk board to fit and had a Home Depot employee cut it to match. He could have cut it himself with a hand saw but didn’t want the wood to split as it is a fairly small piece of wood.  Then he primed the wood and painted it with 2 coats of chalk board paint.

Finally I set the wood inside of the cabinet door frame by using a staple gun. We tried wood glue, but ours didn’t hold, just fyi.



Buy some chalk and you’re ready to go! Chalk can be erased with a dry paper towel, but comes of best when you use a wet paper towel.

Featurebutton_05Visit our guest contributor Eleanor Boynton at Oh Louise! for her line of personalized Stationery.

What You Make of It: Eat Drink DIY Art Prints & Frames with Eleanor Boynton


Supplies: cardstock, computer & printer, 2 5x7” frames, 1 8x10” frame, spray paint


Our “Eat Drink” prints were inspired by me seeing tons of cute kitchen photos online that had fun, modern wall art, many that didn’t seem too hard to create. I saw many “Eat” prints, but thought adding “Drink” to the mix be a  fab tribute to our love for wine. :)


For the “EAT drink” print, I used Adobe Illustrator, but you could use Word as well. I picked 3 colors, left-aligned the text & used a sans-serif font to make it look clean & simple.


For the images of the fork & knife and the wine glass, I actually was able to find Photoshop Custom Shapes that I simply copied into Illustrator, enlarged to a 5x7” size, and applied colored backgrounds to match the “EAT drink” print.


I don’t use Photoshop shapes on any of my stationery or products that I sell (because Oh Louise! stationery is all handmade & custom designed) but for prints in my house, custom shapes are as easy as it comes. Unfortunately these shapes are only located in photoshop, although if you have Word or another program, I’m sure there would be graphics available for you to use there.



I cut down the image prints to 5x7” & the “EAT drink” print to 8x10”. I purchased the 2 white 5x7 frames at Target for a few dollars & found an old 8x10 frame lying around my house, which I spray painted a deep brown to match the colors I chose for the prints.


Finally I set them on top of the door molding (a door in our kitchen leading out to our patio) and pushed them together... no need for nails in my case! They’ve been up for a couple months & haven’t ever fallen down. :)

Featurebutton_05Visit our guest contributor Eleanor Boynton at Oh Louise! for her line of personalized Stationery.

What You Make of It: Old Shutter Wall Decor with Eleanor of Oh Louise! Personalized Stationery

Supplies: Old Shutters, Household Cleaner, Spray Paint, Clear Screwdriver, Hammer, 2 Nails



I love the idea of reusing old shutters as thrifty home decor. My mother in law gave me a few of these small shutters that were previously white & worn.


My first step was to thoroughly clean the shutters to remove all the old grime so that the paint would stick.

I removed the hardware with a screwdriver and then I used yellow spray paint to brighten things up.

I did 2 coats, let it dry & sprayed on a clear protective coat.


I put the hardware back on, nailed 2 nails in the wall & hung the shutters.

My idea at first was to stick pictures in the slats, but once I put the shutters & other decor on the wall, I thought pictures might clutter things. If you do want to use pictures, I recommend adhering them to the shutter slats using double sided tape or “glue lines” found in the scrapbooking section at craft stores.


If you do choose to put photos in your shutter slats, a tip is to used double sided tape to help the photos stick. Sometimes the slats are a little too big to hold photos well.

I decorated around the shutter by finding old pictures of mine and Peter’s grandparents, creating a few DIY prints, as well as spray painting a plain wood mirror a deep chocolate brown.

Featurebutton_05Visit our guest contributor Eleanor Boynton at Oh Louise! for her line of personalized Stationery.

VI Headliner Sponsor Feature: IndieHandmade.CO.UK

Vintage Indie would like to extend a warm welcome our newest sponsor Indie Handmade. They're serving up fresh indie & handmade jewelry featuring yummy vintage details.

Indie Handmade
What's in my jewelry bag today? Hello Sunflower Silver Earrings, Long Vintage Bronze Necklace and a Gothic Flower Silver Charm Necklace.  Head over to Indie Handmade and support handmade today.

I couldn't run Vintage Indie without sponsors like Indie Handmade and I truly appreciate their support. If you would like to sponsor Vintage Indie, we would love to have you! Summer Sale has been extended until September and stay tuned for more details about our Holiday Market!

What You Make of It: White Twigs Lamp with Eleanor of Oh Louise! Personalized Stationery

Supplies: Lamp Base, White Lamp Shade, Twigs, White Spray Paint, Super Glue



The first step in assembling the White Twig Lamp is to find or purchase a simple lamp base & white shade. I found a cheap, old black lamp base & got the cheapest white shade that Target had to offer. :)

Next step is to gather twigs wherever you can find them. I actually snapped some of my twigs off of a fallen branch in my back yard.

Next,  spray paint all of the lamp base & all of the twigs with a white glossy paint.

The twigs took a few coats of paint to get them the bright white color I was looking for, so continue letting them dry & recoating until you are satisfied.

Last, I used super glue to glue the twigs to the lamp base. I sort of just started gluing.. but if you are more of a perfectionist, you could try double stick taping the twigs on the base to test out exactly where you want them.


Let your super glue dry & you're done! If the lamp were going to be a highly-used lamp, you might want to spray a clear protective coat over the sticks, but our lamp is in a guest room so I thought it would be fine.

Featurebutton_05Visit our guest contributor Eleanor Boynton at Oh Louise! for her line of personalized Stationery.

Art Stories: Eleanor Boynton of Oh Louise! Personalized Stationery

Good afternoon lovelies! How is your Monday going? Mine is busy, busy after catching up on vacation emails and other work.

Today I'd like to introduce you to Eleanor Boynton. She'll be joining us all week with some super fabulous DIY ideas for your home. I wanted you to get to know her first, so I've put together and interview highlighting her business, Oh Louise! and a peek into her workspace.


What is your preferred medium?

I make handmade stationery... personalized note cards, invitations, and prints. The process is all original and handmade from start to finish – I design each & every piece in Illustrator, print in my home office, and cut, fold, & package everything myself. I love that each card or invitation that my customers end up with was completely created by me.



How did you get started? (we'd love to know if there are any generational influences, family history etc.)

I have always loved doing crafty things. Since I was able to I’ve been making anything I could... I had a very long scrapbooking stage, designed websites for a while, and even had a card table set up in my house in college where the dining room table was supposed to be... it was a total disaster area with all of my crafting materials spread out everywhere. Finally I ended up designing stationery, which luckily turned into my career!

I definitely get my entrepreneur spirit and creativity from my mom... she creates the most beautifully decorated iced sugar cookies and sells them to people in the Dallas area. She has always been encouraging to me in pursuing my creative endeavors and supports my ideas and ventures whole-heartedly. My younger sister also has this creative drive & has just opened an Etsy shop called “Come and Take It” where she sells re-purposed vintage finds from Texas!



Who or what inspires you?

I’m definitely inspired by all of the other women entrepreneurs out there who have started their own businesses... whether it be by blogging, photographing, designing, decorating... It’s so inspiring to see women going for their dreams & making things happen. As far as when I am designing, I’m inspired mainly by beautiful images that I see on-line or in magazines... As you can see in my office, I have started hanging magazine clippings up by my computer with colors or patterns that make me happy & make me want to create beautiful designs!



What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into this medium?

I would say to create things that are beautiful to you... don’t try to “please” others by creating what you think they would like... you are creative & artistic, so create things that you like – in my opinion you will be more successful this way and you will enjoy yourself much more!

Also, never compromise yourself by pricing your items too low... respect your time and your skills as a designer and others will too!





Does vintage play a role in your art or life? If so, how?

Absolutely! Many images that motivate me are of beautiful vintage pieces, redone or not... the textures & colors are so inspiring and classic.



What is important for your customer to know about your work?

Like I said earlier, all of my work is completely designed by me & created from start to finish with my 2 hands! Because I am so thankful and excited that stationery has become my career, I am absolutely dedicated to making every order I ship out as perfect as can be... I believe that if you take the time and money to order from me, that you deserve great customer service, fast turn-around time, and a beautiful product that is just the way you wanted it!



Thanks so much Eleanor for sharing your workspace and beautiful invitations with us. Join Elanor back here this week, she seems to have a knack for beautiful DIY projects too!

Website - www.ohlouisedesigns.com



Swanky Swag Giveaway: win a $25.00 gift certificate from Willow EXTENDED Deadline! July 21st

Hey everyone, just a quick note to let you know we've extended the giveaway until July 21st 12:00pm EST.


Willow is generously offering Vintage Indie readers a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate to the store.  Just leave a comment here, letting us know what your favorite item was on this virtual shopping trip.  Good Luck!  Entries close at on Sunday July 18th at midnight EST.  July 21st midnight EST

Head over to Malia's post from last week to comment and enter.

xoxo Gabreial

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Vintage Indie Hot Spots: Willow Giveaway

Hello, Malia here.  It sure is fun hanging out with you this week.  So we've been to Utah and stopped in Seattle, Washington.  Now let's visit another part of the state.

In the picturesque town of Chelan, there's a wonderful store filled with unique handcrafted items. The shop is named "Willow" and for owner Robyn Skaar, retail is part of her family heritage.  

Robyn Skaar

Robyn Skaar, Willow

Robyn is a third generation entrepreneur-- both her Mother and Grandmother owned retail apparel stores. To her, "going to market" and helping out with the endless list of tasks that accompany running a shop was a happy part of her childhood.

According to Robyn, "My dream was to bring women together in a creative, collaborative spirit and watch the outcome.  I have a passion for handcrafted and time worn products, especially those that have been taken from vintage pieces and remade into new artworks. Of course the best part is watching our customers get excited about those products, buy them and come back and tell us how much they enjoy living with they enjoy living with them."

Thanks Robyn.  Now let's take a look around...



Keep Calm and Carry On



Dwell in Possibilty

Ceramic Heart


Vintage Party Girl Pendant

Gorgeous stuff, right?  In anticipation of expanding Willow's online presence, Robyn is generously offering Vintage Indie readers a chance to win a twenty five dollar gift certificate to the store.  Just leave a comment here, letting us know what your favorite item was on this virtual shopping trip.  Good Luck!  Entries close at on Sunday July 18th at midnight EST.

Willow Info

Address: 119 E. Woodin Ave, Chelan, WA  98816

Phone:  509.682.8700

Website:  www.willowchelan.com


Laguna Vintage Pottery Interview

Laguna Exterior
Hi Lovelies!  Malia here... I'm back with more from Laguna Vintage Pottery. 

Laguna Interior
If you're like me, you enjoy going antiquing, flea marketing and thrifting.  You just never know what treasures you could discover.  I am always on the lookout for Jadite.  One time I lucked into a whole box of mugs, saucers and plates for about twenty dollars. Happy Day!  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to visit with Michael Lindsey of Laguna Vintage Pottery in Seattle.

Michael Lindsey

Michael Lindsey, Laguna Vintage Pottery 

Laguna Vintage Pottery is one of the largest vintage pottery shops in the USA, specializing in discontinued and collectible American dinnerware and art pottery. They carry Homer Laughlin (Fiesta), Franciscan, Vernon Kilns, Heath, Roseville, Rookwood, Bauer and Weller as well as industrial designers Russel Wright, Eva Zeisel, Heath and Ben Seibel.

I got to interview owner Michael Lindsey and find out:

What's hot right now in American Vintage Pottery?

What's still affordable enough to start collecting? 

How can we take care of our collections?

Franciscan Starburst

Franciscan Starburst

How did you begin selling American Vintage Pottery?

I got started in this business by collecting Starburst, which is still a really popular pattern.  When I first began doing this almost twenty five years ago, I started hitting thrift stores and was picking up Starburst all over. I started trading, building my collection-- then I had a small space in an antique mall and eventually had a store front.  It's been over twenty-five years now.

Is there a "typical" customer?

It's a wide variety-- anywhere from ages twenty to sixty.  I help people that are buying dinnerware pieces to replace things in their sets, people that are collecting funky stuff (they tend to be the younger generation) and people in their forties, fifties and sixties who collect more traditional art pieces.



Can you share with us what are the most expensive and least expensive pieces in the store?

The most expensive piece in the store is an artist signed piece of Rookwood from Cincinnati, Ohio. Rookwood pieces are always marked "Rookwood" and under that, there's a roman numeral with the year it was produced and then off to the side, there's a dark mark by the artist.  This piece is $4,500.


Vernon Kilns Organdie 

The least expensive is a brown plaid teacup from the 1940's by Vernon Kilns. The price is $2.00.

What's in demand right now?

Starburst Cup

 Starburst by Franciscan


Desert Rose by Franciscan

Eva Zeisel
Mid Century (1940's-1950's) pieces by Eva Ziesel 

Mid Century (1940's-1950's) pieces by Russel Wright

Also very popular... old standbys like Fiesta, Roseville, Bauer and Jadite




Fire King Jadite
Jadite by Fire King

And very popular-- Heath Ceramics Vintage pieces.  They are great items to hunt for at garage sales and thrift stores.  Many people had these dinnerware sets in their households so they do turn up.  

What are some characteristics of Heath that we can keep an eye out for?

Vintage Heath

Heath Ceramics Vintage Pieces

Look for the duo tone.  There's the brownish color on the outside and either yellow. orange or turquoise in the interior.  There are some sets of solid colors but the duo colored pieces are more in demand.

Can you give us some tips on taking care of our vintage pottery pieces?

Michael's Tips:

  • Most pottery can be washed with soap and water
  • Dishwashers are ok for dinnerware unless it has a decal, gold or platinum on it... don't put those through!
  • Make sure your pieces aren't banging into each other-- the most important thing you can do is protect your pieces from damage
  • When using mixing bowls, don't bang your spoon on the side and don't use your pieces as a cutting or chopping board.  It will scratch them.

Franciscan Contours

Franciscan Contours Fine China

What are you looking for right now?

Franciscan Contours Fine China.  I also buy Starburst and a lot of Heath Ceramics dinnerware.  Heath refers customers to me!

Wow, thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Michael.  And thanks for giving Vintage Indie Readers a special discount on your Laguna Vintage Pottery website and in store.  Just use the code vintageindie or mention Vintage Indie in the shop to get an 10% discount. 

Info for Laguna Vintage Pottery

Website:  www.lagunapottery.com

Address:  116 South Washington Street, Seattle WA 98104

Email:  info@lagunapottery.com

Phone:  206-682-6162

Fax:  206-405-3561

Vintage Hot Spots: Laguna Vintage Pottery Seattle

It's Malia and I'm here today with some photos from Laguna Vintage Pottery in Seattle.  I got to visit with owner Michael Lindsey and learn what's hot right now in the world of American Vintage Pottery.
Laguna is one of the largest vintage pottery stores in the United States. Walking into the shop, you are dazzled by all the colors and shapes.


Homer Laughlin Fiesta





And amazed at how modern looking so many of the pieces are...




Eva Zeisel

There's so much to see...

Pottery Collage

And here are some of the items to keep an eye out for.  They're beautiful and valuable!
Sought After Pieces

Franciscan Fine China

Plaid Pottery

Vernon Kilns

Franciscan Starburst

Franciscan Starburst

The store stocks almost all vintage pieces with the exception of a few items like these beautiful bud vases from Heath Ceramics. 

Heath Bud Vases

Thanks Michael Lindsey!  You can visit Laguna Vintage Pottery Online at www.lagunapottery.com or stop by the store in Seattle:
Laguna Pottery
116 S. Washington St.
Seattle, WA 98014
Michael is generously offering Vintage Indie Readers a 10% off discount
online (use code vintageindie) or in store if you mention the Vintage Indie.

Up next... an interview with American Vintage Pottery Expert,  Michael Lindsey, with his tips on collecting and taking care of your vintage pottery pieces.

Getting to know Olive & Tweed with Malia Karlinksky of Yesterday on Tuesday

Hello There, Friends!  It's Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday.  I'm so excited that I get to be your hostess here at Vintage Indie this week.  Since you're my guests, what should we do?  Go shopping you say? Wonderful! I'd love to share some of my favorite stores with you.

Somer Gardiner

I have a treat for you today.  While visiting Park City, Utah I found a wonderfully unique shop.  Olive & Tweed Owner, Somer Gardiner, mixes indie, modern and vintage clothing and jewelry, creating a fresh style.  I got to interview Somer and get the scoop on trends, what she's looking for in indie artists and the reality of running a brick and mortar store.

Can you describe your store a little?  What's the story behind the name “Olive and Tweed”?

Olive & Tweed is an artist driven boutique in a picturesque mountain town. We sell clothing and accessories that are hand picked or hand made. Our focus is to support as many local and national artists as possible by selling their wares at Olive & Tweed. It is also artist driven in that our buyers are all artists and together we have developed a look for the store by paying attention to detail and blending urban with bohemian in an Etsy meets Park City kind of way.

The name Olive & Tweed is sweet and simple but there is more to it than meets they eye. It incorporates one of my favorite colors, Olive, and one of my favorite fabrics and yarns, Tweed. It also references two things that are very important in fashion and in art - Color & Texture.

Little Dresses

How/why did you start your business?

My first business was as a professional artisan selling hand made scarves and hats at several local farmers markets and in holiday boutiques for over 4 years at the age of 20-24. Eventually my craft led me to open a hip and inspiring yarn shop, Soul Spun Yarn, just as the trend of knitting was making its way back into the mainstream. Soul Spun was an instant success because it offered gorgeous yarns that were used in new and exciting ways and easy to make projects to the beginning knitter. I ran Soul Spun for 5 years and in the interim decided that I wanted to open a boutique that expressed my interest in fashion, art, and community. 
Elle Necklace

You focus on featuring Indie artists… why?  A few favorites?

Indie artists are where it's at. They are generally ahead of the trend, they give personality to what they make and what you buy, and working with them is often enlightening in some way or the other. A few of my favorites are Ellebelle who makes jewelry from Antique coins, silverware, and found object, and Werks who hand dyes fabrics with herbs and flowers and creates very avant gaurd clothing that is whimsical and feminine. 
Embellished Tank

Some people may feel intimidated on how to mix “new” clothing items with their vintage collection.  Any tips?

Mixing is the old with the new is best. I love vintage clothing but I think to make something hip, current, and relevant you should balance the old with the new. A vintage print floral dress with a studded leather clog and a sweet little cardi will make everyone swoon. Accessorize your vintage to create an ironic juxtaposition and a look that's all your own.


What’s hot in the store right now?

We are really into floral this season. I.e.  a sweet floral print on a flowy short skirt,  a floral print button down shirt that is great paired with denim. We also have some bold edgy pieces such as a grey and lime striped shirt that is loose fitting and cropped, a studded sassy vest or leggings, 70's inspired wedge heel... and so much more. There is ton of artist made jewelry, a baby and kid section with darling cotton dresses, home decor with a very fun and colorful palette, and soooo many dresses and skirts. 


Trends for fall?

They say Velvet is making it's way back, pant legs are getting wider, and capes will be in, but I prefer to focus on classic cuts with a current feel. In Park City we are about being sexy, comfy, and sporty all at once, we are less trend focused and more focused on making layers work no matter the season. A great coat is a must, sexy jeans, dresses layered with a cardi and a cropped jacket, tights or leggings are still great, and boots with everything because they are practical for snowy weather and no one around here has given up on the trend.

What’s your favorite outfit right now?

My favorite outfit is a double layered silk wrap skirt with a Japanese print in dark blue, cream, and gold, it's flowy, soft to the touch, and sits on the waist perfectly. I wear it with a plain white tank tucked in or out; it's a great outfit for the farmers market or a concert in the park. 

Turquoise Necklace

What are you looking for from the artists who approach you about carrying their items?

I look for a couple of things. 

  •  Aesthetic appeal - it has to look good and be of the moment - 
  • Price - we keep things locally priced and we want to buy from artists sell their work at a price that we can keep appealing and accessible to our customers. 
  • Quality - in workmanship and in materials. 
What inspires you?

Clanking forks muted by lively conversations, illuminated aspens with translucent golden edged leaves in the last moments of daylight as the sun heads West, fabric hung on bolts layering upon each other begging to be freed and taken home, artists who do what they want without reserve, color, color, color - always color - and generally dance, music, writing, wool, silk, wood, handmade, vintage, rustic.

Baby Items

What color palettes are you into?

Right now I like cobalt blue, coral, and yellow but I'm sure in the Fall that will turn to Navy, Olive, Mustard, Brown, or soft tones of Cream, Amethyst, Blush, Mocha. 
Favorite designers/clothing companies?

Skunk Funk & Free People,  
What do you like to create in your “free” time?

I'm a singer-songwriter - guitarist and love to play and write music in my spare time. Playing the guitar and creating songs is just another way to keep my hands busy and my mind engaged in the creative process. I do some graphic design, I also knit hats and scarves, and am learning to sew. I just made my first sewn scarf today. I blended a gorgeous paisley chiffon in peach with a cream french lace. My designs tend to be feminine, simple, and made from luscious fabrics or yarns.


For people considering opening their own brick and mortar shop—anything you wish you had known?

What I was lucky to know from the start was that you have to create and fill a niche. Niche is very important. If you think that there is something that your city needs and that the public will respond well, go for it. Just make sure that you do your research first. It always costs more to open a business than you think it will, it always takes longer to build out the store than expected, and it always takes longer than you think it will to get into in 'the black'.  Plan for the worst case scenario just in case, because you can easily loose your shirt of you don't have the capital it takes to have an abundant inventory, and enough in the bank to pay your bills while you are establishing your business.  


Toughest/Most Rewarding part?

Toughest part is slow days and when things get lean and you worry about paying your bills. This happen in the beginning especially, and it's a big strain. The most rewarding part is wearing the different hats required of the job. You get to be the buyer, manager, merchandiser, creative directory, marketer, HR, designer, etc. For someone who is analytical, artistic, social, type A, business minded, and practical, it's a great job. Remember that in the beginning you are it. Even if you have help, it all comes down to you. I have seen many friends who romanticised owning a business crack under the pressure of it all. Be careful and know what you are getting into. Know if you are cut out for 100 hours a week for the first 6 months to a year. It's all you will sleep, eat, drink, and think about.
What’s next for Olive and Tweed?

We are growing our website and hope to expand to a second location in Seattle when the time is right. In the meantime, we'll just keep bringing the cutest affordable clothing, jewelery, and art to Park City!
Where can we find you and your shop? 

Olive and Tweed
608 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060

Thanks so much, Somer!

Malia Karlinsky is a wife and a Mom to two cute kids.  She enjoys elegant upcycling, finding vintage treasures, sewing, photography and writing.  Oh and tap dancing which she isn't good at but really loves.  In her previous career, Malia was a television writer and producer. Visit Malia  on her blog Yesterday On Tuesday 

While I soak in some vitamin D....

Hi there lovelies, have you been missing me? I'm sorry I've been scarce this past week, I've been day dreaming  prepping and planning, for some fun in the sun for our family. I'm so excited to soak in some much needed vitamin D ( you know most of us don't have anywhere near enough vitamin D right?)



Don't worry though, I have a special guest  ALL WEEK LONG! Yep, I wouldn't leave you hanging like that.

You remember the lovely Malia Karlinsky who did a few guest spotlights for the Farm Chick's show 2010 here, here, here, here, and here ? I loved her video interviews, didn't you? Well, she'll be Vintage Indie's special guest all week long! So, stay tuned for that. She has some great features and a giveaway planned!

Have a great week everyone, I'll see you back here very soon. xoxo Gabreial

Get to know Malia!


Malia Karlinsky is a wife and a Mom to two cute kids.  She enjoys elegant upcycling, finding vintage treasures, sewing, photography and writing.  Oh and tap dancing which she isn't good at but really loves.  In her previous career, Malia was a television writer and producer. Visit her on her blog Yesterday On Tuesday.

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VI Headliner Sponsor Feature: Swap Vintage

Good afternoon lovelies! As you know, Vintage Indie wouldn't be possible without all of my fabulous sponsors. This month we have some new sponsors aboard and we'd like to welcome Swap Vintage first! You might be wondering what Swap Vintage is all about, so I interviewed site owner Mitzi Swisher.


Hi Mitzi, thanks so much for your sponsorship. Could you please tell us, what exactly is Swap Vintage?

Swap Vintage is a unique online community set up specifically for members to be able to swap vintage items (20 years old or older) with one another - while it has a lot of the features of a regular social network, the main focus is to facilitate trading of items.

Why did you start Swap Vintage?

I knew that trading was a growing trend, especially in this bad economy. I also knew that most vintage collectors inevitably have items that they don't particularly want or need anymore - either their taste or decorating style has changed, or they picked up a box lot at a sale or auction to get that one certain thing and they don't know what to do with the rest, or they have duplicate items in their collections, etc.

Also, if you are a seller, you often have items that never sold, or that weren't quite good enough to be listed to begin with, but are still good things. Instead of selling these unwanted treasures at a yard sale or giving them to charity, Swap Vintage allows folks to use them to get items they really do want, or need for their collections. It's a win win situation!

I also have categories on the site for artists and crafters who use vintage supplies in their work - there is a popular term - destashing - which means to purge your studio of supplies you've been hanging onto but you won't ever use. Swapping is a great way to destash and get new supplies at the same time!

As a swapper, what kind of goods can one expect to find there?

The Forums, where the swaps are initiated, are divided into categories by type of item - Clothing & Accessories, Costume Jewelry, Housewares & Decor, Vintage Linens, Craft & Sewing Supplies, Dolls Toys & Games, Paper Ephemera, Books & Magazines, Gardening, Vintage Holiday, and Collectibles. Hopefully these cover most of the types of items that folks will want to swap - though I anticipate these will grow and change over time as the needs of the community dictate.

Does it cost to join Swap Vintage?

Membership on the site is $5.00 a month, paid via the PayPal subscription service. A 30 day free trial is currently available so people can give the site a try, after that they will be prompted to set up the PayPal subscription.

You can create an account without signing up for the free trial - but you won't be able to access most of the pages. You will need to sign up for the Free Trial in order to access most of the site - (view the Forums, interact with other members, etc.).

Swap Vintage isn't a free site for two reasons:

1. Requiring payment helps reduce spammers and scammers. I realize the free trial period could be an enticement to them still, but I wanted to make sure when the site was new there was a free trial for everyone to be able to join and try it out. We will see how things go, if changes need to be made in the future, I will figure out the best course of action. My goal for the site is for it to be a commerce free zone - no ads, no items for sale, and definitely no spammers and scammers!

2. This project is literally a one woman show - me! And since I have no day job, I cannot afford to work on a project of this size for free - even though I wish I could. So, I set a monthly price that I think will not be a burden to anyone who wants to become a member - hopefully it will be enough to cover the time it takes to Admin the site and to keep it up and running (hosting fees, etc.).

Thanks again to Mizi and Swap Vintage for sponsoring Vintage Indie this month. If you or your business would like to sponsor Vintage Indie, please let me know. We're offering a summer special and have extended it though August!

xoxo Gabreial

Paperie: Butterfly Garland

I'm feeling the need to pretty up my office a little. Wouldn't these Butterfly Garlands do the trick. My boys would love them, they are fascinated with butterflies right now. You should see how many photographs of butterflies we have captured recently.

Find this garland and more pretties at This Neck of the Woods

Art & Illustrations: Amy Blackwell

Our home is still for sale. It has only been a couple of months, but we've packed up the more personal items so home just doesn't feel the same. Anyone else feeling the same way? Today I chose Art by Amy Blackwell, her pieces make me feel right at home. These would be so charming as a set together on the wall.


At Home on the Sea


A home in the branches

The colors are so perfect.

Visit Amy Blackwell to purchase these prints or cards & totes featuring her artwork at BlackOutWell.

Tales from The Farm Chicks 2010 & a Plan Ahead event for July 10th!

Hi, Malia here.  
I am so loving looking through all my Farm Chicks photos again for Vintage Indie.  There was SO much creativity packed into those three rooms.
Let me introduce you to Rolane (L) and Sharon (R).  They're pals sharing a space.

Rolane and Sharon

Sharon makes the most gorgeous pillows for her business "Romance Your Home."  And Rolane is a gal with a ton of talent too as you can see by her selections from The Vintage Barn (www.barnbabybarn).  

Vintage Barn1
Vintage Barn 3
Vintage Barn 4


I have some happy news to share from The Vintage Barn... they have an Antique Show coming up on July 10th in Rathdrum, ID.  

From the VB website:
"The Vintage Barn is proud to host more than 50 vendors with fabulous finds including farmhouse primitives, cottage style, rustic cabin, garden favorites, painted furniture and much more."

You must go!

Hope you are enjoying the eye candy.  I know I am!


Malia Karlinsky is a wife and a Mom to two cute kids.  She enjoys elegant upcycling, finding vintage treasures, sewing, photography and writing.  Oh and tap dancing which she isn't good at but really loves.  In her previous career, Malia was a television writer and producer. Visit Malia  on her blog Yesterday On Tuesday

Reader Question: Can you Help Identify? Vintage Ice Bucket


Hey there! How's it going? How has your week been? I've been super busy but enjoying life this week. I'm stopping in to see if you can help Vintage Indie reader Jennifer about a Ice Bucket she scored.

Jennifer writes;

I would like help identifying this ice bucket. The inside is styrofoam.
On the bottom it says,

Kube Keeper
Kent Plastics Corporation
Evansville, Indiana
Patent Pending

I can't find any info on it.
Thank you,



Any ideas?

Do you have a vintage/antique question? Send us your questions and we'll seek out the help of our community to help you!

xox Gabreial