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Tales from The Farm Chicks 2010 & a Plan Ahead event for July 10th!

Hi, Malia here.  
I am so loving looking through all my Farm Chicks photos again for Vintage Indie.  There was SO much creativity packed into those three rooms.
Let me introduce you to Rolane (L) and Sharon (R).  They're pals sharing a space.

Rolane and Sharon

Sharon makes the most gorgeous pillows for her business "Romance Your Home."  And Rolane is a gal with a ton of talent too as you can see by her selections from The Vintage Barn (www.barnbabybarn).  

Vintage Barn1
Vintage Barn 3
Vintage Barn 4


I have some happy news to share from The Vintage Barn... they have an Antique Show coming up on July 10th in Rathdrum, ID.  

From the VB website:
"The Vintage Barn is proud to host more than 50 vendors with fabulous finds including farmhouse primitives, cottage style, rustic cabin, garden favorites, painted furniture and much more."

You must go!

Hope you are enjoying the eye candy.  I know I am!


Malia Karlinsky is a wife and a Mom to two cute kids.  She enjoys elegant upcycling, finding vintage treasures, sewing, photography and writing.  Oh and tap dancing which she isn't good at but really loves.  In her previous career, Malia was a television writer and producer. Visit Malia  on her blog Yesterday On Tuesday


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