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What You Make of It: Eat Drink DIY Art Prints & Frames with Eleanor Boynton


Supplies: cardstock, computer & printer, 2 5x7” frames, 1 8x10” frame, spray paint


Our “Eat Drink” prints were inspired by me seeing tons of cute kitchen photos online that had fun, modern wall art, many that didn’t seem too hard to create. I saw many “Eat” prints, but thought adding “Drink” to the mix be a  fab tribute to our love for wine. :)


For the “EAT drink” print, I used Adobe Illustrator, but you could use Word as well. I picked 3 colors, left-aligned the text & used a sans-serif font to make it look clean & simple.


For the images of the fork & knife and the wine glass, I actually was able to find Photoshop Custom Shapes that I simply copied into Illustrator, enlarged to a 5x7” size, and applied colored backgrounds to match the “EAT drink” print.


I don’t use Photoshop shapes on any of my stationery or products that I sell (because Oh Louise! stationery is all handmade & custom designed) but for prints in my house, custom shapes are as easy as it comes. Unfortunately these shapes are only located in photoshop, although if you have Word or another program, I’m sure there would be graphics available for you to use there.



I cut down the image prints to 5x7” & the “EAT drink” print to 8x10”. I purchased the 2 white 5x7 frames at Target for a few dollars & found an old 8x10 frame lying around my house, which I spray painted a deep brown to match the colors I chose for the prints.


Finally I set them on top of the door molding (a door in our kitchen leading out to our patio) and pushed them together... no need for nails in my case! They’ve been up for a couple months & haven’t ever fallen down. :)

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very cool! love the colors and the added tips for people without photoshop! :)


So simple and adorable! I'll have to think of something to print for my home now. Thank you!

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