Art Stories: Eleanor Boynton of Oh Louise! Personalized Stationery
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What You Make of It: White Twigs Lamp with Eleanor of Oh Louise! Personalized Stationery

Supplies: Lamp Base, White Lamp Shade, Twigs, White Spray Paint, Super Glue



The first step in assembling the White Twig Lamp is to find or purchase a simple lamp base & white shade. I found a cheap, old black lamp base & got the cheapest white shade that Target had to offer. :)

Next step is to gather twigs wherever you can find them. I actually snapped some of my twigs off of a fallen branch in my back yard.

Next,  spray paint all of the lamp base & all of the twigs with a white glossy paint.

The twigs took a few coats of paint to get them the bright white color I was looking for, so continue letting them dry & recoating until you are satisfied.

Last, I used super glue to glue the twigs to the lamp base. I sort of just started gluing.. but if you are more of a perfectionist, you could try double stick taping the twigs on the base to test out exactly where you want them.


Let your super glue dry & you're done! If the lamp were going to be a highly-used lamp, you might want to spray a clear protective coat over the sticks, but our lamp is in a guest room so I thought it would be fine.

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