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Organic & Whole Living: DVD Review The Art of Canning with The West Ladies

Canning I've talked a lot about whole foods, and whole living here at Vintage Indie and it is a topic I hold dear to my heart. When I know my family is getting the best nutrition that they possibly can, we stay out of the doctors office. When I eliminated processed crap from our diets we all started feeling better. Mind you it wasn't overnight but day after day every little bit has helped. I still have a special place in my heart for Chipotle.

In order to achieve my goal of 100% whole foods in our diet I've been considering canning quite a bit lately. While canning may not be the best option for nutrition, it is a good option for organic tomatoes and apple sauce and of course fermented veggies like sauerkraut and pickles. A frozen cucumber just doesn't go over well.

A couple of weeks ago my boys and I sat down to watch The Art of Canning from the Homestead Blessing series sent to me from Franklin Springs. The West Ladies consist of a mama and her daughters who have created a series on the "homestead" life. You may remember my review of their bread-making dvd in which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Since I had already poured a lot of research into canning, I knew a lot but having a visual was very helpful. Although I loved the bread-making dvd I can say that the canning one wasn't my favorite. In many of the books I've researched there is a lot of talk about the seriousness of botulism and other harmful bacteria that can grow in your canned foods if you don't can properly. To me the video didn't cover the safety aspects of canning that I would have preferred. Being a new "canner" these sorts of things make me hesitant on what I'm considering to can.

The dvd did offer tips, tricks and helpful tidbits for canning that maybe only your grandmother would share with you or things you'd otherwise have to learn on your own. This dvd is a great addition to our library since the boys really enjoyed it, but I wouldn't use it as my only source of information for canning.

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