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One of my main goals for my family is to live off 100% whole foods. Absolutely no processed anything. Do you think it's possible? I think it is. One of our family rules is to only shop the outer isles at the grocery store. I have to admit though, I find myself in the condiments isle every once in awhile but that's about it.

Just the other day I spent 10 minutes in the pickle isle reading that back of every single pickle jar. Do you know that not one of them accept those sweetened with Splenda (yuck) had High Fructose Corn Syrup? Do you know what that tells me? I need to figure out how to make pickles! Do you have any good recipes? I have a canner, but not a pressure canner. I'm also considering refrigerator pickles.

If you don't know the effects of High Fructose Corn syrup on your body, here is a great article. 



Loving the new banner!


The pickles in that jar look delish ! I too am trying to do everything 100% organic ! Sometimes not easy at the stores !!


A terrific and worthy goal, to eat only Whole Foods. Have you tried shopping at Whole Foods for pickles?

Vintage Indie

Hi Sarade,

I've heard a lot about Bubbies Pickles, I think they carried them at Whole Foods, but I never got them. I know of another family who orders them in huge quantities a restaurant style bucket. Maybe I should give them a try.


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