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VI Headliner Sponsor Feature: Bling Around Rosies

" Sisters are different flowers from the same garden" Isn't that adorable! That's the tag-line from our newest sponsor Bling Around Rosies. Two sisters from Louisville, KY that relish in childhood memories to create one of a kind upcycled vintage jewelery.


Bling Around Rosies has to have some of the most classy & stylish upcycled jewelry that I've ever seen. I love the Kookaburra Gum Tree Necklace top left, don't you!  Head over to Bling Around Rosies today and adorn your neck with something vintage and unique!



I couldn't run Vintage Indie without sponsors like Bling Around Rosies and I truly appreciate their support. If you would like to sponsor Vintage Indie, we would love to have you! Summer Sale has been extended until September and stay tuned for more details about our Holiday Market!



Oh my gosh I LOVE these necklaces. I love big bulky pieces like this - half the time on my blog I'm writing about necklaces like this - I'll be sure to check it out.

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