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Art: On the Road

Well, it is Monday.  A new week, a fresh new start. I hope it is easy for you. I can't help but think about my  Mr. and his family. What a long weekend.


I love this artwork by Judy Kaufman. On the Road. Today is one of those days where I can't wait to meet  Mr. VI halfway in the middle.


Happy Monday to you, let's both try to make the best of this harvest season upon us.

xoxo Gabreial

Thrugh the Lens: Holding On

Do you have days where you'd just like to start all over again, and pray for a different outcome? It's been a sad week here at the VI house where one of my husbands cousins lost their life unexpectedly. It is times like these when I'm reminded to check my faith. Where do I really stand with God and will He be the first person I run to when something like this happens.


Artwork by Persimmon&Pink

Vintage Hot Spots: Autumn Petite Retreat Camano Island WA

Artful, Unqiue and Whimsical:  That's how I'd describe the Autumn Petite Retreat Show on Camano Island, WA.  My friend Rebecca and I spent a lovely day together, meeting lovely people and looking at gorgeous things.


My Mothers Buttons had so many fabulous items, it was difficult to know where to look... shiny things kept catching my eye.


Have you ever seen a more beautiful horse bridle?


My Mother's Buttons creates one of a kind jewelry made with antique buttons and bridle rosettes from the Victorian and Edwardian era.


So detailed and special.  Speaking of special, Deb and Bob Kennedy from Retreat come up with the most fun and pretty ideas.


Like this "Witches Hat" mirror.  Wait, that witch looks familiar.  

The Kennedys always have a fresh point of view.

From the smallest spice jar...


 To a fresh take on a piano.  Those are wine bottles in there!


Deb made a bunch of these darling pumpkins...


The barn was packed with fabulous things.


And of course Deb matched her decor perfectly.


Garden Party had a floral inspired point of view...


There were plenty of vintage treasures.


And this dress which I'm pretty sure was created out of crepe paper!


I had a hard time resisting this phone.


Rose-Marie had so many things to see...


Like these Bakelite utensils


And these vintage skates.


But the really amazing thing about Rose-Marie is the talented woman behind it-- Jo Marie Richman


She makes all these beautiful skirts for ladies and girls


And aprons like this one modeled by Rebecca


See the background behind her?  


Rebecca and I 

That's where photographer Elise Liptack of Elise Marie Photography was snapping photos of folks at the show.  Elise has a magical way of taking pictures and capturing the personality of her subjects.  I'm so inspired by her work.


The Vendors


 Deb taught a class on how to make these lovelies

Have a beautiful day!  Hugs, Malia


Vintage Fashion Forward: Fall Handbag Collection from Hoakon loves Helga

Vintage leather jackets and materials are combined with new components to create fabulous "up-cycled" handbags.  Hoakon loves Helga comes from designer Andrea Strand's, Norwegian grandparents,


Hoakon loves Helga

No. 123 Rue de Park Lane

Hello Vintage Indie Readers!

I got to attend a fun little show last weekend and take oodles of photos that I'd love to share with you.  The No. 123 Rue de Park Lane Event took place on a sunny Saturday in Kirkland, WA.  The lane was shut down to cars and filled with fantastic booths instead.

From Cindy + Jody's Booth 

So much creativity

These tiny chairs are created out of champagne corks by Cindy

Sheri from Designer Junk Finder


Sheri makes these gorgeous aprons


Sweet Ceramic clocks by Angel Heart Designs

 So fun, also from Angel Heart Designs

This is the Bohemian Gypsy Collections and Consignment booth-- lots of treasures




Cake Couture Vintage had a gorgeous mix of antiques



Mela from Cake and her sweet friend Paris

A clever blackboard, fluffy pillows and cute place setting from My Sweet Savannah




Lots of pretty stuff from Tippy Stockton

 Thanks for letting me share a bit from the show.  What did I buy?  Well I was busy snapping photos but couldn't resist this tiny china set.  I'd say it's for my little girl but the truth is we're sharing it.

 Thanks VI readers!  Visit me any day over at my blog Yesterday on Tuesday.

Through the Lens: Sixth & Main

{ Through the Lens } { Independent Photography }

{Inspired by a Vintage Typewriter }


Shops these prints and other gorgeous photography at Sixth & Main.


BOGO FREE SALE! "My prints will be making their tv debut this fall on ABC's "Modern Family"! to celebrate i am having a BOGO free sale on all images 8x10 or smaller! for each print purchased, receive a free print of choice. (free print must be of equal or lesser value. offer not valid on sets or calendars) *at checkout in message to seller, simply list the titles of your free prints."

See shop for details.

Art: Kitchen Wizard

I am totally digging the freshness of Kitchen Wizard's art!


SHOP Kitchen Wizard on Etsy!

Getting to know the artist, "I live in a tiny apartment with a mean cat and delicious bowls, utensils, and a pink pair of vintage office waiting room chairs that are so delightful they're almost family."

I would love to check out those waiting room chairs!

Organic & Whole Living: Not Just Any Salmon


Salmon has been a newer thing for our family. Neither my husband or myself enjoyed its benefits before because of the quality in regular supermarket salmon. The taste and smell was off-putting so we chose to just pass it up. A few months ago a friend introduced us to Vital Choice salmon. It was like tasting salmon for the first time, (minus the Alaskan salmon given to us as a gift a few years ago). It was awesome. The flavor was unlike anything I've had before. Clean, pure and delicious. It was equally important that the salmon was wild and sustainably caught. We also like the assurance from Vital Choice that our salmon was pure and free of GMO's.

Unsurpassed Purity
We seek to support our customers’ well being, so Vital Choice will offer only the purest wild seafood possible: fish and shellfish that grow in the wild environment to which they are so superbly adapted, free of the antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic coloring agents, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) used commonly in fish farms.

Our seafood is tested regularly by independent labs, and the results show that it is free of harmful levels of mercury and other industrial contaminants. Longer-lived predator species such as Halibut and Tuna accumulate mercury over time, so we select only the smallest of the catch to ensure optimum purity.


Just those two important facts were enough to sell me on their salmon in addition to the amazing flavor and health benefits. I wouldn't stop with the salmon at Vital Choice though. We have since tried their dark chocolate bars, canned tuna and canned salmon and each product has been of top quality. If you're like us and gave up salmon because you couldn't find quality fish, give Vital Choice a try, you won't be disappointed.


Truth in Review: Vintage Indie/Gabreial Wyatt editor is an affiliate of Vital Choice. Only after through review and approval of their products through personal purchases.  Vital Choice did not pay me for the review or require any certain context within my review. All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Visit our Disclaimer  for more info.

Vintage Indie Kids: Vintage Inspired & Eco Friendly Lillipops

Vintage Inspired & Eco Friendly, is Lillipops Designs. Vintage Style for Modern Kids. If the title isn't enough to grab your attention, check out their collection.


I love the sleeves on this dress, so cute for fall!


Look at those leggins! 

Eco Friendly "Dadicated"!  Lillipops Design creates one of a kind custom dresses out of daddy's dress shirts or grandpa's well loved shirt. What a great idea!

Visit Lillipops Design for special ordering or to shop from their stock collection.

xoxo Gabreial


To Coffee Table or Not to Coffee Table...

How did you spend your Labor Day? I spent mine shopping for furniture, sofa's coffee tables and after hours of searching, with two sweet boys who had, had enough, we found nothing! What about you? Do you have any luck where you are shopping for furniture?

I've decided to look online for ideas and selection, recently I visited CSN stores Coffee Table. A whole store entirely made up of coffee tables! I wish it was this easy to shop in person. Go to the coffe table store bam, next sofa store bam, next lighting, bam! (sorry Emeril, for stealing your line, I got a little carried away). Anyway, I guess that would make it hard to see which piece of furniture went with what, but how many times do we really shop that way anyway?


Mosaic2cd01741c74c831c23d9f7aa0880adf59f8eb55b I'm thinking of going with a red leather sofa and a white coffee table. What do you think? Any design advice for me?


xoxo Gabreial



Truth in Review: The above link is a promotional link provided by CSN stores. A gift card was exchanged for this feature and an upcoming product review of a CSN store product.  CSN Stores did require a link to their coffee table store in exchange for the gift card.  All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and will be truthful in nature when I do the future CSN store product review. -   Gabreial Visit our Disclaimer  for more info.

The Daily Swank: Vintage Fabrics

There is just something about bright vintage fabrics that catch my eye. Even though I'm not much of a sewer, I'm drawn to the tables of vintage fabrics and pieces every time I visit an antique shop. I think I would have closets full of them if I could.


I fell in love with the bright colors and beautiful patterns created by The Merriweather Council. I'll take one of each please!