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Oh, it's Monday!

On the Road with Guest Amber Strehle at Creative Connection Minneapolis

Style:  A quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one's actions and tastes.

Hello fashionistas!

I’m fresh home from a simply AMAZING trip to Minneapolis for the first EVER Creative Connection. This event was sensory overload in so so many ways.  Of course I could not help myself, and just had to snap a few pictures of this ever talented group of ladies, and (of course!) what they were wearing.



A little fashion inspiration from The Vintage Barn!



Kecia from Lemoncholy’s is not only a VERY talented artist, she looks just plain FAB!



Becky & Holly from All that Glitter!



Oh my! Look at these shoes! Sweet Candy Creations



Let’s talk about this sweet girl! She had a story to go with her guitar, everything on it had a special meaning or reason it was there. If you look closely you can even see Ree Drummond’s autograph! What a talented lady!



Happy girls!



Elaine  & Rolane from Barn Baby all dressed up for the welcome dinner on Friday night. These ladies went ALL out! Loving all the time and attention that went into these outfits.

My girlfriend said, “Really these types of events are just about the only place we can all dress totally free and not even get a funny look, but rather, “Oh!! I just love your outfit!””  I could not agree more.


 Amber  loves  (just to name a few)  Zach, her 4 children, friends,  stacks of books, photography, God,  coffee and deep conversation. What she does not love is, dirty toilets, folding laundry and when the person in the Starbucks Drive-Thru does not pull up all the way.  You can find her on her personal blog Tres Birds.


Jo Packham

Thank you for such a nice post!
We are so happy that you had a great time ... the women involved really were amazing!
Hope to see you next year in St. Paul.
My best
Jo Packham


Oooh such lovely things, very pretty, love the little guitar.


This was a tremendous event...everything was planned with such great thought and detail.
One of my favorite things about events that attract 'these type of women' is the creativity that wraps itself around EVERY aspect...including attire! Great job in capturing it, Amber!

kendal croix

wonderful things.

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