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Organic & Whole Living: Southern Magnolia Minerals Product Review

You may be wondering how organic and whole living pertains to makeup. Well, I'm here to tell you that the  ingredients in your everyday skin care could be the root of many health issues including many allergies. Often times everyday household products including soaps, shampoos and conditioners all contain harmful chemicals. Your skin, the largest organ on your body absorbs all of these chemicals. 

The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit company that has become an authority for safer foods, skincare products and more. They are also the creators of the Cosmetics Safety Data Base, Skin Deep. I usually visit Skin Deep when I'm researching any new cosmetics or skin care products that I'm interested in. My goal is to steer clear of the products that even mention cancer. I'm certainly not perfect when it comes to the products that we use, but we do try our best.

Recently, Southern Magnolia Minerals sent me a few products from their all-natural mineral makeup line. I've been using mineral makeup for a few years now and it is a work in progress. I mostly use all mineral makeup for eye shadow, foundation, blush and bronzer. I haven't been successful with the eye liner, I still use a stick.

Southern Magnolia Minerals offers a fair foundation that rates as a 1 (1 being the lowest in harmful chemicals at Skin Deep). While not everything from Southern Magnolia Minerals is listed at Skin Deep, this was a good start. They also state on their website the following;

Free of preservatives, chemicals, dyes, oils, perfumes & bismuth, our shine-free long-lasting formula provides sheer flawless coverage for every skin type and skin tone.


I like the fact that their line is free of preservatives, chemicals and dyes as these things tend to not agree with my skin.


The foundation and concealer worked well for me. I used the Medium Foundation. It blends nicely, especially if you moisturize beforehand and that is very important when using mineral makeup. If you don't mineral makeup tends to fill in any cracks and they show.


I  tried two kinds of eye shadow Dusk and Stormy. Both of these worked just fine as a dressier shadow for the weekend or evenings out, but for every day use they contained too much sparkling mica for me.  I prefer my minerals to be more matte finish and contain no glitters. The gray contained too much glittery mica for my taste.


One of the products that I really liked was their Warmth All Over Face Color for a Soft Focus. With snowy white surroundings this winter, it tends to give you a washed out look. With this warmth  it truly creates a summery look without the feel and orangeness of the spray on tan. I recommend this product.


A special thank you to Southern Magnolia Minerals for sending me their products to review. I truly appreciate their standards for mineral makeup. Visit Southern Magnolia Minerals for their makeup, lip-care, and skincare collections.

Truth in Review: Southern Magnolia Minerals. did provide me with makeup to review including shipping. I was not paid for the review or require any certain context within my review. All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Wyatt, Editor Visit our Disclaimer/Disclosure  for more info.






I just t hought I would mention that there has been some discussion as to the long term affects of inhaling the airborne minerals day after day over years of use of this type of make up. I cannot remember where I read it, if I do I will share it. I guess there is no way of avoiding the affects of anything that we put on our skin that is not part of our own bodies. Organic and natural does not always mean healthy or good for you. .

Vintage Indie

Hi Camille,

I have to say that I have heard and read about that. At this point, I am by no means an expert, but upon my research the mineral make-up was the lesser of two in regards to absorbing through the skin. That's why I limit my make-up usage. I'm still waiting on more hard evidence for mineral make-up and the actual amounts and effects of inhaling them.

I know that organic and natural doesn't always mean healthy or good for you, it certainly is based on the topic at hand.

What about you? Have you found any alternatives that you've been happy with?


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