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Vintage Style Organizing: Creative Ideas for Displaying and Organizing Your Jewelry Collection

Please help me in sending Vintage Indie reader, small business owner and homeschool mom of four Mrs.Shelbi Lynn- Awabdy  a warm welcome. She is here today to share her nifty ideas for organizing your jewelry in a repurposeful and vintage style. Be sure to visit her links at the bottom, she has a beautiful shop.


When it comes to displaying our jewelry, there are so many creative options at our fingertips. All you really need to do is look around your home, and many times you will find things to use in a new and charming way. If you’re a visual person like me,   you want your intimate space to feel welcoming  and reflect your personality. Nothing captures this quite like the art of creative jewelry display.  I love to find different and unique ways to arrange my favorite pieces and I’d love to share a little of that with you here today.

Jewelry display 029-1

 If you know me, you know that I have an affinity for all things ‘tea’ and ‘jewelry’. So it seemed only natural to marry these two loves. Here you’ll find  teacups and saucers on my bedside table decorated with my favorite ‘go to’ earrings and bracelets.

Jewelry display 030

A vintage velvet lined wooden box becomes a shelter for rings and various earrings with posts. 

Jewelry display 025


An oblong vintage tray is a perfect length for laying bracelets out flat to grab and go at a moments notice.

J 001

Elements of nature - like this coral cast piece is perfect to catch rings as well as drape lovely and delicate chain bracelets across it’s makeshift ‘branches’. 

Jewewlry 003

If your space is limited, don’t discount the idea of utilizing any wall space you may have available.  Here above my dresser, I have continued with my jewelry display. Where once there was plain white space, now breathes new life into the room with my favorite necklaces hanging from small hooks and the tiniest nails.


A rusted hued vintage inspired key holder adds a little décor and drama as champagne pearls hang from the hooks.

Earrings 002

An old vintage frame (once discarded and almost thrown away due to chips and scratches)  has been given a new life by way of earring display. To make one yourself, simply place small nails down the back sides of the frame, and string wire across to each nail. Easy peasy, and now showcases all of my favorite earrings.

Of course, proper storage of your jewelry is always good practice. It’s best to rotate your jewelry collection from display to storage every few weeks in order to keep your jewelry safe from the elements.   Humidity, dirt, soaps, lotions and oils from our skin can be harsh on our jewelry.  It is good to wipe your jewelry down with a soft cloth after each wear, and then store the pieces in small plastic Ziploc type bags, found at craft stores.  

I hope you have found some inspiration here today. Arranging our collections and using what we already have is one of the most satisfying dynamics of interior styling. I wish you all many happy days of inspiration!


Shelbi Lynn- Awabdy  is a wife and homeschooling mom to four.  She authors the blog ‘Marigold’  and runs a little jewelry shop by the same name Marigold.  She loves all things vintage and handcrafted - and her favorite part of any day is with a baby on her hip and behind the lens of her vintage polariod.  (of course, not exactly at the exact same time ).


Bella StyleBook

Great ideas!


Lots of wonderful ideas! Funny, my last post is about the same thing....I posted a vintage style jewelry stand tutorial!

Nicolette Lafonseca

Great ideas, My favourite is the last one I have so many long earings.

Take Care


Totally using spme of those ideas in my guest room!

Having vintage pieces of jewelry won't get out of style. These are must have accessories that can be a great idea as a gift too. Thanks a lot for sharing these lovely photos. Keep up the good work and good luck. This is indeed an inspiration.


Beautiful ideas that are doable.


Wonderful collection & fabulous ideas! :)


what a great post by Shelbi! I love how she displays her jewelry and I agree, it's important to remember to wipe it down to keep the germs away and keep jewelry fresh and clean! I absolutely love vintage jewelry, I just posted some of my favorite pieces on my flickr today. :)

Birch Alea

love your work, very beautiful, hopefully you are selling at shows-good luck, and blesseings to you.


This is fabulous! Thanks for your tips, I will be making my own Frame this weekend!

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