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Vintage Style Organizing: Muffin Tins & Vintage Suitcases

We're kicking off 2011 with some unconventional ways of organizing with vintage. Vintage Indie reader Mitzi C. has found a great way to store bits and pieces, as well as larger paper items using vintage.


I like to use muffin tins found at garage sales or tag sales to keep tiny bits and bobs handy.  To make the tins look prettier, I spray paint them with a flat white paint, then sand the edges a bit. 



Vintage suitcases can be great storage for old photos or folded fabric.  I've taken some old suitcases and dolled them up with vintage wallpaper so they look pretty and add some vintage flair to my decor.


Thank you Mitzi for sharing your vintage style organizing ideas!


Do you use a pice of vintage/antique furniture for storing your kitchen supplies, home school materials or another creative use? Show it off here at Vintage Indie. Send your submissions to me Subject: Organizing with Vintage.


Jessica Dougherty

Great ideas!

Rachel M.

These are neat ideas! Thanks for sharing. Haven't found any suitcases or cupcake tins lately. Maybe I should keep an eye out. I wonder if you could make some sort of tiered shelf with several of those tins on a rack or hanging on a chain...just a thought. :)


I just returned from a thrift store where I was helping a stranger see new uses for old things, finding unique storage for desktop needs.
I use muffin tins to sort beads. Makes a nice display and everything is right at hand.

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