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Teach Me: Easy Watercolor Valentine's Day Banner


Step 1: Gather your materials.

1. Hearts Template. We searched on-line for a printable hearts template. There are many out there to choose from. I liked the one we found since it has many different sizes of hearts. 

Heart Templates

2. Watercolors & Brushes.


3. Newspaper or covering for your work surface.We used brown craft paper that came in a package mailed to us. A great way to use and recycle packaging materials. 

4. Water & Paper Towels.

5. String for hanging later on.

Painted Hearts

Step 2: Paint your hearts in a collection of colors. We chose to go with reds, pinks, a white and one blue. The boys ended up experimenting with color blending and came up with a great purple and other colors from this family.


Step 3: Wait for your watercolor to dry, apply a second coat if you like dark colors.


Step 4: Cut out each heart.


Step 5: Measure you length of string, we chose some triple ply embroidery thread. Attach the hearts to the string. We used tape and placed hearts of different sizes and colors in a row down the string.

Watercolor Banner
Fridge Love
We decided to use leftover hearts to give the fridge some love.

Happy creating!



Sena Garrett

Such a cute idea! I'm going to remember this one, for when my little one gets a little older. Thanks for sharing!

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