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Teach Me: Product Review Evan Moor Daily Geopgraphy Practice

Recently Timberdoodle Co. gave my family the opportunity to review Evan Moor's Daily Geography Practice Grade 4 & Evan Moor's Daily Geography Practice Grade 1. I have to say I have a lot of mixed feelings about these books and have to specifically point out the differences in each grade level. 

Daily Geography

First, I'd like to talk about the Grade 1 book. The book layout is confusing as a teacher. The lessons, answers and information are all together. The student can easily look at the answers if they wanted (they are not hidden in the back of the book). Copying the sheets for the child doesn't make sense, since the answer keys would still be printed on the back of a sheet you would need for your student. I reviewed the book as if it was a consumable workbook. I looked all over to see if the book was a "teacher's manual". I couldn't find that to be true.

Each book contains lessons based on a week. For instance week one is "What is a Map?", During the week you have a specific question to answer for that day. Monday for this lesson was, " You use a map to find? Friends or Places". That's it. That's all there is for Monday. For my 1st grader this moved way too slow. He prefers to do a "week" at a time. He answers all of the questions Monday through Friday all on one day. This goes against the idea of the "daily" practice premise of the book. However, If we do a weeks worth in a day, this makes for a great geography book as far as the information it teaches.  (1st grade is fairly easy for my child) had I chosen the books by looking through them I may have chosen the second grade book for him and he would have started with the Grade 1 book in Kindergarten.  The 36 Transparencies are nice, but since we do homeschool, they aren't necessary and would require a projector. I feel that is a waste of materials.


I have mostly the same feelings and review for the Grade 4 book, accept that I believe the information and level of difficulty for this grade is appropriate and challenging.

The books would have been perfect for the homeschool setting had the answer key and instructional part replaced the transparencies in the back of the book or printed separately as a teacher's guide.

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Truth in Review: Timberdoodle Co. did provide me with Evan Moor's Daily Geography Practice Grade 1 & 4 free of charge.  I was not paid for the review or require any certain context within my review. All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Wyatt, Editor Visit our Disclaimer/Disclosure  for more info.



Hmm, it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense for the answers to be right there with the rest of the content. And who has an overhead projector and accompanying bare wall/screen at home?

Alos, I would just like to say that it gives me confidence to see homeschooling trials and triumphs. I am not in a position for children at the moment, but I am certainly considering homeschooling when I do have little ones.

So thanks for sharing your experience!

Vintage Indie

Hi Kait,

Thanks for visiting Vintage Indie. I know it's kinda different to see homeschool topics here, but alas that's our life! I appreciate your comments, glad you are considering homeschooling in the future. Although it isn't for everyone, we love it and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Have a lovely evening,

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