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Frugal Tips for Mamas: Swag Bucks & Organics

Hey everyone, I just wanted to remind you that today is Mega Swag Bucks Friday! I just received 36 Swag Bucks which prompted me to share this reminder with you.

Swag Bucks is a free rewards system. The concept is easy, you just use the Swag Bucks tool bar or search engine or their home page like you would any other search engine to earn free Swag Bucks and in turn cash them in for gift cards to places like Amazon. Amazon is great for us because we love shopping for organics and groceries, school supplies, books and the like. We use our Swag Bucks for Amazon all of the time. I order our Amazing Grass for our smoothies, chia seeds and a lot more.  A $5.00 Amazon Gift Card is only 450 Swag Bucks and it doesn't take long to rack them up. 

Search & Win

Mega Swag Bucks details;

Friday's you can earn swag bucks in multiples of 50,100,200 or even 1,000 just for searching.

If you'd like to get started, head over to Swag Bucks to find out more details. It's free to sign up and no strings attached. I'm saving my bucks up for something big I'd like to buy at Amazon. What will you use your Swag Bucks for?

xoxox  ♥ Gabreial

(by the way the link up there is a referral link under my hubby's program, help me, help you)


Jillian Clemmons

Awesome post! Just signed up. Thanks:)

Vintage Indie

Hey Jillian,

Thanks for reading and have fun with Swag Bucks. We've already made over $150.00 in SB since we started about a year ago.

Have a great weekend,


Thanks for sharing this! Many of us are seeking that bigger bang for our buck! Have a great weekend! ;)

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