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Teach Me: Product Review A Kid's Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the United States of America

Recently Timberdoodle Co. gave my family the opportunity to review  A Kid's Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the United States of America. We were sent the Lyndon B. Johnson book from the collection.  It didn't take us long to read through the 32 page book. Along the way we leaned many facts about President Lyndon B. Johnson. 

May 2011 049

Included in the book are of course, drawing lessons. The first is President Lyndon's birthplace, where the student learns how to draw a home with a front porch. Of course my children moved past the parts of learning how to draw a home and moved to the more exciting things that interested them like the Great Seal,  the silver star medal awarded to Johnson for his bravery during a mission, the patch from the USS Maddox and the Apollo 8 spacecraft.

May 2011 048
May 2011 047

 I think these books are a good launching point or accompaniment to your presidential history lessons. Providing something a little different than straight facts. My youngest a first grader, thoroughly enjoyed following the block style directions to create his drawings. 

 Find these history books and other history curriculum as well as art curriculum at Timberdoodle.


Truth in Review: Timberdoodle Co. did provide me with A Kid's Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the United States of America free of charge.  I was not paid for the review or require any certain context within my review. All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Wyatt, Editor Visit our Disclaimer/Disclosure  for more info.

The Daily Swank: Terra Cotta

After purchasing a bunch of Terra Cotta pots I've been researching how to care for them, how to grow a lovely moss on them or just let them age with a yummy natural patina. I thought you may enjoy some of these unique Terra Cotta vessels. 


Top Left: 86ForTheHome

Top Right: 86ForTheHome

Bottom Left: Genesofeve

Bottom Right: VintagePackratQueen

Making the Most of Monday: A busy week ahead? Don't fall apart.


If you are new to the magazine, Making the Most of Monday is a regular part of our features. Mondays  signify one important thing, a fresh start. It's like a new years resolution at the start of every week.

Hopefully by Monday you've taken some off time during the weekend to rejuvenate, spend quality time with loved ones and friends, which makes Monday your chance to really get to work and make the most of your week.






Do you feel overwhelmed on Mondays? Do you feel the weight of your week beginning to pull you down before you even have a chance to get started? I'm challenging you like I often do here at Vintage Indie, to Make the the Most of your Monday AND your week. You already know that Monday is the start and more often then not if Monday goes well, the rest of your week has a leg to stand on.

One of my favorite things to do in the mornings to start my week is to listen to husband and wife ministers, Charles & Hillary Price of Living Truth. This is one of the ways I recharge and refuel.  You can listen to past Sunday's services on their Podcast and also find older archives on YouTube. Doing the dishes, folding laundry and cleaning seems a lot less mundane and fulfilling when you're recharging you heart. If you're struggling in any part of your life, I encourage you to listen to Hilary's message from Nazareth March 29, 2009. Although, I encourage you to listen to any one of the topics and fill your cup.


On my bookshelf this week;

31 Days to Clean - Having a Martha House the Mary Way. ( I'm not very far into this book so I do not know the scripture references, versions or details)

The Handbook of Vintage Remedies (review coming soon)

Blessings to you my friends,

Have a lovely and fulfilling week.

xoxo Gabreial




Art Stories: Laura Amiss


Art Stories
We're talking with the artist, designer & creator themselves about their chosen medium. Get to know the artist behind the items featured and find inspiration in their personal stories of creativity. Today I would like to welcome Laura Amiss to Vintage Indie.

Time_for tea_LKA





What is your preferred medium?
My preferred medium is textiles, either sewing or by incorporating textiles in to my digital illustrations.


How did you get started?

When I was completing my Art Foundation course I was introduced to many new ways in which to create and produce artwork, suddenly anything felt possible. I initially created images using mixed media methods, I enjoyed collage and using unconventional materials. The materials I used became more fabric based and I used thread and sewing to piece things together. Before I started my degree I worked as a 'Dresser' in the London West End, I was surrounded by fabric, pattern, costumes and had opportunity to learn a great deal with regards sewing. I studied Textiles at Goldsmiths college in London which has a very contemporary, open minded approach to textiles. For me using textiles was another way in which I could create an image - drawing a picture in thread. Textiles and embroidery are laden with symbolism and meaning, I don't think you can really escape this, this association and history is an important element in my work.


Who or what inspires you?
It is often very ordinary things or items that inspire me, I am interested in our every day rituals and quiet moments. Words are also very important to me, books, poems and sayings have a great impact on my work.


What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into this medium?
Getting online was the best way for me, starting up an online shop has opened a lot of other doors for me. Maintaining an active online presence I have been able to attract design blogs and magazines, I have been quite taken a back by the kindness and support I have been shown by people.


Does vintage play a role in your art or life? If so, how?

I do love vintage clothing, although I like to wear it in contrast with something very modern. The same goes with home decoration, the contrast of vintage furniture within a modern setting is something that I enjoy and strive to include in my home.


What is important for your customer to know about your work?
That it is about colour, contrast and composition and that it is all made by me with a lot of passion and commitment.


A special thank you to Laura for sharing her beautiful work with us. Be sure to visit her Etsy shop

Frugal Tips for Mamas: Mamapedia $10.00 for $20.00 at Vitacost

Mamapedia is similar to those other coupon sites, offering special deals nationally and locally.

Today's deal is one that is particularly interesting to me as I've purchased from Vitacost before. Vitacost usually has great prices on organics, Hyland's brand homeopathic (which we use around here) and other great supplements and products.

xoxo Gabreial


(by the way the link up there is a referral link under my  program, help me, help you)

Plan Ahead Event: May 21, 2011 Pop-up Event West Elm & Etsy Must RSVP Portland, OR

Etsy_portland_final I would absolutely love to attend this event if it was in my area! RSVP is a must for this event.

Visit the website for more information



PS: I haven't forgotten about you! I've been crazy busy trying to get things accomplished here at the VI homestead. We're painting walls, furniture and all kinds of stuff. I can't wait to show off our house, very soon! xoxo Gabreial

Organic & Whole Living: Create a Salad Night

It's getting to be that time of year again when we slow down from the fast pace of summer and enjoy warm and hearty dinners like soups and stews.  While I love my crockpot this time of year, I'm a veggie girl at heart and love my salads. Why not try a new addition to your menu this fall with salads and save some money on your food budget while you're at it. 

Why create a salad night into your weekly food budget?

  •  You save on the cost of meat for your family for a night.
  •  You tend to purchase things for your salad that are in season and local to your area, thus saving money. 
  •  By eating healthier hopefully in the long run your body will thank you and you'll be visiting the doctor less.  

I have to be truthful with you though, at first the kids weren't into salad night or hubby for that matter.  I started them off slow with the usual lettuce and grilled chicken and moved into more complex flavors like the roasted butternut squash salad below.

Butternut Squash Salad

Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

  • 1 Large Butternut Squash. Peeled, diced, drizzled with olive oil, salt & pepper and roasted in a 375 degree oven for 45 minutes or until tender and somewhat caramelized.
  • 1-2 Heads Romain Lettuce
  • 1 Head of Green Leaf Lettuce
  • Quarter of a small purple cabbage
  • Purple Onions 

Toss your salad fixings together with your favorite dressing. (I use a balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, oregano, basil, salt & pepper dressing). Top with the sweet caramelized butternut squash for a filling and healthy salad!



I encourage you to start a salad night. Whether it is "Meatless Monday" or a salad with meat, try incorporating salad into your weekly dinner menu.

xoxo Gabreial

Frugal Tips for Mamas: Swag Bucks & Organics

Hey everyone, I just wanted to remind you that today is Mega Swag Bucks Friday! I just received 36 Swag Bucks which prompted me to share this reminder with you.

Swag Bucks is a free rewards system. The concept is easy, you just use the Swag Bucks tool bar or search engine or their home page like you would any other search engine to earn free Swag Bucks and in turn cash them in for gift cards to places like Amazon. Amazon is great for us because we love shopping for organics and groceries, school supplies, books and the like. We use our Swag Bucks for Amazon all of the time. I order our Amazing Grass for our smoothies, chia seeds and a lot more.  A $5.00 Amazon Gift Card is only 450 Swag Bucks and it doesn't take long to rack them up. 

Search & Win

Mega Swag Bucks details;

Friday's you can earn swag bucks in multiples of 50,100,200 or even 1,000 just for searching.

If you'd like to get started, head over to Swag Bucks to find out more details. It's free to sign up and no strings attached. I'm saving my bucks up for something big I'd like to buy at Amazon. What will you use your Swag Bucks for?

xoxox  ♥ Gabreial

(by the way the link up there is a referral link under my hubby's program, help me, help you)

Plan Ahead Events: Season Opener for Randolph Street Market Festival May 28-29 2011 CHICAGO


Chicago's favorite vintage market, The Randolph Street Market Festival, officially kicks off its summer season May 28th and May 29th at Plumbers Hall at 1340 West Washington. The monthly event is expected to attract tens of thousands of fans over the course of five weekends this summer.

"The amount of enthusiasm for vintage has exploded in the last few years," says Randolph Street Market Festival Producer and Executive Director Sally Schwartz. "Chicago knows Randolph Street Market Festival is the place to find the best of vintage and that's why its not uncommon to see the lines forming early at these events."

Schwartz says the search for the unique, as well as an increasing desire to re-purpose, re-use and re-cycle are some of what's leading the move to vintage. But its also the fun experience of the event.

"If you've been to the Randolph Street Market Festival, you know its about vintage, but its also about food, people, music and having a really good time," Schwartz says. "It's the experience that satisfies."

The Randolph Street Market Festival is home to the world-renowned Chicago Antique Market and Indie Designer Market. Moreover, new to the event this year is FREE furniture delivery in downtown Chicago (with a minimum purchase), plus fancy food market featuring chocolates, cakes, breads, spices, olive oils and salsa and a global goods bazaar delighting Chicagoans with crafts and artisan goods representative of Chicago’s ethnic neighborhoods.

 More information is available on the web at www.randolphstreetmarket.com.

The Daily Swank: Art by Parada Creations

Parada Banner


I loved this one, perfect for the homeschooling family we are.

Parada Creations creates many art prints with vintage items like the above sewing machine.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist this one. I can hear the chuckles of my family now. 


Visit Parada Creations for more prints and charming designs. She also creations custom artwork!

Art Stories: Lauren Maurer

Art Stories
We're talking with the artist, designer & creator themselves about their chosen medium. Get to know the artist behind the items featured and find inspiration in their personal stories of creativity. Today I would like to welcome Lauren Maurer  to Vintage Indie.

What is your preferred medium?
I prefer to paint in watercolors. I love how fluid watercolors are. I very often incorporate ink and charcoal into my watercolor paintings, adding to the old-timey fashion illustration feel that I love so much.

How did you get started?
I have painted and created my whole life. My dad used to paint (I wish he still did!) when I was small, and I loved everything about it... The supplies, the smells, the feeling of being in the studio. It felt (and still feels) like home to me. 

Who or what inspires you?
I have so many artists and friends that inspire me- Rachel Parker, Sally Tharp, David Lobenberg, Kristina Laurendi Havens, Lain Stewart, and Chris Beck (just to name a few) 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into this medium? 
My advice for anyone who wanted to start painting... is to start painting! Seriously- you will benefit from doing daily paintings. I'm self taught - I've never received any formal training - and while I always had a bit of talent, it wasn't until I committed to practicing every day that I really saw a difference in my work. 
Oh, and paint what you love, not what you think you "should" be painting! 

Does vintage play a role in your art or life? If so, how?

Vintage has become a huge part of my life since I started painting vintage dresses. I follow so many wonderful vintage blogs, and have tried to read as much as possible about the different styles through the generations. Even my house has gone vintage. I love being surrounded by pieces of people's history. What attracted me to vintage dresses originally was the idea that someones special memories have endured time and have been passed down and have seen so much.

What is important for your customer to know about your work?

All of my art is created with you in mind through the whole process. I want each piece to find a good home and to be enjoyed as much as I loved painting it. I want everyone that has ever purchased from me, or been kind enough to leave a sweet comment on my blog or Facebook, or taken the time to stop in at a show or gallery to know that I appreciate you all so much! xo

A special thank you to Lauren for sharing her beautiful work with us. Be sure to visit her Etsy shop and her blog

Making the Most of Monday: Weekend in Memories


If you are new to the magazine, Making the Most of Monday is a regular part of our features. Mondays  signify one important thing, a fresh start. It's like a new years resolution at the start of every week.

Hopefully by Monday you've taken some off time during the weekend to rejuvenate, spend quality time with loved ones and friends, which makes Monday your chance to really get to work and make the most of your week.






My weekend was so full of life and enjoyment and happy memories that I want to remember them again here with you. 

  • Party at a friends house. Laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.
  • Youngest Love's First Tee Ball Game.
  • Some of the littler guys drew in the dirt with their fingers.
  • Watching my son being a team player and encouraging others. Made my heart happy.
  • Tried a new pizza place. It was OK. not my favorite, but not bad.
  • Family Movie Night
  • All of the lights have to be off and the shades pulled. It's more fun that way you know.
  • Early Mother's Day gift from a "big kid" for a husband who can't stand to wait to surprise me with anything.
  • An Espresso Maker (I'm in it for the froth)
  • Early morning lovins on Mother's Day morning with two boys who did chores without having to be told.
  • Lots of kisses and hugs. Slowly starting to melt.
  • Change of plans for Mother's Day lunch with in-laws.
  • Turned out to be an even more delicious food experience. Couldn't have asked for a better meal.
  • Shopping Fancy stores with my mother-in-law (window shopping that is)
  • Two boys and a hubby who tagged along with cheerful hearts even thought all three hate shopping.
  • Did I mention the SUN SHOWED Its Face?
  • A lovely new purse from my stylish mother-in-law
  • Phone calls from family and my momma who I missed this weekend.
  • Planted My Rose Bushes I'm determined to have my version of an English Garden.
  • Planted lovely flowers from a neighbor girls fundraiser.
  • Sleep.


What a glorious weekend and to top it off, good news from the doctor today.

God is Good, He's so Good To Me!


I hope you had a lovely and memorable weekend.

xoxo - Gabreial


Getting to Know: Leona, owner of Dreamscape Hideaway Logan Ohio, Hocking Hills

Cabin 12-10 054

Dreamscape Hideaway Hocking Hills (winter)

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a wife a mom and a grandmother to 2 beautiful grandchildren.  I am also a professional photographer and adventurer which allows me to travel and explore. 

How long have you owned Dreamscape Hideaway?

I have owned the cabin 3 1/2 yrs

The details seem to shine through every room of the cabin, what inspired you to make Dreamscape such a luxurious place to stay?

I've been lucky to travel extensively in the last decade and find myself intrigued and inspired with so many of the places I visit.  I'm always asking myself, "How can I improve things?  How can I make it better. Oftentimes something I see in some remote location gives me ideas on what I can do at Dreamscape Hideaway.

Hawaii seems to show its face around the cabin, can you tell us a little bit about that? Why Hawaii items in Ohio?

Well, my other job is chief photographer of Wizard Publications, the largest guidebook publisher in Hawaii. As a result, I alternate months in Hawaii and Ohio. So when I started Dreamscape Hideaway, I decided to bring some of the aloha spirit (not to mention fresh Kona coffee and chocolate macadamia nuts) to our cabin in the woods.  In fact, the very name of the cabin comes from the titles of our Hawaiian coffee table books, "Hawaii Dreamscapes Revealed."

How many people does the cabin sleep? Do you allow children?

The cabin sleeps 6 adults. Although we love children the cabin is designed with adults in mind.

What are some of your favorite go-to spots in Hocking Hills?

My personal favorite would be hiking in the Hocking Hills.  There are 6 major hiking areas, Old Mans Cave is my favorite.  Also in the area is Horseback riding, canoeing/kayaking, rock climbing, ATV riding and ziplining. 

Just  Owning a rental place seems like a lot of hard work, but do you find it rewarding? If so, how?

It is a lot of hard work. More than I ever imagined. But, though it may sound like a cliche, when I read happy comments from happy customers, it really, really does make it all worth it.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the cabin? Any history or fond memories of your stays there?

Dreamscape Hideaway represents the culmination of all my dreams as a traveler.  The smallest detail has become the biggest issue when I envision my ideal guest and the expectations that they bring when they check into the object of my passions.

We've had everything at the cabin from girls getaways, to honeymoons and reunions.
We also been astounded at the amount of wild life that show up at the cabin on a regular basis.  You can sit right on the back porch and watch wild deer curiously watching us. 

Be sure to catch the video below of Dreamscape Hideaway and if you haven't seen our review of Dreamscape Hideaway be sure to do so here.

Vintage Indie Shops: Bohemian Bisoux Vintage

How do you get to know an vintage indie store? By the owner of course! Please help me welcome Lauren the swanky owner of Bohemian Bisoux Vintage. 

BBV Interview_1

Can you tell us a little bit about your shop name?

Bohemian Bisoux Vintage was named with a Parisian aesthetic in mind- macaroons in the morning, effortless hair, tulle skirts for day-wear, & loads of bisoux at the ends of love letters (bisoux is the French equivalent of xoxo's). I’ve always had a soft spot for everything French, so naturally the shop has a soft spot, too.


How did you get started?

I’ve been exploring the back roads of the Midwest with my family since I was a little girl, always taking time to stop at antique shops & local estate sales. I vividly remember being 7 & going to a sale one rainy Saturday- as my dad headed for the garage & my mom for the kitchen, I went to the missus’ room & came out with a heap of lace dresses. My love affair with vintage had begun. I’ve been wearing & collecting since then, but didn’t decide to start sharing my passion on Etsy until college.

Who or what inspires you?

Etta James songs, this tiny town about 30 miles from mine (filled with teeny cottages & fisherman), old images of Françoise Hardy, & my Sunday morning blog reading.


Often times vintage shop owners carry things that they are personally drawn to. Do you find that true for your store?

Absolutely. I’m a sucker for 1920's silk lingerie, 1940's rayon dresses & 1960's leather Frye boots, & almost never pass them up. I must admit that it’s hard to let these things go, precisely because I am so drawn to them, but I do my best to share them with my pretty customers!


What are some of your favorite vintage items from your shop?

A 1920’s silk crepe dress, a 1950's blue brocade wiggle dress, & a pair of 1960's olive green kitten heels.


Does vintage play a role in your art or life? If so, how?

Oh gosh, yes! For instance, right now I’m wearing a 1920’s silk chemise, listening to Louis Armstrong, drinking a Bellini concocted using a vintage recipe, & trying to perfect the perfect cat eye liner. You might say I’m engulfed in it ☺


What one vintage/antique thing have you scored that you will never sell in your shop?

I have so many beautiful garments that I’ve kept, but I must say that my favorite find has been a complete 6 piece Samsonite luggage set in mint green. I have so many places I’m longing to travel to, so this luggage has some big dreams to help fulfill.


What is important for your customer to know about your business?

I want my customers to fall in love with their purchases from Bohemian Bisoux- that whenever they peek into their closets & see their dress or hat they feel instant happiness. As such, finding the perfect match between customer & vintage item is so important, & so very fulfilling on my part. Customer & shop owner relationship is a key part of Bohemian Bisoux.


Thank you Lauren for sharing your love of vintage with us!

Weekend Tote

My family and I are planning a little getaway. Just a little time to ourselves to dig our heels into nature and explore. I would love any one of these weekend totes to pack our things in!



Vintage Seed Sack Bags by  Selina Vaughan

Recycled Canvas by Forestbound