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When I think of vintage pertaining to my children, trains come to mind. My boys have loved trains ever since they were small. We surprised them with a train ride (their first) during our last trip to Hocking Hills. You can find the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway in Nelsonville.

Within driving distance from Old Man's Cave, it is a delight not to be missed during your family vacation.

Vacation June 2011 332

At the train station. It's full of railway history.

Vacation June 2011 336

I love the Art Deco lighting in this passenger train.


Vacation June 2011 337
Vacation June 2011 343
Vacation June 2011 347

A Double Decker Passenger train that runs sometimes with the scenic railway.

Vacation June 2011 359

Hubby & Moi

Vacation June 2011 377

The engine after a switch, coming to attach to us to take us back.

Vacation June 2011 459

Vacation June 2011 382
A retired school teacher now fully invested in trains volunteers his time with the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway. He spent a lot of time talking with my oldest love about how the trains work, and pointing out historical facts along the way. This was his first year actually "going for the ride" as he's spent hundreds of personal hours working on the trains in the train yard.

Vacation June 2011 464
Vacation June 2011 469

Getting ready for a tour of the engine.

Did you know that the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway is a completely volunteer railway? Every person involved is a volunteer. This is not an easy job and requires many hours working in the train yard.

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway offers many different types of train rides but you'll need to catch those on specific days. Go for a ride during the "Robbery Train" and participate in a gold hold up.

Ride back into history when our old-time train carries a “gold" shipment. The robbers of Smoke Rise Ranch are planning an attack with their horses and guns to rob the train of its gold and the passengers of their “play" money. This thrilling trip is fun for the entire family and one of our most popular trains.

They also have a caboose train, a 4th of July Fireworks Shuttle, a boo train, Santa train and a whole lot more.  

All rides depart from the Nelsonville Depot, located at 33 W. Canal Street on U.S. Route 33 in Nelsonville, Ohio. This is 56 miles southeast of Columbus, Ohio, from the I-70 intersection, and 13 miles north of Athens, Ohio.


Reservations may be made on-line through this website, by calling 740-753-9531, or by leaving a message at 800-967-7834. Reservations for groups of 20 or more, charter trains and school group trains may be also be arranged by calling 800-967-7834.

For complete information visit the Hocking Valley Train Website.


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