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Organic & Whole Living: Summer Side Dish Broccoli & Sundried Tomatoes

Summer is my ultimate favorite time of year to cook. I love veggies and the lighter side of summer meals. This is one of my favorite summer side dishes. I even make it for myself for lunch sometimes.

You will need:

2 Small Heads (or one large head) of Organic Broccoli. Broccoli is number 19 one the Environmental Working Groups Best to Worst in Pesticides List. Anything past the 10 mark I try to use organic and local.

3-4 T Chopped Sun-dried tomatoes packed in seasoning and olive oil.

1T of the sun-dried tomatoes oil.

Salt & Pepper to taste

Summer 2011 044

1. Steam Broccoli in a saute pan with a few tablespoons of water and a lid on.

2. Once the broccoli has softened, add 3-4 T of chopped sun-dried tomatoes, more or less if you'd like. I like a lot of them.

4. Once you've added the sun dried tomatoes to the saute pan continue to saute on med low for a few minutes. If you feel like you need to add a T of the sun-dried tomato oil, go ahead. Salt and pepper to taste. 

5. Saute until your desired doneness.

Of course you could sprinkle freshly grated Parmesan cheese over it, but I like to keep this as light as possible.

Serve warm. 




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