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Teach Me: Home Educating Family Magazine & Yours Truly

As I approached the midnight hour last night while I was working on Vintage Indie's new look, I peered over at our counter to find my husband had brought in the mail and the latest issue of Home Educating Family Magazine. I am super excited about this issue. Not only because of the wonderful Todd Wilson and family who are the featured family in this issue, but my first article on Book Clubs is published there on page 72 & 73!

If you haven't had a chance to pick up a copy of the magazine I highly suggest you do so. I've often touted my love for their Yearly Planners, and their newest edition for the 2011-2012 school year doesn't disappoint. I'll be back with my highlights and review on those later.

Now, back to the magazine. Todd Wilson is such an inspiration to fathers and home school mothers.Check out this little video he did for Home Educating Family Magazine. I think you'll really enjoy it.



Aren't they sweet! Pick up a digital preview issue at Home Educating Family and find fabulous, inspiring articles to encourage, enrich and help you feel more confident in your homeschooling journey.


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