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Organic & Whole Living: Square Foot Gardening

Our garden got put in way too late, but it's in! 

Summer 2011 010
We have a lot of green stuff growing since this photo was taken, but I'm in the midst of battling groundhogs, racoons and aphids, it doesn't look so pretty. Not an easy go for our first year of a big-er garden.

Summer 2011 011

I really love the square foot garden idea. The idea is that you plant things within the square foot spaces. I love the organization of it and it helps me keep the garden tidy. We used masonry twine with nails to make sure the squares didn't go anywhere. We also graded our yard and planted grass, we finally have some grass growing too. I'll get the updated pictures up soon.

What about you? Are you gardening this year? What are you growing?

I'm reviewing a fantastic book for you called Four Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman, so if you were late getting your garden in, don't wait for my review! Go get this book or check it out at your library, there is hope for a practical garden all year long.



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