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Four little children, stretched on a blanket and four hours of fun later they have learned a lot. I had to do a double take when I was proofing this article. Four hours? Yes, four hours of playing this game. Mind you there was some running around involved, drink breaks and a half hour dinner break but still, that's a long time.


When I first heard about ! the game, I was totally thrilled. It was right when I started my journey of learning more about using herbs in our home for medicinal and food purposes. This was a great opener to start teaching my children about herbs and plants for uses they aren't used to. After the initial talk about not eating or using any plant unless you have permission, I was comfortable with them learning how plants benefit them.

As they were stretched out on the blanket outside they began to squirm and take off running through the yard. When I went outside to find out what was going on and to put up the game, they told me not to. They were trying to see if they could find Plantain in our yard for their "plant cards". Sure enough, they did this several times, finding specific plants in our back yard from the game.


Boys Review;

 - I thought it was great, fun to learn with.

 - You learn a lot.

 - Its a good game to play with friends.


I think Wildcraft! is a great game for kids. It makes a great conversation starter and for me, someone who didn't know a lot about plants and herbs (most of us call them weeds), a great opportunity to learn right along with my kids.

If you're interested in learning more about Herbal Medicine visit family owned and operated Learning Herbs to check out Wildcraft! and more.


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