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Good Monday morning to you! Today, I have a special treat a vintage clock collection! Please enjoy my interview with Mr. Jeff S.




VI - What made you start collecting these?

I've always had an interest in vintage clocks but never got into really collecting them until 2007.  A friend of mine began collecting GE/Telechron clocks a year or two earlier, and that's what got me started. The fascinating thing about these clocks is the fact that so many of them are still working and keeping accurate time 70-80 years after they were first made. My everyday bedside alarm is a silver and black clock, the 7H93K Talisman, which dates from 1939. I often wonder what the original owner of that clock would think if they knew it would still be in daily use 70 years later!     
5H67 Showpiece

VI - What's your favorite item out of the collection?
All the clocks in my collection are my favorites! :) But if I had to choose one, it would be the 5H67 Showpiece. It dates from 1954 and was part of Telechron's short-lived Designer Line which ran from June 1954 to October 1955. It is a rather rare clock with only 853 units having been sold during the short time it was available. It has a brushed silver body with brass legs and trim pieces, very mid-century. Some people think it's a bit gaudy, but I rather like it. It's very much a product of it's era.

VI - What's missing from your collection, that you dream about having?
For me, the one clock missing from my collection is the 431 Modernique. It was also known as the "$50.00 clock" because that was it's original retail price in 1928, making it a rather expensive clock for it's day. It was designed by Paul Frankl, and has a lot of crossover appeal for  many collectors, not just collectors of vintage clocks but also collectors of art deco and anything designed by Mr. Frankl. Today, because of its rarity and design pedigree, well preserved examples of the Modernique can sell for upwards of $1,000.00 or more. So unless I win the lottery or find one hidden away in a dusty antique store with a $25.00 price tag from 30 years ago, it will remain a dream. 
Luxor Blue

VI - What do you think makes a great collector or a great collection?

That's a hard question to answer. Collections, like collectors, come in all shapes and sizes and there's no one hard and fast rule as to what makes a great collection or collector. For me, the joy I get from collecting is finding that bargain, or buying a beat up clock on the cheap and restoring it to its former beauty. Some people have vast collections of many different things. They buy lots of items simply because they can, but with no real thought or passion going into the purchase. Others can have very modest collections, but they buy what they love and it shows.


Thank you Jeff for giving us a look into your collection and sharing your love for vintage clocks with us.

See more of Jeff's collection at his Flickr Page.


Would you like to share your collection with us? Email me your submission/ideas!


elissa :: ebb & flow

what an incredible collection. the only thing i ever collected was rocks (when i was about six years old) and that didn't last long!

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