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Organic & Whole Living: Vintage Remedies Mini Workshops Online!


Good afternoon! I wanted to stop by and tell you about a new and exciting affiliate here at Vintage Indie. Please hep me welcome Vintage Remedies! (Don't you just love the name)

What is Vintage Remedies? Just a snippet from their website " Vintage Remedies was established primarily to fill the gap in natural wellness options. We stand squarely in the middle of the medicine wars, believing that prevention is the key to health and that natural options are usually the best first steps to regain wellness."

I'm embarking on a journey for my family and myself and home to become fully educated in natural wellness, so that I can further pursue my passion for healthy living and I'm so excited about it.

Why the affiliation? I met owner Jessie Hawkins at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention this past year. Her workshops were packed to the door and her booth, well it was sold out of every resource! People were flocking to the Vintage Remedies table and from there my curiosity grew. In the past few months I have been reviewing several books by Jessie Hawkins and I'm thrilled with what I've learned.

If you're interested in healthy living, herbal remedies, and alternatives to western medicine, I suggest you check out Vintage Remedies.

Join me this month and attend a mini-workshop!


Tuesday Aug 16: 10am Botanical Must Haves for the Whole Family with Jessie

Thursday Aug 18: 10AM Aromatherapy for the Homeschool with Jessie

Tuesday, Aug 23: 10AM Homemade must haves with Jessie

Thursday, Aug 25: 10AM Immunity for Winter with Jessie - School is starting, which means flu season is just around the corner. Learn what steps you can take to boost immunity in this mini version of one of our most requested workshops!

For more information visit Vintage Remedies under their shop and enroll link, from there follow it to Event Registration.


I look forward taking these workshops with you!


xoxo Gabreial


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