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On the Road with The Bellaires: Lola's, Charleston, WV

Please help me in sending our new guest reporters The Bellaires, a warm Vintage Indie welcome! They'll be visiting us here at VI, sharing their love of travel, good eats and other fun topics that peak their interests. Up first, they bring us a foodie review of Lola's, in Charleston WV. 


Complicated Elegance from Simple Food?

 A trip to Charleston, WV did not disappoint. After a local’s recommendation, a visit to Lola’s restaurant was a must-do. Recognized for their delicious pizzas and salads, made fresh with natural ingredients as well as wonderful taste combinations, they include goat cheese, artichoke, and a variety of herbs and spices. The Lola’s experience was wonderful, and one that we will remember for years to come.  



Located in a small white house in the south hills just minutes from downtown Charleston, West Virginia, Lola’s is inviting and soothing from the landscape to the dining room. The surrounding architecture, ambiance, and layout literally make you feel at home. So how was eating at home away from home? In short, fantastically satisfying! 


The start of a memorable meal began with a masterful pan seared goat cheese salad with beautiful greens, a delicious vinaigrette, and goat cheese slices that melted in your mouth. The salad was the perfect entree in wait for a remarkable pizza. Lola’s has wowed the locals with the pizza creations since their start up. Our order of a child’s pepperoni pizza and large adult pizza with flank steak and sausage arrived in short time and we were eager to partake. The pizza dough was light and flavorful with cheese, meats, and sauce that was absolutely palette pleasing. It did not take long or much effort to completely finish this mouthwatering pie.


For dessert, well we could not pass up the flour-less chocolate cake and the coconut Crème Brûlée…. sweets made for a king. Some of the best pastry shops and cake houses in America would be privileged to serve the confections we enjoyed as the finality to our meal.



Eating salad and pizza may not seem like high-end dining, but do not be fooled. The meal was beyond expectations and could stand up to many 5 star restaurants we have been blessed to enjoy throughout the U.S. and several countries. Lola’s is without question in a league of its own. 


The meal portions were very appropriate, flavors best in class, and the overall experience impossible to pass up. If you enjoy salads, pizzas, and dessert items made with fresh ingredients that make you beg for more, then you must visit Lola’s. You will not only be satisfied, but will truly be creating a dining memory.   




(304) 343-5652

1038 Bridge Rd
Charleston, WV 25314





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