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On the Road with The Bellaire's: Fava's Restaurant Georgetown, KY



Georgetown is a small township in the heart of central Kentucky.  This quiet and down to earth community is definitely comfortable and inviting. While taking in the small town feel, classic style architecture, and beautiful natural setting, our visit was like a trip back in time - calming and reflective. Our choice of lunch location was not exclusive to the wonderful feeling of walking the streets of a town plentiful with history. Fava’s diner directly on main street is a retro eatery right out of the 1950s.


With many pictures, articles, and a full wall mural depicting how little Fava’s has changed in the past 40 - 50 years, it was a remarkable and nostalgic to sit and eat in such a simple yet intriguing venue. The history of the diner is around you as you eat. From counter tops to wall decorations and even a vintage Disney collection with Mickey Mouse memorabilia dating back more than 40 years. And after enjoying the food choices we made, it is no wonder they are still in business. Just delicious home cooked meals tat make you feel warm, welcome, and full. And the price was still years old. 3 lunches and dessert with quality and taste, Fava’s is still a value at a time where it is much needed.




I chose the shrimp po boy whole my wife had the patty melt. Both meals were delicious and full of flavor. And our little one, well he had the cheeseburger and fries and he was happy and felt at home. So much so that my family was desperate to try a dessert. And within minutes the butterscotch pie was on the table with only several bites left. Fava’s is a simply fascinating small diner that serves delicious food in a quiet little town with comfort and appeal to the peaceful at heart. 


Featurebutton_06Husband and wife team, Prescott and Lynne Bellaire are parents to two grown daughters and one son at home. Lynne home educates, and loves teaching on the road. Both enjoy traveling and have been to a total of 43 states. They spend their spare time involved in educational activities with their son, visiting local museums, participating in Cub Scout activities and various community events. They hope to bring some good eats, and special stops to Vintage Indie while they're on the road. 


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