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Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken

310 S Front St  
Memphis, TN 38103

Are you near or in Memphis Tennessee? Do you have a craving for just plain good food? I am talking that “age old” give me a burger and some fries major craving – well Gus’ famous fried chicken will give you something to taste and talk about. Spices, chicken, and taste… that’s all I can say. Busy and bustling with flavor and down to earth food Gus’ is a local favorite that has apparently made the world notice.


Gus’ tastes like good home cooked but this is not your momma’s chicken – unless she taught Gus to make his delicious recipe chicken. Almost addicting in 30 min or less  - even my 8 yr old finished 2-3 pieces. It has the perfect juice, heat, and tenderness that will beg you to finish all the chicken you order. A family meal fit for a family ready for great eating was such a value, it tasted even better than any first impressions. An order of sweet tea to accompany the meal will provide the perfect sweet coolant for your pallet. And don’t forget the amazing fresh slaw and baked beans that will melt in your mouth. 


World famous chicken is not a cliché statement here. Gus’ serves food you will never forget. So throw away the “sweet tooth”, “health food”, or “grilled” thoughts. You only live once and this is what its for – dig in to Gus’ world famous chicken and remember you did.  



Featurebutton_06 Lynne Bellaire, mom  to two grown daughters and one son at home. Lynne home educates, and loves teaching on the road. Her and her son (only one left at home) enjoy traveling and have been to a total of 43 states. They spend their spare time involved in educational activities, visiting local museums, participating in Cub Scout activities and various community events. They hope to bring some good eats, and special stops to Vintage Indie while they're on the road. 


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