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Handmade Crush: Vintage Styled Baby Paper Doll Softy Rattle

We don't know what we're having just yet, but if squishy is a girl, I would love to own one of these for her. 




Edit: I'm not sure why, but the shop owners information didn't come through here. You can purchase these adorable dolls at BufordWife


All images copyright © Toni Buford 

Handmade Crush: thezakka

Today's Handmade Crush comes to you by aiko

Kirkland, Washington.



Handmade Frame Clutches


All Images Copyright © thezakka  




All Images Copyright © thezakka  


I'm loving the fabrics on these! 

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Organic & Whole Living Pregnancy: Washing, Storing & Loading up on Fresh Veggies

I've learned with this pregnancy that if it is not convenient for me, it is harder for me to choose the best things to eat. So I've come up with a new routine to make sure I'm getting plenty of fresh veggies and vitamins for our baby

The prep is easy. We choose to buy mostly organic (as much as possible) based on the dirty dozen list  but at times we do veer off if something is way down on the list. In order to clean those veggies we take extra care. 


Washing Solution
Carrots in the Washing Solution


The first step is to run a tub, clean sink or large bowel with fresh water. Adding 1-2 T of Lemon Juice and 1-2 T of Baking Soda. We then submerge our veggies in this mixture, rinse and repeat if necessary. Most of the time it is a two time process, especially if we are noticing the water is very dirty. (Wait until you try this with strawberries for the first time and I'm talking the organic ones!) 

The second step is to dry or spin our produce as much as possible before we get into the prep stage. 


2012 158
Celery in the Spinner


Third, we start prepping veggies some are prepped for dinners to come during the week and the rest is chopped for easy munching. 


2012 161
Clean & Chopped Veggies


Below you can see I've chopped celery and carrots and saved the tops of the celery for our homemade chicken noodle soup (recipe coming soon). This way, when I need to get started on the soup, I'll be half way there! 


2012 157


2012 159

I can't tell you how much I adore a refridgerator full of fresh, clean and prepped veggies for munching. With pregnancy hunger it is so easy to grab a handfull of celery, carrots, peppers or any other veggie that's ready to be consumed. 

One of my favorite bonuses of having clean and prepped veggies is when the kids are hungry for a "snack" right before dinner or during the day, I tell them to grab a veggie of choice. I got a few no thank yous at first, but my kiddos know we eat veggies around here and before you know it the carrots and bell peppers were all gobbled up. 


I hope this has inspired you to go get some fresh veggies and always have a supply of them ready to go for snacking at any time. You'll be surprised how little time it actually takes and how many more vitamins and nutrients you're getting into your body in no time. 

 - Gabreial 

Organic & Whole Living: Pregnancy


Vintage Victorian Style Baby Carriage from gremlina


Well, if you're a friend of Vintage Indie Mag on Facebook, then you may have read that a fun announcement was coming. If you can't tell by the title, the Vintage Indie Fam is expecting our third newbie this summer!

We've known for a bit, but wanted to wait awhile before we shared it with our readers. I'm so excited to have the opportinity to dive into the world of Organic, Whole Living and Pregnancy with you.

Pregnancy and birth is something I'm very passionate about, as well as doing it healthfully (maybe with some chocolate cake too). I have to admit I was not living and eating a super healthy lifestyle with my other pregnancies, it wasn't horrible by any means, but it was not as clean and filled with whole foods as I would have liked. This time, I'm hoping to change a few things, including the birth

I hope you'll join me on this journey to explore the wonderful world of pregnancies and babies. I find the wisdom of other mothers something to cherish and hope for open communication of helpfulness during this journey.  Of course you know there will be plenty of vintage and indie style ideas as well! I'm aiming for a more stylish pregnancy and less frumpy. 

I'd love to know if you're also on a pregnancy journey, it is always more fun when you have someone to share it with! 


xoxo Gabreial & Family. 

My Vintage Pad: Home Tour, Vintage Indie Reader Linn

New home owners Linn and her hubby embarked on a project this past summer turning their little white 40s bungalow-style home into something to treasure. They also have an eye for vintage and some great vintage style was included in their remodel. 



What is your favorite part of each room (each one that you share with us)

Well, I have lots of favorite parts of each room. Mainly I think
because I only choose to have things around me that I absolutely love.
We have a pretty small house, so each space has to really count; we
just don't have the room to keep lots of different things around which
we don't absolutely love and find useful.


In the living room, I love the built in bookcases we constructed a
couple of months ago. We have lots of books and love our books; we
want to be able to see them everyday and keep them out and visible.
Before we had the bookcases, we had a real storage issue, but once we
decided to build bookcases that went all the way up to the ceiling, we
gained a lot of really valuable space, plus I love the way they really
add character to the room.


In the living room I also adore the damask wallpaper. I had the paint
store match the background color of the paper to paint the rest of the
living room in, that way we didn't have to wallpaper all the walls,
and we could get a uniform look going.



In the dining room, my favorite part is probably our blue dining
chairs. I love the pop of color they provide, they brighten the space
a lot and add a whimsical element.



In the kitchen, I think my favorite part is the marble and granite
checkerboard floor which we put in when we renovated the kitchen a few
months ago. It gives the space a retro, yet classic look.

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

I prefer timeless, classic design, however it's also important for us
that things are useful and interesting. I don't like pretty things
just for the sake of being pretty (usually anyway!) I love when the
decor is practical, or in some way generates conversation or thought.
Mainly I find inspiration in the way of books, maps, useful objects in
the kitchen etc… I do however really appreciate nautical themes,
English country estates and Scandinavian homes to mention a few
favorite inspirational sources.

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

Things that exude a sense of timelessness and thought are ideally what
I want to surround myself with. That doesn't necessarily mean that the
things need to be old or of a vintage time, but it doesn't hurt if the
idea or theme stems from an earlier time.  The most important vintage
source in our home is without doubt our book collection where works
from literature, philosophy, history, science etc… coexist on the
shelves. Other vintage themes include antique reproduction maps, old
wooden furniture (but also newly built ones where we used classic
techniques.) I suppose you can also count our kitchen design into this
category: we have classic white subway tile, vintage style hardware
and a checkerboard floor!

Any advice on creating your look?

Choose things that speak to you and don't overdo it. If you have a
nice book collection, don't hide it behind closed doors. Choose a
basic color theme and stick with it: at first we wanted to stain the
bookcases a dark stain because we generally love that look. But after
realizing it would look really weird against the white moulding in the
room we decided to paint all the shelves white instead. Now we're
really happy we did because it works with the rest of the space
better. Also, try to use real materials as much as possible. We
appreciate timeless elements and "real materials" where you now
exactly what it's made of. So that means real wood and not laminate or
fake wood pieces as often as possible. We also have chosen to surround
ourselves with stone (marble and granite for the floor which we have
also reused in furniture pieces), and stainless steel for the kitchen.
So basically, keep things real, don't take short cuts and select a few
pieces which you really love.

We loved your vintage map collection, can you tell us a little bit
more about this project?

Thanks! Those maps are one of my favorite projects as well. A couple
of years ago, we purchased some really beautiful vintage reproduction
maps which have been sitting in the closet ever since, gathering dust.
As we got done renovating parts of our home, we realized we now could
put our focus towards putting things up on the walls, and immediately
thought of our maps. Since we couldn't find any frames in the store
that would fit right, we decided to custom make our own frames to fit
perfectly. So we measured carefully, created hemlock frames
constructed with dowels and glue, custom ordered glass, and stained
the frames the same stain as we used for our dining room table and
kitchen cart to create a uniform look. Now they hang up on the walls
and we just love them; they are interesting and full of character.

Gabreial, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your "My Vintage
Pad" series!


Thanks so much to Linn and her husband for sharing their charming home with us. Be sure to catch their whole remodel project at their website where you can find many great before and after photos, a deeper look into their handcrafted furniture and more! 



Vintage Fashion Forward: BrokenGhostCouture Upcycled Clothing

My heart can't stop thinking about warmer weather. Although, I am very grateful we haven't had any snow. I'm wondering if this will be a first for my birthday!  Anyway, as my heart leads so does warmer weather fashions! 

I'm really loving the layered looks of these upcycled fashions by BrokenGhostCouture. 

What do you think? Could you pull one of these off? 

Shop BrokenGhostCouture

Teach Me Book Review: We Dare You!

Subtitle: Hundreds of Fund Science, Bets, Challenges, and Experiments You Can Do at Home by Vicki Cobb and Kathy Darling. 

  We Dare You!

A couple of months ago, I was given the opportunity by Timberdoodle to review We Dare You! Upon delivery, I was meeting a friend at the park and happened to have the book with me. I'm somewhat of a compulsive reader and always have some sort of book with me. Anyway, we were discussing her upcoming science class and she was asking me for some easy science experiment ideas for her kindergarten co-op class. I pulled out the book and we started to brainstorm and gather easy almost no-materials required ideas. I lent her the book and offered to come into her class to help. 


Missing the Point We Dare You
Up first, an experiment using two pencils per student called " Missing The Point" Each experiment is set up with easy flow directions including The Setup and the Insider Information for teaching the lessons. This experiment was set up more like a "bet you can't" in this case, it was Bet you can't make two pencil points meet on one try! 

The Setup - Take a sharp pencil in each hand. Hold your hands about two feet apart and with the pencil points facing each other. Close one eye. Keep it closed! Now try to get the points to meet. 


Missing the Point
Sounds easy doesn't it! You'll be surprised by how hard and tricky some of the experiments in this book are. Each student found themselves trying the trick over and over, some of them making it happen and others not as easlily. The trick proved that you can't always belive your eyes. The explanation or Insider Information goes on to explain binocular vision and how your brain calculates the distance of an object. 

From the teacher, "I loved this experiment, it was easy to do and not a lot of materials were needed. This made class preparation a breeze." 

Off the Wall We Dare You!
No, these children are not in trouble. They're participating in in another fun "science bet" from We Dare You! titled, Off The Wall? 

Wanna bet you can't stand up? The Setup - Stand with your toes against a wall. Then step back four foot-lengths. With your feet together, lean as far as you can toward the wall, catching yourself with your hands. Rest your forehead against the wall and place your hands at your sides. Now try to stand up. If you don't move your hand or feet, you will never be upright again. 

Off the Wall 2 We Dare You!

Looks easy doesn't it? Go ahead, give it at try! 

Want some insider information? The book tells us, that this trick puts your muscle power against the force of gravity. The places where you are supported are called your bases. Instead of pulling on all of your body party equally, gravity acts as if all the matter of your body is focused in oe spot called your center of gravity


This book is full of fun and more in-depth experiments, over 312 pages worth! My boys are always up for a science experiment. When they aren't building and experimenting themselves my youngest is always one to come and ask me for a fun experiment to try. I found this book to be invaluable, especially for two children who love hands on learning. Other experiments in the book require materials, but almost all can be easily found in your kitchen cupboard. 

  Portions of this review are copyright © Vicki Cobb and Kathy Darling 


I would like to thank Timberdoodle for sending this book for our review. We thoroughly enjoy using it in our home school. When the kids are whining in our house, I'll shout out a page number and tell them to go do a science experiment.  Visit Timberdoodle for any other homeschool supplies or homeschool curriculum.


Truth in Review: Timberdoodle Co. did provide me with a copy of We Dare You! free of charge.  I was not paid for the review or require any certain context within my review. All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Wyatt, Editor Visit our Disclaimer/Disclosure  for more information. 

Organizing with Vintage Style: Vintage Metal Lockers

Did you fall for the vintage metal locker craze last year? Well if not, hop on board. There are a ton of ways to use these swanky lockers to organize. 





Source: lh5.ggpht.com via Sara on Pinterest


Now to snag some of your own - all for sale at these Etsy shops!  


Top Left: HbernationRstoration Top Right: MustLoveJunk

Mid Left: thehappymodernist Middle Right: beneaththerust


By the way, did you know Vintage Indie was on Pinterest? I've been there for awhile, I'm just not addicted as most. 

Organizing with Vintage Style: Seelamade

It's the new year which means for a lot of us a sort of "spring cleaning" and organizing. I think all of this would be way more fun if we had some beautiful ways to store our clutter, don't you?

Today's Organizing with Vintage Style comes from Seelamade. 


Seelamade 1

Vintage re-purposed into useful everyday organization. How fun is the rolling pin! 

Visit seelamade to purchase these for your office, or craft room.