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Handmade Crush: Luke Lamp Co.

I love how the handmade community has branched out our world of design and style. Creating beautiful pieces like lighting to treasure in our homes forever. Today's Handmade Crush is lighting our world with his unique designs, Luke Lamp Co. 

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Shop Luke Lamp Co. 

The Daily Swank: Barking Sands Vintage

Yummy vintage & handmade goodies from around the globe. Today's Daily Swank comes to you from Hagerstown, Maryland.





Isn't that lamp lovely! 




I have a soft spot for Catherin Holm enamelware to, what about you?


Shop for all of these gorgeous vintage items from Barking Sands Vintage.

Vintage Indie Kids: Ruffles and Lace!

I've been waiting for ruffles and lace! In God's perfect timing our little family is so ecstatic to share with you we're having a girl!  I'm over the moon excited and so are all the fellas here. We're counting down to July! 


Handmade lace ruffle rompers!  I'll take one of each of these please ,from Chicabootique.  These can then  scrunched down to make bloomers for two products in one! Visit Chica Boo and shop handmade for your little love. 



All images © Copyright of their owners.

Photography credit - Top Right Jennifer Porcaro Photography


Jewelry & Accessories: Wood & Geometric Accessories


Today's Vintage Fashion Forward comes from Voz Clothing & Art. I love how accessories aren't your typical gold and silver anymore. With the handmade movement they've changed into so much more. 

Mosaicab6723cf67a2f40cc965e5f809ebb93bdf9f5ecb (1)

Shop for these accessories at vozclothingandart

The Daily Swank: Presidents' Day

Yummy vintage & handmade goodies from around the globe, celebrating Presidents' Day!


Top Left: XauXau Top Right: artsinwonderland

2nd Row Left: Retroburgh 2nd Row Right: shopREiNViNTAGE

Bottom Row Left: CalviRee Bottom Row Right: cristinasroom



All images © of their owners. 

Organic & Whole Living Pregnancy: More Business of Being Born Released for 99cents!

I've mentioned The Business of Being Born here before and  today I'm happy to announce the release of More Business of Being Born. I haven't had a chance to view this one, but I'm anxious to with my husband. I felt very empowered as I watched the women in the first video. I also grew a stronger backbone and learned that I have control over the birth of my baby and the care of my baby afterwords. If you haven't seen the first movie, you can find it on Netflix streaming.  

Please note I have no affiliation with My Best Birth, but feel very compelled to share this with anyone and everyone I know who is expecting or plans to become pregnant in the future. 




Grab it on iTunes for only 99cents this week for a limited time! 


Organic & Whole Living Pregnancy: Bellaband Review

I'll be the first to tell anyone, that this pregnancy has been nothing like my first two. Everything is completely different. From the nausea in the beginning, to the way my body is changing, nothing is the same. I have to say there have been ups and downs, but mostly ups. I have not gained the weight like I did with my other two. I was at least double the size I am now at this time with my others. Interestingly enough, I'm happy I can still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans! Of course, I can't do it now at 17 weeks without the help of an amazing new-to-me product the BellaBand. 

The Bellaband is the creation of Ingrid Carney the founder and CEO of Ingrid & Isabel  and creator of the Bellaband. When pregnant with her daughter Isabel, her quickly changing belly prompted the idea of the Bellaband, two years later she was shipping her first order. 





You know how much I love to support entrepreneurs like Ingrid Carney. It didn't take me long to make the first step into reviewing the Organic Bellaband for you. She's made quite a buzz since her product launch and her products have become a favorite with pregnant women all over the United States including me! 


Organic cotton wasn't a must, but was a nice bonus when exploring the world of Bellabands. I have found this accessory; if you will, to be one of the best pregnancy tools out there. Yes, I'm really tooting the horn for my Bellaband. Like Ingrid, my belly sort of just "popped" overnight and the jeans zipped up were no longer an option. Once I put on my Bellaband it transformed them into fashionable and inexpensive maternity jeans! Yay for saving money and stretching your wardrobe during pregnancy. 

I've since switched to some maternity wear but for the clothing that is still to large, the BellaBand helps to hold them up until my growing belly fits into the stretchy material that we're all so familiar with. 



Above is a little more detail on how the BellaBand can work for you all throughout your pregnancy. 



After pregnancy, I plan to wear my Bellaband to hold up jeans that are too large (hopefully right) and cover my waist during nursing. I truly appreciate how versitle this accessory is to pregnancy and I'm thrilled to have learned about it. 


All Images Copyright © Ingrid & Isabel

Truth in Review: Ingrid & Isabel did provide us with the Organic Bellaband in exchange for our review.  We were not paid for any contents of our review or required any certain text within the review. We speak truly from our hearts and hope that you and your family will gain trust from Vintage Indie reviews so that you may enjoy products like this one and more.  All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Wyatt, editor in chief. 

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The Daily Swank: jerseyicecreamco

Ordinary items become gorgeous when they're vintage. 



Vintage school items melt my heart. 



Shop all of these beautiful goodies at jerseyicecreamco by Tara and Percy 


All Images Copyright © Tara and Percy jerseyicecreamco. 

Handmade Crush: naneHandmade

I couldn't help but to show you these. These are the fun creations of naneHandmade or nadia

Cyprus, Europe.

Seriously, have you fallen for the "Chevron" design yet? I'm amazed how much popularity it has gained. Did you know that Chevron is a V-shaped pattern reference for an insignia, used in military and police badges to indicate rank or length of service? Neither did I, thanks Wikipedia! 
Shop these goodies at nanehandmade over at Etsy. 

 All Images Copyright © nanehandmade

Teach Me: Nancy Larson Science, A Quarterly Review: Part 2

We have been deep into our studies here at the VI house and we have really been enjoying a lot of science. We're currently studying two different science programs due to interest in our home. Our favorite is still the hands on Nancy Larson Science 2


Nancy Larson Science 2 is hands on, set at an easy pace and the teacher's manual is a breeze to follow. The children aren't content with just one lesson and we find ourselves doing 2-4 in any given day. While my second grader appreciates the pace of this science program, my oldest 5th grader finds it to be slow, but he's patient with his brother and when it comes to experiment time, they can work together to complete almost the entire lesson together. I find this side by side learning invaluable as my oldest son points out observations and brings a level of excitement to our lessons. 


Nancy Larson Science 2


We've been privileged to have daddy home with us during bits and pieces of this winter and he's jumped right into our science lessons with us. He's commented on how nice the entire set up is. With almost all of the supplies you need coming in a kit as well as the student and teacher's manuals that are easy to follow, there is almost no reason why anyone couldn't teach science with this set up. 


This program is definitely geared more towards the elementary level as is explained on their website. There are also ample preview lessons and ways for you to gauge if this program is right for you. 


2012 163
Circular Magnets


2012 148
Magnet Train with Paper Clips
2012 154
Making Magnets Jump


One of our favorite lessons has been on magnets. We've studied them front and back, pole to pole and have expanded our learning to experimenting on our own after completing the lesson. I love when learning goes this way for us. The children are so engaged that their interest leads them to investigate and explore their own hypothesis. The leads to a longer science day and even week when we explore further on line or at the library. 


I have to say I'm completely pleased with this science program. It has proven to be a valuable source of education in our home. Even though the pace seems easy at times, I know they are getting the information with the followup lesson worksheets. I feel that this pace ensures comprehension with my second grader and keeps his interest at its peak. 


Truth in Review: Nancy Larson Science did provide us with the curriculum in exchange for our review.  We were not paid for any contents of our review or required any certain text within the review. We speak truly from our hearts and hope that you and your family will gain trust from Vintage Indie reviews so that you may enjoy learning opportunities like this one and more.  All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Wyatt, editor in chief. 

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