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Indie Weddings Month 2012: Crafting & DIY with Contributing Writer Mary Ann Abbott: Sew Simple Gift Wrap

This week will wind down our last week of Indie Weddings Month 2012. We're ending the week with some crafty ideas, special guests and more! 


Today, a vintage romantic style way to wrap those wedding gifts by our crafty-diy contributor Mary Ann Abbott.


Sew Simple Gift Wrap

Always on the lookout for ways to be more frugal, I gave up on pricy, mass-produced gift wrap many moons ago. Through the years, I’ve tried several alternatives - from paper bags to maps to newspapers - until I hit on this idea a few years ago: sewing pattern tissue. Thrift shops are a great resource for tragic sewing patterns from the 1980’s and, if you’re a bargain hunter like I am, you can often find patterns for a nickel or dime at yard sales. I especially love when lady luck is on my side and I find vintage patterns for a quarter or less!


Since the patterns are full size, there is a lot of “wrapping paper” inside each envelope. I’m always surprised by how frequently the patterns are unused, which means the sheets remain in large, uncut pieces. Personally, I like to showcase the words and directions on the patterns as focal points on my wrapping, so the gift recipients immediately recognize the “paper”. To embellish the gifts, I stick with the sewing theme, most often using vintage crochet thread, buttons, Bakelite buckles, and strips of old fabric. The possibilities are limitless though! Use traditional ribbon, add gift tags with safety pins, or simply stamp the person’s name directly onto the tissue.


It’s time to say goodbye to store-bought wrapping paper and hello to a thriftier, more creative way to share your gifts and highlight your love of vintage! It’s really sew simple!


Featurebutton_05Mary Ann Abbott, a collage & jewelry artist and author, lives in the heartland of America where she loves the thrill of scavenging, salvaging, repurposing, and sharing her passions with anyone who will listen! Her work has been seen in several Stampington & Co. magazines, Lark Books publications, and fiction books, but mostly in the homes of her family & friends who get her handmade goodies for every holiday & celebration (and who would probably love a gift card next year). She’d love for you to visit her website A Very Mary Design, but she hopes you’ll be kind as it’s currently in the process of a makeover. 



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