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Indie Weddings Month 2012: Photographer Interviews - Glass Jar Photography

Please help me in welcoming husband and wife team, Whitney & Bethany Dean of Glass Jar Photography. Serving Huntsville AL, and out of town weddings. 


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*Can you tell me a little bit about how you got started as a photographer (s)?
I (Whitney) have been in a couple of band, one of which was the predecessor to "The Civil Wars" with John Paul White, and I was always the photographer or one trying to organize the band photographer stuff...from there I went on a month long travel trip across western europe and fell in love with taking serious photographs and trying to really capture something the way I "saw it", then it gets easy..I met my wife, we got married and we both had a passion for photography and weddings (or love in general) saw an opportunity to have an amazing job together have fun capturing people at one of the happiest and exciting times of their lives.
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*Where are you located? Do you travel for shoots?
We live in Huntsville, AL but do almost exclusively travel or (out of town) weddings. so our specialty is travel weddings or better yet, if you like our style and "eye" we can do capture your day anytime, anywhere.
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*What makes you different than other photographers?
Thats hard to really pin point from being on the inside...But we try to focus on capturing the emotion of love and the chemistry of people in a romantic and classic way, with a vintage soft focus and color treatment. I think we're different because of the way we see events, people or situations, and then the ability to capture that.
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*How do you make wedding and engagement sessions different?
We always try to work with our clients on colors, themes and decor to optimize the images from a session or wedding. It's pivotal in our opinion to have the couple understand what we are trying to capture, and us what they are looking for out of our style. We approach our sessions/weddings very laid back and positive, after all this is suppose to be fun! and if needed coach couples into relaxing in front of the camera and us so that the images are natural, and the couple enjoys the time with us.
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*Is supporting independent businesses like yours important to you, and if so, why?
Yes, absolutely. we understand what it's like to either be a start up company looking for a break or even lightly experienced needing some tips or feedback. We think that independent or not, talent is talent, and if your good at what you do you deserve a chance to show that and be supported. 
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*What types of photography do you offer?
We only really offer one type of photography. Our style obviously, which is laid back, natural light photography that's romantically creative with a vintage/fine art feel, soft color processing.


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A special thank you to Whitney & Bethany at Glass Jar photography for sharing more about their business with us. 



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Please visit Glass Jar Photography at their website: Glass Jar Photography 



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