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Indie Weddings Month 2012: "vintage modern day minimalism wedding" Special Guest Kim Ludy from EthanOllie

I am a sucker for a romantic wedding...give me old lace, garden peonies and a big billowing white tent and I'm pretty much smitten.  But lately, I'm all about creating a simple, bare bones celebration, one part organic hippie love fest, one part vintage modern day minimalism.  Because when you get right down to it, your big day is really about you, the love of your life and the great big road ahead.  So here is a simple formula for orchestrating one of the most special days of your lives...Happy Trails! - Kim Ludy

 Profess your love...shout it, sing it, write it out for all the world to see.


 Choose a place with a sky that stretches on forever.



Wear something simple and pretty, it need not be fancy (go barefoot).




 Invite your closest friends.  



 Surround yourself with your favorite flowers and Play 'your' song

Source: via Kim Ludy on Pinterest

Exchange a token of eternity





 Remember what brought you here in the first place

A special thank you to Kim Ludy from EthanOllie for putting this piece together! 




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