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Crafting & DIY with Contributing Writer Mary Ann Abbott: Color Copy Collages

I'm so excited to have our contrubiting writer Mary Ann Abbott back with us this week. She has a super fun project, that I think you'll adore. 


Color Copy Collages

Great for little hands or bored teens, this project takes very little parental prep time and encourages young artists to color outside the lines! To start, color-copy an image from a vintage children’s book. I have good luck finding castoff elementary school textbooks at my local thrift shop, and the images are often large and 50’s inspired. Cut out the copy and adhere it to a piece of sturdy drawing paper – a glue stick or rubber cement works best. Now hand over the “canvas” to your artist. Suggest adding a background, drawing on the actual image, and adding embellishments like stickers.



When this masterpiece was complete, I simply created a little edginess to it by haphazardly drawing around the borders and lines with a fine point Sharpie marker. To add a polished “finish” to the artwork, glue it to a piece of cardboard (I used the back of a frozen pizza box), punch a couple of holes in the top, and tie on a piece of ribbon as a hanger. Display the artwork on a door or the artist’s bulletin board!


Variations on the theme:

  • You might also give you artist a stash of paper, buttons, and other 3-D items for embellishing the artwork.
  • Consider cutting images out of a coloring book or magazine and gluing them to drawing paper.
  • Give the same image and a time limit to several kiddos, separate them, and don’t let them peek at one another’s interpretations until they’re all done.
  • Place the masterpiece in a real frame and display it in a prominent place.

Featurebutton_05Mary Ann Abbott, a collage & jewelry artist and author, lives in the heartland of America where she loves the thrill of scavenging, salvaging, repurposing, and sharing her passions with anyone who will listen! Her work has been seen in several Stampington & Co. magazines, Lark Books publications, and fiction books, but mostly in the homes of her family & friends who get her handmade goodies for every holiday & celebration (and who would probably love a gift card next year). She’d love for you to visit her website A Very Mary Design, but she hopes you’ll be kind as it’s currently in the process of a makeover. 




Another awesome project from Mary Ann Abbott! She's such an amazing artist.

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