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Family Friendly Destinations/Teach Me: Adventure Science Center Nashville, TN

Adventure Science Center

800 Fort Negley Boulevard  Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 862-5160

A couple of months ago, a fellow homeschool mom and friend of ours took us on a road trip with them to visit family in Huntsville, AL. On the way, we decided to take a pit stop in Nashville, TN to visit the Adventure Science Center with our kiddos.

Spring 2012 106
Vertebrate Stairs

I've learned a lot from my friend about being frugal and one of those things is being sure to take advantage of science center's when you're on vacation. If you already belong to one science center, 9 times out of 10 you'll be able to take advantage of the reciprocal museum program and get into the science centers for free! Who doesn't like free, right. As an added bonus the kids think they're getting a day off from school, but they're learning the whole time! There is a lot to see and explore while you're there, and we suggest 3-5 hours to see everything (not including the planetarium) .

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4.5 ★'s 10 Year Old Boy

5 ★'s  Year Old Boy

Highs for them:

 - Huge Tower of science. 

 - A lot of room to get exercise while visiting all the exhibits in the adventure tower. 

 - Lots of things to climb on, through and a 3 story slide! 

 - Space/Moon Walk

 - Star Tunnel

 - Space Exhibit

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Spring 2012 100
Spring 2012 104
Spring 2012 116

Lows for them:

 - There could have been some outside exhibits.

 - Missing outdoor/nature exhibits


Highs for me:

 - Lots of hands on activities to keep two energetic boys very busy for hours.

 - A lot of science jam packed into the center including, space, earth science, sound and light, air and space, health, creativity and innovation, energy and more.

 - On location restaurant (Subway, at the time of our visit, although we didn't get to eat there as they closed before we left)

 - FREE with the reciprocal museum program

 - Comfortable seating for parents while kids explore for hours. 

 - The kids had a blast

 - I also enjoyed the slide, even while pregnant! 

Spring 2012 102

Lows for me:

 - A couple of the exhibits needed to be updated just a bit as far as the general wear and tear of them.

 - A few of the exhibits were missing clear instructions on what to do to to make the exhibit work.  


All in all it was a fabulous science center. Our family suggests that you check it out the next time you're in Nashville. 


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We were not paid for any portion of this review/feature. All opinions are our own. Have fun! 


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