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Teach Me: BJU Spelling 6, a Review



If you're looking for spelling products for your home educated child or a child that could use some extra practice regardless of where he/she is educated, head over to Home Educating Family Reviews for my latest review on Spelling as well as many other reviews covering this topic. 


Teach Me: Home Educating Family Magazine Pre-Release Planner Sale!

If you've been a reader for awhile, I'm sure you've heard me mention the Home Educating Family Magazine planners, the Well Planned Day and On the Go. If not, head over to a previous review that I have done of them. 

Each year the planners get more and more beautiful. It is the only consistent product that I have used over the last four years of home education. They're also offering planners for your junior high and high school students as well. A perfect way to keep everyone organized and happy. 











Truth in Review: The above links are affiliate links to the Well Planned Day and Home Educating Family Magazine websites. We love our relationship with this company and encourage you to support them, me and your family with the great things they offer.  - Gabreial, Editor.

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Vintage Indie Life: What I Find Most Attractive about Your Husband


Susannah Tuckery
Soul Mates by photographer ©Susannah Tucker 

Today I'd like to direct your attention to an article written by a fellow writer friend of mine from Home Educating Family Magazine, Shari Popejoy. "What I Find Most Attractive about Your Husband"  Originally published January 2013 by Today's Christian Woman Marriage Partnership,was one of those articles that I think is worth a look for today's married couple. 


"That ring means he has a wife who honors and respects him, makes good on her promises to him, and makes sure he never regrets that vow he made. It means you'll put the kids to bed early tonight or give up some time with the girls so you can spend some extra moments with him. It means that even if you come home to a messy house, or kids in meltdown, or enough household chores to equal a second job, you'll take a moment to take his hand."


I'm encouraging husbands and wives to give it a few moments of your time. While this isn't something we normally discuss here at VI, marriage is an important topic and one I'm passionate about. Marriage is hard work, not something to be taken lightly. When we love one another with such  passion and grace thinking about each other instead of ourselves, marriage can truly last a lifetime.

I know to some Valentine's Day is a cliche, a Hallmark Holiday if you will, but around here it's a friendly reminder of the day my husband proposed to me. It is a reminder of how I want the next 10, even 20 years of our marriage to go. It is a reminder that I want to last forever and for that to happen it will take time, dedication, and commitment on so many levels from both of us. 

Thanks for taking the time to give this article some thought and I wish you and your loved one a very happy marriage full of love, grace for one another and passion to last a lifetime. xoxo Gabreial  

Reader Questions: Help Identify this garden tool!

I often get emails from readers asking to identify various treasures they've found. The most recent was a garden tool of sorts from VI reader Debbie. 


Could you be a dear and head over to the Vintage Indie Facebook page to help her out? 

Do you have an item you would like to discuss with our community? Send your questions and photos to me by clicking on the button below.  - GabreialEmail2


Vintage Valentine's Day: Vintage Red Tonka Truck

I hope you've been enjoying all of the Valentine's Day goodies this week. I love this theme (pun intended). Today's doesn't disappoint with it's vintage appeal, this Vintage Red Tonka Truck is simply adorable by itself but Etsy shop 30one added a few personal touches with an adorable love banner! 



The Daily Swank Valentine's Day 2013: Vintage Heart Molds

Are you thinking up some sweet treats for this Valentine's Day? Why not go old school and make some jello, cookies or even chocolates. What about heart shaped pancakes or mini pies.  I've found the perfect molds to get the job done. 

Cookie Mold from TheFrabjousDay


Cast Iron Heart Molds from gypsyscaravan9


Copper Jello Molds from JosephineMarchons

Chocolate Candy Mold from margaretgaunt

Hartstone Heart Stoneware Baking Mold from iasVintage



Happy Making!     

The Daily Swank: Vintage Valentine's Day Planters

I'm not sure if I've really seen vintage Valentine's planters before. Maybe I have, but these are adorable. You can find all of these for sale at the links below the pictures. 

Girl & Heart Planter 


1950s Lefton Planter from ArchaicTide

Vintage Heart Planter from GreenPlanetSisters