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Crafting & DIY: Supplies

I can't believe how long it has been since I scored some gorgeous new embroidery floss from Sublime Stitching.



These are only a small sample of what they offer. I've been so busy here in home educating land and with our Indie Wedding's Month that I haven't had the chance to get involved in any projects, but  hope to start a sampler this summer for our baby girl. 

A special thank you to Sublime Stitching for thinking of Vintage Indie and sending the beautiful embroidery floss over. Be sure to check out all 63 gorgeous colors! 

By the way, have you checked out my Embroidery Hoop Love board on Pinterest?


Disclosure: We were not paid for this feature. 

Indie Weddings Month 2013: 1920s Flapper Wedding Dress

Could you pull this dress off? The simplicity but attention to detail make this dress dreamy. I would love to be whisked back for a short period of time to wear clothes from this era. 



Purchase this dress from circa1955vintage


Bust: 38"
Waist: 37"
Hips: 42"
Length: 41 1/2"

Teach Me: Where do you "do" school?

Inspired by All for the Boys, my fellas decided it would be best to do school in their air tent, AKA wind tunnel, AKA Fan Fort. 

My youngest was caught reading in here all by himself the other night. 

March 2013 061
March 2013 065
 They used a twin size duvet cover and a box fan, no tape needed. Start on the lowest setting and work your way up. 

March 2013 027
They were also inspired to create this tee pee all on their own. I was one proud mama. The next one they're going to make will be big enough for them both to fit in. 

March 2013 032

March 2013 040

Images © Copyright Gabreial Wyatt, Vintage Indie All Rights Reserved. 


Indie Weddings Month 2013: Chantilly Lace and Silk Crepe Bias Wedding Gown

If I could do it all over again, it would be something like this. Sophisticated classy is my style. 
Purchase this custom dress from Rebecca Schoneveld Cheek 
Photography by Anneke Schoneveld (www.setstillsphotography.com, http://www.facebook.com/anneke.schoneveld.photography)
Makeup by Stacey Owen (makeupbystaceyowen@gmail.com)
Hair by Hoshalah Misodi (hoshalahn.misodi@gmail.com)
Cosmetics courtesy of Sweet Pea and Fay (www.sweetpeaandfay.com)
Please do not use photos without permission
All designs are original and property of Schone Design

Teach Me: Educents is coming!



There is a new  Flash Deal website launching in April that is  for education products! Think, curriculum, educational toys, ebooks and more!  If you sign up now they'll give you a $10 gift card! 




Do me a favor, please use my referral link up there, help me, help you :) 


Organic & Whole Living: A Perfect Breakfast Beet Greens & Eggs - Paleo Friendly

When I get on a food kick, usually when fruits and veggies are in abundance around here. I start to get really excited about food. I love that my children are getting the best nutrition that they can and that I'm making good choices. I'm eating food for breakfast, instead of just having a cup of coffee. Recently one of my favorite breakfasts has been this simple but  oh-so yummy beet greens & egg with a side of fresh grapefruit. 
Ingredients: Whole Grapefruit - sliced, diced or peeled however you like it. 
1 clove of garlic
1 t-T of coconut oil
1 bunch of beet greens 
2 organic eggs (from a friend, those are the best kind)
pink salt 
What to do? 
 - Melt your coconut oil in a sautée pan. Add in you crushed or sliced garlic. Next, add the beet greens and sautée until they are slightly wilted. Pour out on the plate making a bed of greens for your eggs. 
 - Fry your egg, over easy is how I like my eggs with the greens. Add to the top of the greens. 
 - Season with pink salt and pepper. 
Eat and be happy! 
Perfect Breakfast

Vintage Indie Kids: SIMPLY RIGHT™ Baby Care


Simply Right logo

Babies require a lot of diapers, as if you already didn't know. It had been quite awhile since we embarked on the diaper and wipes scene and forgot all of the perks that come with changing such a sweet little angel. You know, the leaky wet diaper in the middle of the night or the afternoon blow-out on your way to somewhere important. Ultimately these things can happen.Should they happen? That's a question to ask yourself, that's why finding the perfect diaper for your baby is an important task. 

SIZE 3-228_redesign SimplyRight_Diaper1

Recently we were sent a package of  SIMPLY RIGHT™ diapers and wipes. With their new thin absorbent core for leakage protection and thin, but flexible fit the diapers size 3 fit our baby girl just fine. We appreciate that the back is a little longer and comes up a bit to protect leakage from the back.


We are somewhat mobile around here with an army crawler, so flexiblity has been important, especially for one on the go and we've been pleased with the stretchy sides of the  diapers. 


Wipes in our house are an important factor when cleaning baby's bottom, and hands and sometimes arms and legs on the go. We also like to keep a pack in our car for travel clean up. SIMPLY RIGHT™ baby wipes are strong, and soft with a thick texture for cleaning up messy jobs. Most importantly to us is that they are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and easy going on delicate baby skin. We love the packaging around here and the ease of use getting the wipes out of the package. Sometimes you'll be wresting a baby to diaper and the wipes from other well known brands get stuck together and come out in a long strand of wipes making it difficult for one handed jobs. 


On top of the above qualities mentioned above SIMPLY RIGHT™ baby products are a great value. Members saved up to $392/year by purchasing these  SIMPLY RIGHT™ baby products. That's $392 a year I'd rather spend purchasing good whole organic foods for baby to eat! 


What do you think? Are you up for saving some cash? 

For a FREE sample of SIMPLY RIGHT™ diapers or wipes, visit http://simplyrightbabycare.com/sample.html today!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SIMPLY RIGHT™ Baby Care Products.

Visit our Disclaimer/Disclosure Page for more info.

Indie Weddings Month 2013: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I absolutely love today's find. What a sweet way to ask one of your friends to be your bridesmaid! 




OK, so I couldn't just stop with those adorable bridemaid cards, look at these adorable signs! 



Oh, and these cake toppers too! 


Don't take my word for it though, head over to firstsnowfall, I think you'll love everything! 



What You Make of It: Technology Update: Google Reader is shutting down, here's what you can do.

Today's What you Make of It column is a little different than my usual posts about "how to" and "DIY". If you already understand RSS and organizing you may want to skip down a ways for the recent announcement of Google Reader shutting down. For those of you have no idea what RSS is, I'm hoping you will be delighted with today's post.

Blogging and reading blogs can be an overwhelming feeling at times. There is so much content to read, catch up on and only so many hours in the day. If you are like me one blog leads to another blog which leads to another blog and time just flies. 

What is RSS? 
Without getting too technical you can visit this link at Wikipedia for exact terminology and a more detailed look at RSS.

The RSS Reader is the most important part of RSS, it's the platform in which you can organize all of your favorite blogs and even Etsy shops. So when they update, you have all of the new posts and updates all in one spot without having to blog hop and you can even tag them! 

You will first need to have a "reader" account. As of July 1, 2013 Google has announced that they are doing away with their reader.  If that is how you read Vintage Indie, and other beloved blogs, you're going to want to change this soon so that you don't miss out on any of your favorite content. 

Alternatives to Google Reader: 

 BloglinesNetvibes, Newsblur and Feedly just to name a few. 

Vintage Indie Screenshot 2013RSSUPdate


Once you have a reader of some sort you'll want to click on the little orange round button (shown in the image above). You'll find these all over the web this is the "feed icon". Once you click you are taken to the steps provided in your feeder to "subscribe" to that blog or shop. After that it's home free and you will start feeling less overwhelmed with keeping track of websites & blogs! Click this link to add Vintage Indie in your reader now! 


Help! I don't want to have to subscribe to every feed all over again. I have a help for you, but please keep in mind some feeds may not completely transfer over, especially your starred items.  

Google Reader Export:

1st Go to your Google Reader account. 

2nd Find the round button on the right where the settings menu is located. 

3rd Click on Reader Settings

4th Click the link that says Export your information, download your data through Google Takeout. 

5th Follow the prompts to download the file to your computer. Extract your files and save to a location you will remember. 

6th Open up the extracted files and look for the Subscriptions XML file. This is the file you will click on to import your feeds into the new reader of your choice.  

You should be all set to go with most if not all of your feeds transferring to your new reader. 


Good luck! 


xoxo VI 

Indie Weddings Month 2013: A Wedding Gift for the Vintage Style Couple

Do you know of a vintage style loving bride and groom? Why not get them a set of beautiful vintage dishes to treasure. Let's face it, some of us don't have dishes passed down from generation to generation, but what a fun thought to start this tradition in a new family? 
Early Whieldon Ware Antique Pattern Dishes, F. Winkle & Co. from RushCreekVintage
Keyston Canonsburg Pottery Co. from LocustTree
Homer Laughlin Georgian from TheHumbleCottage

Indie Weddings Month 2013: Vintage Lace Tiered Wedding Dress

Shop for this beautiful dress at  LaceAndYarn
Size XS. Measurements (laying flat):
sleeve opening -- 5"
chest -- 16.5"
waist -- 12.5"
hips -- free
approximate length front (without train) -- 57.5"
approximate length back (with train) -- 80"

Indie Weddings Month 2013: Handmade Tulle & Lace Flower Girls Dresses


It is Indie Weddings Month here and we're bringing you the latest and greatest goodies from small, handmade and vintage shoppes from around the globe. Today's Flower Girl dresses don't disappoint and remind me why I love shopping handmade! 








All images are copyright to their owners. 

Indie Weddings Month 2013: Castle Venues


With all of the Downton Abbey buzz this year, castle venues are gaining popularity if your budget can fit the bill. 

I've gathered a few for you should you wish to check out what the US has to offer. 


New shot of front pond A
Falkenstein Castle Office
401 Buchanan Drive, Suite #1 
Burnet, Texas 78611

Website: Falkenstein Castle


OHEKA CASTLE • 135 West Gate Drive, Huntington, New York 11743

Website: Oheka Castle


1 4 5 1  E.  P Y T H I A N  S T.   •   S P R I N G F I E L D ,  M O   6 5 8 0 2 

Website: Pythian Castle


Thornewood Castle 8601 N. Thorne Ln SW Tacoma, WA 98498

Website: Thornewood Castle

Copyright 2012 Thornewood Castle LLC. All rights reserved.


Boldt Castle 1000 Islands, NY

Website: Boldt Castle 

Copyright © 2013 · All Rights Reserved 


All images are Copyright to their owners. 

Indie Weddings Month 2013: Vintage 1950s Sweetheart Wedding Gown

Today's Indie Weddings Month Dress is a spectacular 1950s V line Sweetheart Wedding Gown. 

Bust: 35"
Waist: 24"
Hips: 70"
Length: 59"
Length to End of Train: 66
If you're looking for the perfect vintage dress, this might be the one for you. Visit FabGabs for this dress and more for a steal at $324.00. 

VI Headliner Sponsor Feature: Great Homeschool Conventions - Cincinnati, OH April 4-6

Vintage Indie would like to welcome our newest sponsor Great Homeschool Conventions.  It's getting closer to this year's convention and you won't want to miss it. Registration is open! 



GreatHomeschool Convention

Great Homeschool Conventions

is hosting


The dates and locations for 2013 are:

March 14 – 16 – SouthEast Homeschool Convention – Greenville, SC

April 4 – 6 – MidWest Homeschool Convention – Cincinnati, OH


For MORE INFORMATION please visit our website at


YOU can expect a lineup of


Back for 2013:  Christian Comedian - TIM HAWKINS! LIVE!


 Gianna Jessen – Aborted, Survived, Homeschooled

An Evening with Dr. Ron Paul (Midwest Only)

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If you haven't heard me talk about he conventions before, you should check out this link from previous years.  Cincinnati Homeschool Convention