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Indie Weddings Month 2013: Chantilly Lace and Silk Crepe Bias Wedding Gown

If I could do it all over again, it would be something like this. Sophisticated classy is my style. 
Purchase this custom dress from Rebecca Schoneveld Cheek 
Photography by Anneke Schoneveld (,
Makeup by Stacey Owen ([email protected])
Hair by Hoshalah Misodi ([email protected])
Cosmetics courtesy of Sweet Pea and Fay (
Please do not use photos without permission
All designs are original and property of Schone Design


Fee @ Oh Gorgeous Baby

Wow! That is just stunning. I would love to get married again in something as divine as this. I've been married 10years this year and I've thought about renewing my vowes with hubby. I would if I got to wear a dress like this.

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