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Organic & Whole Living: A Perfect Breakfast Beet Greens & Eggs - Paleo Friendly

When I get on a food kick, usually when fruits and veggies are in abundance around here. I start to get really excited about food. I love that my children are getting the best nutrition that they can and that I'm making good choices. I'm eating food for breakfast, instead of just having a cup of coffee. Recently one of my favorite breakfasts has been this simple but  oh-so yummy beet greens & egg with a side of fresh grapefruit. 
Ingredients: Whole Grapefruit - sliced, diced or peeled however you like it. 
1 clove of garlic
1 t-T of coconut oil
1 bunch of beet greens 
2 organic eggs (from a friend, those are the best kind)
pink salt 
What to do? 
 - Melt your coconut oil in a sautée pan. Add in you crushed or sliced garlic. Next, add the beet greens and sautée until they are slightly wilted. Pour out on the plate making a bed of greens for your eggs. 
 - Fry your egg, over easy is how I like my eggs with the greens. Add to the top of the greens. 
 - Season with pink salt and pepper. 
Eat and be happy! 
Perfect Breakfast


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