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10 Year Anniversary Week: Love Quotes

10 Year Anniversary Week: Love Birds

This week, I'm so excited to be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary. It feels like only yesterday we were two love birds, ready to take the plunge and make a life long commitment to marriage.

Truthfully, to me it only feels like yesterday and to him, well he said the same. For some reason 10 just feels like such an accomplishment. That goes without saying it has been hard work and a lot of growing on our parts. We're also grateful we both have parents who have stayed together for over 25 and even 30 years. So this week  I'm celebrating, along with the love of my life and our three children, the best 10 years of my life and to many more in the future.  



Love Birds Cake Topper from sweetshelbys 


Love Birds Jewlery from DelicacyJ


Mosaic76d91bdca9d8b24e175d8227d9192885daae6e8e (1)
Love Birds from Susabellas


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