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Teach Me Math: Math-U-See Beta & Epsilon Reviews

We're thrilled to be working with Math U See to bring you this review of their Beta & Epsilon. 

Beta covers addition & subtraction for multiple-digit numbers and other topics. Our youngest son is working through Beta. Epsilon covers fractions and other topics. Our oldest is working though Epsilon. 

Math U See is the type of math curriculum my husband says he would have written if he was in the business of curriculum.  In his brain (and now mine) the concept of math shouldn't be overwhelming. The instructions should be clear and math should be progressive.  A mastery approach of each ensures that you're student is learning math and offers a way for students to build upon their  knowledge. 

What we thoroughly enjoy about Math U See is that this curriculm fits multiple learning styles. With our youngest and oldest child, they both thrive on visuals, but for certain problems, multiplication and fractions, they both love hands on manupulatives. 


Our oldest using Epsilon, stated these resons why he loves Math U See:

 - The video instructions. They're clear, and Steve makes you feel like you're right there watching in his classroom.

 - Steve doesn't overwhelm you with too much work for each lesson. It is just the right amount of math to help you learn and practice the new concepts properly.

 - The fraction overlays were helpful in the first beginning lessons as well as the blocks. I've found that I haven't needed them in the later lessons.  

 - I like Math U See enough to continue using it through the rest of my middle school years and high school. 


Our youngest using Beta, stated these resons on why he loves Math U See:

 - It is very good curriculum. 

 - It doesn't have too many problems, just enough for each daily lesson. 

 - Steve teaches you tricks and different ways to do math, that I haven't seen in any other curriculum. 

 - The videos are fun because of Steve's personality. I think it makes him a good teacher and makes learning math fun. 

 - I would like to continue with Math U See next year. It looks like you're about to do a lot of math on paper for each lesson, but once you get started with the videos and manipulatives, it makes it go by fast.  



Our resons for using and loving Math U See in our homeschool: 

 - Instructions are concise and simple.

 - The progression of method is helpful.

- The videos are good for the visual learner.

- The tactile learner benefits from the hands on manipulative and the fraction overlays for the Epsilon.

 - The Teacher's manuals are helpful for teaching additional practice problems to do with your students, but we have not needed to use them very often.

 -  The children find Steve's examples and explanation humorous at times which makes him an engaging teacher.

Math has not been a stressful subject in our homeschool with an overwhelming amount of math each day with the spiral method. We prefer the progressive method that Math U See uses. We feel the  mastery approach has given our children confidence that by the time it is time for a test they're well prepared.

We plan to use Math U See with all three if our children through high school. We've only supplemented with fun math games, and math drills to ensure mastery in multiplication facts.




A special thank you to Math U See for providing us with the Beta and Epsilon products needed to conduct our full review. We were not paid for any aspect of this review or for any particular wording in our review.  - Gabreial Wyatt, Editor. Visit our Disclaimer/Disclosure Page for more info.




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