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Sponsored Feature: Uncommon Goods

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Uncommon Goods. 


 You know I always like to look for the vintage or vintage style in things. So off I went to Uncommon Goods for my hunt. I came across some lovely home decor, garden and vintage-y style things. 

Vintage Book Ends
Do any of you remember vintage roller skates like these? You can find them here at Uncommon Goods. 


I also found this Fim Reel Lamp, wouldn't it look great in a movie room? Find it here.


There are thousand's of items and a lot of handmade, customized and special artwork.  With Father's Day coming up, UncommonGoods has a great selection of gifts for men.  Here are a few of my favorite picks. 

Someday when my husband gets his dream woodworking man cave, I will have the Great American Ball Park Blueprint for him. This is such a cool piece of artwork, I haven't seen these before. Find other stadiums here.


Back in the day when I owned my own bath and body business, my husband er, I changed the soaps and grooming products he used on his body. He's been a soap and brush shaving cup kind of guy ever since. Uncommon Goods offers this handmade Working Man's Hygene Kit. This would make a great gift for Father's Day.  


Have a great day and enjoy! 


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Uncommon Goods. My opinions were not bought . Even though this feature is sponsored we wouldn't share anything with you, our important readers that we wouldn't use in our own home. Thanks so much for reading! Visit our Discloure/Disclaimer Page for more informaion. 



Organic & Whole Living: Try Roasting Radishes

May 2013 041
Look at these pretty jewels. Aren't they beautiful? I love the color of fresh radishes. They're spicy and often provide a kick like a horseradish when raw. However, have you tried them roasted? Baby tried roasted radishes for the first time and loved them.  It's so easy to roast radishes, and they turn out very mild and delicious. 
How To:
 - Preheat the oven to 400 
 - Wash and trim radishes (preferably organic)
 - Cut into quarters
 - Place into a bowl and drizzles with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil
 - Season with salt & pepper, add some garlic if you'd like too
 - Roast for 20-30 minutes until golden brown on the edges
Serve warm, cold or add them to a spring salad!  

Sponsored Feature: Invisalign and what I wish I would have known then.

  Truth in Review: This is a sponsored post. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.



    Let's go back about ten years as of last month. Walking down the isle in my beautiful wedding gown, waiting for my prince charming at the other end. Wedding pictures galore and memories to last forever. A beautiful night and an amazing memory for sure. However, roll back time a few months before the big day when I decided to get braces. At the time I'm not sure why I chose to get braces several months before my wedding day, but I was determined to finally get the straight teeth that I always wanted. Fast forward to the present time and you won't find many wedding photos adorning our walls. One of my biggest regrets were the big metal braces in every single photo. I wish I would have known about Invisalign then. 

    Invisalign would have prevented those big wrap around braces from entering all of my beautiful wedding photos. In fact, I could have taken my Invisalign aligners out for pictures. Yep, that would have been nice. This time around when it comes to my boys and their teen years of the ultimate need for braces thanks to me and their dad, we'll be looking into Invisalign Teen. 


    Some of my favorite aspects of Invisalign Teen is that they can be removed to eat. No more worrying about flossing, flossing and let's not forget all of the flossing! Of course that means, you can't just forego the flossing but I can imagine the frustration of having to remind them to floss after every little bite. Afterall plaque build up isn't fun. 


    When looking ahead to our near future of braces, I'm excited that the cost of Invisalign is roughly the same compared to traditional metal braces. I'm also thrilled that if they want to play sports, or play a musical instrament that they can remove the aligner to do so. No more risk of broken wires, brackets and painful pokes in the side of the cheek. 

Visit the Invisalign Website for more information abou the clear alternative to braces. 

What about you? Have you used Invisalign? And if so, what was your experience?




Truth in Review: This is a sponsored post. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Visit our Disclaimer/Disclosure Page for more information.

Handmade Crush: Gifts & Stars

The sea calls my name. If I could pack up the family and live on the beach, I would do it in a heartbeat. Until I'm able to do that, I'll keep pulling from nature the things that I love about the beach. 
Towel or Jewelry Holder
Sea Urchin Candle Holder 
Driftwood Wall Hanging 
Moon Chart Jewelry Organizer 
Please visit GiftsandStars for more beautiful creations inspired by nature. 

Handmade Crush: MiaPiccina Knitted Baby

Aren't these adorable! 
I'm a sucker for anything strawberry related. They're cute and sweet just like my sweetie girl. Head over to MiaPiccina to see more of her hand knitted creations and of course more adorable strawberries. 

Small Business Saturday: Wooden Wonders' Hobbit Holes

Upon some research I was doing with my son on small "kids cottages" we came across Wooden Wonders and just had to share their Hobbit Holes with you. 


Watch the video to take a tour of some of these fabulous buildings. 


Visit Wooden Wonders to find out more about their Hobbit Holes for kids, chickens, garden sheds and more. We love you're creativity Wooden Wonders!