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Organic & Whole Living: Host a Supper Club

If you are looking for an excuse to get together some good friends or family. Why not host a supper club? We hosted one a few months ago and it was a lot of fun. 


It was easiest to come up with a theme. For our group we chose an appetizerr and chicken wings. Each couple was to bring an appetizer that would go with their chicken wings. As you can see we had all different kinds of wings. Breaded, herbed, buffalo hot, sweet Asian and garlic butter. 

May 2013 009
To keep costs low, each couple only needs to make enough chicken wings for everyone in the group to try at least two of them. As the host, I made homemade blue cheese dip and another dip for wings with some crunchy celery. 

May 2013 002
May 2013 003
May 2013 004
May 2013 006
To ensure that you also enjoy yourself, you can make the dinner party as laid back as you would like. Plan for paper plates, and plenty of napkins. 


How to host your own supper club: 

1. Create a guest list. Family, friends, neighbors. Keep children in mind if you'd like them to come along you'll have to plan enough food for them. 

2. Come up with a theme. 

3. Pick a date and time for your supper club. 

4. Send out invites (we use an online e invitation service, so easy) 

5. If you're hosting, figure out if you'll need plates, napkins, tea, water, and any other condiments. 

6. Have fun, remember you can make the supper club as upscale or scaled down as you would like. 

Other theme ideas for a supper club: 

 - BBQ

 - All Appetizers

 - Italian Dishes

 - Mexican Dishes

 - Desserts Only 

 - Your favorite sandwiches


What about you? Have you ever hosted a supper club? What was your theme? 






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