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Teach Me: The Periodic Table of Elements

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When my kids get fascinated with a particular subject, we do everything we can to immerse their minds into what excites them. This week it is the Periodic Table. I've compiled a list of what we've been using and some we haven't used yet. 

*Please note, I have not personally viewed all of the posted videos. You should view them prior to your children watching them. Also, links on the internet change all of the time. Please be sure to check the links out first. 

Artwork by halfpencedesign

All around sites that include video, games, links etc.: 

The site has activities, labs and other links for everything periodic table. They have other fantastic science subjects as well, be sure to check them out. 

Lesson plans, activities and more  -

Brain Pop Periodic Table of Elements 

Video Sites: 

The Periodic Table of Videos - this site is awesome and has been my boys favorite so far. Each element has science experiments and visuals for all of the elements. 

The Elements Song -

Pronouncing the Periodic Table of Elements -


Images & Facts:

Periodic Table of Comic Books  -




Fun Brain Game -

Kidz World -


Downloads & Posters:

Poster -

Notebooking pages -



The Perodic Table of Elements Free -

Oresome Elements (we love playing this one)


To Purchase: 

Nova: Hunting The Elements


I hope this is enough to get you started. I'll keep updating the page as I find more. 



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