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Teach Me: A Child’s Introduction to the World Bundle

Educents provided this product for review. I was not compensated for any specific wording or links within the review, however there could be affiliate links included. 


A Child's Introduction to the World Bundle is a fantastic deal at Educents. Starting today you can grab these great books to indulge your children's curiosity. Each book is beautifully illustrated and is full of detailed information about each topic. 

My children loved the special inclusions in each book. For example, A Child's Introduction to the World includs a fun Pop-Up Paper Globe and stickers. My children particularly liked the witty little details spread throughout each book.


Another surprise and fun inclusion were the fun " Discover for Yourself" science experiments included in A Child's Introduction to the Environment. These books are a fantastic starting point for any unit studies on these topics as well as a fun approach to learning fun facts on each subject. Something to note is that these books to teach old Earth. We find it is important to know the big picture of what everyone believes and feel these are great resources to teach our children with a well rounded education.

The quality of the books makes them stand out from other massed produced books and could easily make a great gift for giving. 


A Child's Intro Pic

Check out this great bundle starting today at Educents


Educents Price: $39.90 (33% off, $59.85 VALUE)

Who is it for: Ages 9-12

What’s Included: 3 Books:

1.     A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky

2.     A Child’s Introduction to the Environment

3.     A Child’s Introduction to the World

What you will receive: 3 Hardback Books ($59.85 VALUE!)

More product info: This bestselling, award-winning series explores the sky, environments and the cultures of our world! The bundle is perfect for classroom or home use with its curriculum-based learning activities.


 I partnered with Educents to write this post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

My Vintage Pad: Home Tour Nicki Winkles of The Vintage Farmhouse

It has been awhile since I have published a "My Vintage Pad" home tour, these are some of my favorites to share with you. Please help me in welcoming Nicki Winkles of The Vintage Farmhouse. Her home is absolutely gorgeous. I think you will enjoy every minute of this tour. 




What is your favorite part of each room?

My favorite part of the kitchen is the mirror above the stove. It is unexpected and also helps the light bounce around in my small kitchen. 
019 (2)

My bathroom has pops of blue and green that remind me of the ocean. 
017 (4)


My Ektorp sofa from Ikea was found via Craigslist for only $25, it's super cozy and fun to change out pillows for each season.

My buffet in the dining room was an old dresser I found curbside and rescued and now it is my favorite piece of furniture. 

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

Everywhere! I am particularly loving the French-Nordic style of decor right now, lots of white with pops of farmhouse cozy so I love to read Jeanne d'arc Magazine for ideas.

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

Vintage is the body of my home; heart, soul, and bones! Almost everything in my house was rescued vintage that has been given new life. 

Any advice on creating your look?

Go with what you love. Don't be afraid to bring in unexpected elements. I love white because it grounds everything and gives you more freedom to play with different styles. You don't have to be dedicated to just one type of decor in your home. 



A special thank you to Nicole Winkles for giving us a tour of your spectacular space. 

Please visit Nicole's blog at The Vintage Farmhouse and The Vintage Farmhouse on Facebook

Art Stories: Interview with Studio Liscious

Art Stories

Vintage Indie would like to welcome, as our featured artists, Patrick Lajoie and Mara Minuzzo of Studio Liscious.  This duo creates beautiful artwork in Toronto, ON, Canada. 


Studio Liscious2
This is their beautiful studio, designed and constructed completely by the both of them. 


Studio Liscious3

What is your preferred medium? Of the several mediums we like to use, we'd have to say that wood is our favorite as it's what inspired the start of our business 17 years ago. 

How did you get started? We got started when Patrick was working as a contractor and was asked to dismantle an old barn, leaving us with some beautiful barn wood boards that we decided to make into picture frames to sell at craft fairs. 

Studio Liscious7
Paint by Number Artwork 

Who or what inspires you? We find inspiration in a lot of places but overall it comes from our love of clean, modern lines coupled with the warmth added by natural elements such as beautiful wood grains, natural motifs or vintage imagery.

Studio Liscious6

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into this medium? Working with wood tends to require a pretty big assortment of both tools and machinery, which can add up to a major investment in order to set up a workshop. Our advice to someone starting out with this medium would be to seek out a local co-operative or shared workshop where you can use the machinery and tools without having to immediately spend a whole lot of money setting up your own shop. 

  Studio Liscious5

Does vintage play a role in your art or life? If so, how?
Vintage sometimes plays a role in our work by inspiring product ideas as well as adding that element of warmth we try to achieve within our mostly modern aesthetic.

Studio Liscious8
Mirror Word Art 

What is important for your customer to know about your work? We'd like our customers to know that we are always striving to come up with unique product ideas that we haven't seen anywhere else, and that the two of us, along with some occasional help from our teenage son, design and make everything we sell in our studio workshop at our home in Caledon, Ontario. We'd also like them to know that we are sticklers for quality and take a lot of pride in every piece we make. 

Studio Liscious4

We are currently trying to find the time to bring several new product ideas to fruition, but the one we are most excited about in general is adding many more textile based designs to our product mix. Mara is a fashion designer by training and has really started to miss working with textiles over the last few years, during which our business has mostly focused on wood and other rigid materials for our products.


Studio Liscious9
Studio Liscious_airstream
I couldn't end the interview without showing you their awesome Airstream. 


A special thank you to Patrick Lajoie and Mara Minuzzo for giving us a peek into their studio and a closer look at their business. 

Be sure to visit Studio Liscious's various websites. 



The Daily Swank: Vintage Dishes from Miss Greenthing

Today's Daily Swank comes to you from Miss Greenthing in Alamo California. Beautiful vintage dishes that you can mix and match to create a one of a kind table. Think ahead for Thanksgiving, it is just around the corner here in the USA. 




Visit elsiegreenhh to purchase any of these dishes. Be sure to check out her other vintage goodies, she has some gorgeous oil bottles and silver! 


Sponsored Post: My Dolphin Show App

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of My Dolphin Show.

October 2013 007

Recently we downloaded the free My Dolphin Show App. It is a brightly colored app with lots of pinks and purples and would truly appeal to girls between the ages of 8 and 10. However, my son found it challenging and fun. He didn't mind the sparkle and glitter, and the female trainer.

This app provides various types of game play and challenges. At each level you have a training session with your trainer. It is during these two training sessions that you learn a new skill such as hitting a basketball into a hoop, hurdles, jumping, flipping in the air, diving for fish, and many others. After you have completed the training it is time for a show.  During a show you use every trick that you have learned from the beginning up to that level to impress you fans and earn coins. The more tricks that you perform correctly, the more coins you earn. The more tricks that you do during a show, the more fans you earn. These fans help you earn stars. These stars earn you additional coins after your show is over.


With the coins that you earn, you are able to go shopping and purchase new costumes for your dolphin. You have the choice to keep training and performing shows while saving coins for higher priced items in the shop. You can also purchase new animals such as turtles, sharks, whales, polar bears and others creatures, to perform with.

October 2013 008

This was a great game, which even challenges adults. I had quite a bit of fun during my training and dolphin show. My son enjoyed playing along with me and we challenged each other at different levels of game play. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the game. I appreciated that the game was age appropriate and helped teach him about earning, spending, and saving. 



My Dolphin Show is a fun, FREE app in which you get to swim, play and perform tricks like a real dolphin! Over time, your dolphin will complete different tricks that increase in difficulty, allowing you to gain more points as the game continues. As a kid-friendly app, you can play along with your children and share quality bonding time in an entertaining and safe way.

Download the app now from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon using the following links:

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of My Dolphin Show.

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House & Home Fall 2013: Vintage Style Handmade Quilts from Gypsya

I admit it, I hate winter. It hurts my bones, chills me to the core. If I could, I would live in the tropics every day, every season. Alas, I don't live in the tropics, so I'm going to do my best keeping warm with comfy quilts. You know, the kind your mother would wrap you in, and keep you warm with. 


Here are a few of my favorites from Gypsya. 

Handmade (vintage style fabrics) from gypsya



What about you? Do you have any special quilt memories or one that has been passed down to you?

Vintage Indie Weddings Fall 2013: Details

Top Left: Raw Honey Favors from EcohausProject. Top Right: Fall Jewels Brooch Boquet from Rusticcreek. Bottom Left: Deer Wedding Cake Topper from afoxwedding. Bottom Right: Hair Accessories from thehoneycomb

Through the Lens: Jessica Reiss Photography


{ Through the Lens } { Independent Photography }

 { Inspired by Vintage Architecture}

My husband and I enjoy taking drives into the city and looking at beautiful old architecture. It is something we appreciate in older homes and buildings. Buildings today can't be matched with the sophisticated timeless style of old architecture. Everything is so modern, if you know what I mean. 

This work is from the eye of photography Jessica Reiss. Please visit her on Etsy to check out more of her beautiful work. 

Teach Me: with Amazon Prime


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If you've been thinking about joining Amazon Prime, but aren't quite sure if it is a fit for you and your family. They're offering a one month free trial. Now would be a great time to try it out. With free 2 Day shipping on almost anything from Amazon, you can hardly beat that for a free trial! Purchasing Christmas gifts couldn't be any easier with Amazon's selection and free shipping. 

Start you free trial with the link below. 

Join Amazon Prime - Watch Over 40,000 Movies

We've also found many reasons to use Amazon Prime in our home school. 



We have also found quite a few things to add to our watch list at Amazon Prime Instant Video. 

The Electric Company 

Cyberchase (great for math) 

Baseball by Ken Burns 

We have not viewed these yet, but they would be great additions to our studies. 

Wild America  (science)





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